My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 19


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 19 – You Shouldn’t Open Doors Indiscriminately

One close combat, four people died, such tragic reality caused endless horror to the people at present.

The ones that survived all regretted their decisions, if they stayed back, even if they were going to starve to death, it would be much better than the current situation. Likely to die at any time, and to die slowly in a safe environment are two completely different concepts.

One of the boy angrily turned his head toward glasses man Wang Cheng, grabbed him by the collar with his shivering hand, “It’s all you! All your fault! I will kill you!”

As he said, he suddenly clenched tightly the knife in his hand, and is rushing to stab toward Wang Cheng.

Under the psychological effect of fear and resentment, this boy’s eyes were reddening; his face full of murderous attempt, and there wasn’t the slightest hesitation in his action. Obviously, he was scared to death… a person in this state is extremely dangerous and can do almost anything under the impulse.


Although this scene came suddenly, but Shana still reacted at the first moment, wrist flipped, directly used the long knife to triumph the knife in boy’s hand.

Liu Yu Hao was also completely shocked, finally gained his attention with the hearing of the metal clashing. He rushed up and grabbed that boy, then immediately hit him with a punch, “Are you crazy!”

At this time, Wang Cheng was already pale, whole body trembled involuntarily. After finally breathed evenly, Wang Cheng, looked at that boy with extremely pernicious eyes!

The boy who was overthrown was also stunned; he finally stood up after awhile, looked extremely out of his mind. After this impulse, he immediately went into the state of chaotic mind. It’s no wonder, average people suddenly experience the feeling of death up close, will inevitably show off a short state of psychological breakdown. But people’s capacity is actually quiet strong, after the breakdown, facing the reality that must be accepted, this kind of people will still return back to normal quickly.

Ling Mo who has been watching with cold eyes, right now have noticed Wang Cheng’s eyes, and his heart could not help but to jump a little.

This kind of eyes appeared in a seemingly modest student body, it could not help but to give people spine chills….

“Well, let’s get out of here.”

In such a short time, five students have been sacrificed, Shana just wasn’t in a good mood, and now seeing them fighting among group, her tone suddenly becomes cold.

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Wang Cheng suddenly woke up, looked at Shana a little nervously, and then revealed a hint of faint smile, “let’s go.”

Had just been almost killed, and be able to smile in the blink of an eye, this person’s deep heart is not proportional to the age…Ling Mo secretly said in his heart, turned to grab Ye Lian and left quickly with Shana and the rest from this commercial building.

Temporarily leaving this densely zombie populated area, the rest of the route is relative much safer. They even found a supermarket to rest for a bit, searching some food on the way; if possible, it’s best to find some food to reserve for dinner.

Judging by the look, the supermarket within the city limits has gone through several lootings already. Normally, the most common weapons like knives, as well as the most important products food have all been looted. Even though there are some left behind, they are often lying beneath the collapsed shelves, or covered in disgusting blood, sometimes among the bones.

But the surviving situations in the end of the world is originally cruel, it’s already lucky enough to find food, therefore right after they entered the supermarket, these survivors immediately started searching.

Ling Mo saw Shana guarding the door, heart relaxed, then took Ye Lian to walk around in this fairly large-scale supermarket.

The supermarket is filled with intense dead and rancid smell, body remains can be seen all around, a lot of food that can be used as raw materials such as rice all went bad in this environment and cannot be eaten. But even if you can find it, this group of people still cannot just set up fire and cook.

After the increase of spiritual energy, Ling Mo felt that his own acuity has also gotten a lot higher. For example, under the same condition of vision, using the same observing technique, he was able to notice a lot of details that he would have missed before. To be more exact, even though he still does not care about these little details, but he could immediately remember these details as soon as they enter into his vision.

This is why Ling Mo noticed Wang Cheng’s eyes, originally he did not really pay attention to this seemingly ordinary survivor, and only casually glanced at him before…..

And at this time while casually walking around the supermarket and did not find anything, Ling Mo vividly felt that something is wrong here.

As if he is been secretly observed by someone!

But looking around, how can there be anyone else… Ling Mo frowned, carefully observed the environment inside the supermarket. While entering the supermarket, Shana and Liu Yu had already scouted once and all the zombies have been taken care of, logically there should be no one else here besides them.

But there are just way too many shelves, Ling Mo has limited vision, it is difficult to get a real look at all aspects of the supermarket.

But just as he brought Ye Lian and walked to one of the shelves, suddenly the whole body went stiff for a bit, then immediately exposed a glimmer of ecstasy!

From Ye Lian’s instincts, there emerged a trace of strong desire of hostility! This means that within this supermarket, there must be a mutated zombie!

But why feel it just now….Ling Mo’s heart suddenly swarmed with a strong bad feeling.

“Ah! Help ah!”

Sure enough, a miserable howl of cry rang immediately, and Ling Mo at this time rushed toward the direction of the sound with Ye Lian.

Of course he was not going there to save the people, but to see the mutated zombie!

After passing through several successive rows of shelves, an extremely bloody scene suddenly appeared before Ling Mo’s eyes. In front of a half opened warehouse door, an arm snapped, intestines pulled out, but still twitching with eyes wide open survivor, and a guy that is madly running toward Ling Mo, it was Lu Xin.

“Help! Help!”

No matter how much he resented Ling Mo during usual times, but at this moment, the terrified Lu Xin still rushed toward Ling Mo to look for help.

Though Ling Mo contracted his pupil, did not take another look at Lu Xin, then directly outflank past him while controlling Ye Lian.

It’s a very big guy following right behind Lu Xin! At least 1.8 meters in height, body full of fat, that pair little red eyes exuded extremely crazy bloodthirsty light, but still have agile actions and in the blink of an eye rushed behind Lu Xin. It slapped with his large hands that is like palm tree, then Lu Xin screamed, who was sent flying by the slap at least a few meters away.

“Oh s***!”

A large living person is directly slapped away right in front of his eyes, for Ling Mo it is still quiet shocking. But such fast actions and tyrannical power, no wonder he could disarticulate the living in the blink of an eye.

The situation is very clear at a glance, it’s obvious that Lu Xin and that survivor who is on the verge of death carelessly opened the closed warehouse door, result in releasing the mutated zombie that was trapped inside.

Opening the door indiscriminately in the end of the world, you are simply seeking death!

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