My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 190

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 190 – The Girl With Tentacles

A burst of chilling crashes came from behind the corridor, and the group felt a bit frightened.

Especially after being attack by that ability, everyone felt weak.

In fact, only the three female zombies looked normal right now, but Ling Mo knows that their powers have also been decreased.

Luckily the zombies ability to recover is extremely fast.

As long as they were able to hold on and survive for 10 minutes, the three of them would be able to fully recover. After recovering, even if it was a zombie leader or a mutant creature, they would be able to kill them all.

Old Luo quickly took the crowd and ran to a lab and shut the door closed.

“We can hide over here for a while, let’s try and take a rest here, if it doesn’t work out here, we can always run to the room next door.”

The labs were all connected, so there was a place that they could escape to.

There are broken test tubes scattered everywhere, there’s even a rotten sample of a test on the floor.

Meng Jia Yu accidently stepped on the sample and it made a horrible low pitch scream.

Although Old Wang felt terrible all over, he still managed to move his body to open the door that could let them access the next room.

Ling Mo held in his pain and said, “We only have two choices now, one is to find the path that leads to b3, and the other one is to fight till the end. They have already cut off the power in here so they are also blind and have no idea what’s going on over here. So they won’t be a threat to us temporarily.”

Old Luo’s complexion looked gloomy and said, “The path was blocked a long time ago, it would take at least a day to clean it up.”

Although he looked gloomy, his voice no longer shook anymore.

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There was no turning back for him now.

But his legs are still shaking which kind of showed his cowardice.

Listening to the constant impacts of something crashing, everyone seemed to be very nervous, the unknown was always the scariest. Ling Mo immediately asked, “What’s that thing outside?”

“This….you should of heard what Stella had said previously about mutation, but the thing is that it wasn’t a prediction, that thing outside is the result of an experiment. What she had said was actually all true….”

Before he had the chance to finish his words, a huge bang came from the door, and a gap opened from the door.

Old Luo immediately screamed. Just as the door was broken into, a black shadow came in.

The moment the shadow appeared, a red, blood-like fleshy tentacle rolled up from behind and wrapped around Old Luo’s neck.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, the tentacle was full of suckers. As it wrapped around Old Luo, it had started to expand while Old Luo started to dry out.

Old Luo’s eyes widened, his hands waving in vain, and eventually stopped struggling.

At the same time gunshots were fired, Chang Hao Yu and Old Wang had fired their guns.

The bullets were all aimed at the black shadow.

But the shadow was just too damn fast, it was able to dodge all of the bullets. Fortunately the tentacle wasn’t fast and was shot off by them and had dropped to the ground, it was still moving even after being shot off.

“What the fuck is that…”

At this moment everyone had already retreated to the door, they could of escaped whenever they wanted.

But it was such a great chance to see what or who the shadow was, Ling Mo took the risk of passing out and released all his tentacles as well as turning on the flashlight.

The dark shadow apparently wasn’t used to strong lights, it was stunned by the light and had paused.



Flashing under the flashlight wasn’t a tentacle creature, but instead a extremely pretty girl.

She had long hair draped to the back of her head, with at least the size of a D cup, and wore a shirt that was about to explode due to her chest.

But now she had red tentacles surrounding her wrist….That tentacle must be a blood vessel.

She sized up the group with her red eyes and mumbled, “flesh….”

This gave Ling Mo a huge headache, although she is extremely pretty and has big boobs, even with her tentacles, she didn’t look bad, but when all these elements were combined, she looked extremely creepy.

202 suddenly stepped out and said with anger, “Is this the masterpiece of the guy in the white lab coat? This is even worse than people who have mental problems, why make such a beautiful mature girl with such juicy boobs into this! She would of been my true love….”

Ling Mo could feel that he was in a dangerous position, he is really weak right now.

As he slowly retreated, Ling Mo thought to himself, so this is the so called mutation?

It seemed to be similar to a human’s super power, but instead it was using it’s own body as a weapon.

This D cup girl seemed to have been bred the wrong way, she had already reached to the level of possibly being mutated already, but she looked still looked crazy without and rationality.

Sure enough, man made experiments would definitely make some unexpected changes towards zombies, but those changes didn’t necessarily mean they were better.

Luckily, Ling Mo wasn’t crazy enough to use some crazy way to help Ye Lian and Shana evolve.

Even when reaching a barrier, he would take the risk to seek an answer instead of doing it without any information.

This mutant zombie obviously didn’t only just suck blood, she stared at Old Luo’s corpse for a while, she looked as if she was about to pounce on it.

Chang Hao Yu’s gun fired again.


This time it shot the zombie, her body tilted, seems like her arm got hurt.

But a tentacle immediately shot over, it was so fast that Ling Mo had to use his spirit tentacle to block it.

But the tentacle still touched Chang Hao Yu. Even though Shana had quickly cut off the tentacle, the other half had already reached inside his body.


Chang Hao Yu screamed, Old Wang quickly pulled him inside the other room, and Ling Mo quickly went in as well.

As the door closed, the banging noises came out again.

The banging noises sounded as if a tentacle was hitting the door or a wall.

Guess that meant she had a weak searching ability.

But her ability to attack was good for both far and close distance.

The main point was that everyone had become weaker, no one would have imagined that a superpower could be this powerful. The group still had fully recovered yet.

Old Wang and 202 quickly pushed a table to block the door and then left from another door.

The mutant zombie kept banging…..

“Stop screaming.” Meng Jia Yu let Chang Hao Yu bite on a dagger, and Ling Mo smiled at Ye Lian.

She immediately understood, she walked to Chang Hao Yu and used her tiger claw to cut open his body a bit and took out the tentacle.

Chang Hao Yu’s eyes were widely opened and he was sweating a lot, he kept shivering.

“What is this tentacle? It looks kind of like my spirit tentacle….”

Ling Mo looked at it and saw the suckers, but it looks like something that would appear from a humans body.

Mutation is fucking insane, it could even make a human turn into this.

Don’t know what Zhao Zhi fed them, but his intentions were quite clear.

They wanted Ling Mo and the others to become that hot zombie girl’s food….

“It seems like something really strong, I wonder if your tentacle is stronger or mine is…..”

The bumping noise has stopped, Old Luo’s corpse could buy them some time.

“Five more minutes and I will let you know who the real tentacle master is.”

Ling Mo looked at Ye Lian and thought that if it wasn’t because they had also needed to recover too, he could of just drank some of their saliva and recovered faster.

But it’s fine, what he needed to recover most right now was his spiritual power, not his stamina.

Spiritual power would be more effective in fighting this tentacle girl.

But right at this moment, at the end of the hall, another shadow popped out!

This time it was a huge male zombie!

Seems like this zombie was previously fat already, it’s just that right now he seemed even more fatter. And it seems like there was something flowing under his fat meat….

“Was this guy injected with water….”

This was the first thing that popped in Ling Mo’s head.

But even though the zombie was fat, his moves were very agile.

Like a huge snowball, it ran towards Ling Mo’s group.

“Bang Bang!”

Another two gunshots were fired out, but it didn’t seem to do much damage to the zombie.

Ling Mo tried his best to lift his bow and shot him on the leg.

But the zombie only made a deep roar and pulled it out.

Transparent liquid and blood came oozing out, it even made a “zhii zhiii” burning noise as it came out.

“OH SHIT that thing is poisonous!”

Ling Mo quickly took his people to retreat and went into another hallway.

There were two now, there was no way they could fight until they had recovered fully, their only option now was to run.

One thing that Ling Mo couldn’t wrap his head around with was that since Zhao Zhi and the other had ran to B3, that meant that they didn’t have the ability to defeat the two zombies.

Then why the hell would he want to breed them for? Is it for research?

That’s fucking bullshit, this type of devious man wouldn’t have this kind of thinking.

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