My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 191

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 191 – Staying Alive With Your Back Against The Wall

Being chased after by 2 zombies with the only option of running can give you a shitty feeling!

This is something Ling Mo hadn’t felt in such a long time!

“Bang Bang!”

The chubby zombie is so fat yet also very agile, he kept making a lot of banging noises from bumping into things as he was chasing after the group.

The tentacle girl followed after the chubby zombie, two of them are chasing after the group, not giving them any chance to rest.

After Old Luo had died, they had completely been on the defensive.

Not knowing where to go or where to hide.

But it looks like hiding wasn’t an option since no doors could stop them.

Seems like besides mutating, they also had a stronger stamina, probably even better than mutant zombies.

Ling Mo believes that they might have already reached the level of advanced zombies in terms of capability.

But their low intelligence was their greatest weakness.

If it weren’t for the fact that both of them wanted to be first at the front, they might have been faster and have already caught up to them.

But this place is a closed space so trying to fight for being first made them get stuck from time to time.

The group also had a member who was severely injured, there was a little hole made by the tentacle in Chang Hao Yu’s stomach, Old Wang could only quickly wrap around it with bandages and take him and run.

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Right now nobody knew if he could make it or whether he would mutate from this wound.

Meng Jia Yu is persistent on this, “There’s no way we are leaving him unless he mutates!”

“He might not necessarily mutate, see here, when the suckers on the tentacles open, the fluids from the zombie would go inside the body, probably to administer a paralyzing effect or it could probably melt flesh like a spider. He proceeded to take out the cut tentacle, looking somewhat relieved, and smiled, “But luckily Sister NaNa cut it off really fast, the suckers weren’t given a chance to open. In other words, this is just a….chopstick? Even if you were stabbed by this, nothing would happen.”

Chang Hao Yu is full of cold sweat and 202 is saying that nothing bad would happen….

Ling Mo frowned at 202 and asked, “Didn’t I throw this away?”

“This is a souvenir from that tentacle girl to me….”

Meng Jia Yu quickly said, “Since you won’t mutate for sure, that’s a good thing. Hang on a bit, as long as we get through this and get back to the base, we will be alright!”

She was still trying to help Chang Hao Yu even after having almost no energy. You could tell how much pressure was on her.

But she still tried to talk to Chang Hao Yu to make sure he hadn’t lost consciousness.

Ling Mo was moved, this cousin of his who didn’t keep in touch with him was actually a nice and brave girl….

“Don’t die, whatever happens, don’t die here!!!”

The sound from the back was getting louder, Ling Mo observed the three girls and himself.

His body was slowly recovering, but his spiritual power was recovering even faster.

The three girls hadn’t been talking since they started running, for them this was a way to save energy.

Ling Mo realized that the woman named Stella said a lot of things that were half true and half false, but anything about the virus was all true.

Ye Lian used to need to stay still, not moving her body, or just moving only a little bit to recover her stamina.

But as he observed her now, Ling Mo could feel from their spirit connection that her body was brimming with energy even as they ran.

As if she had a generator inside of her.

“Is this the effect of a virus hive?”

Ling Mo thought that it might be because there was a lot more virus in their bodies.

Maybe after being damaged, or when exhausted, the hive would speed up the process of reproducing the virus in order to protect the host.

The virus is normally a fatal poison to humans, because nobody wanted to become an unconscious creature.

But once a zombie reached to Ye Lian’s level, the virus would become a source of power, it also became a great medicine in restoring conscious.

Just a little bit of the virus could actually affect the human body as a stimulant, you could probably tell what would happen when a larger amount of the virus gathers together.

Ling Mo himself is kind of confused on how he should consider the virus on whether or not it is a good thing or a bad thing.


At this moment, a tentacle slammed on the wall right behind Ling Mo.

The wall that was slammed on was luckily a corner, the tentacle seemed soft, but the way it shot out was as if it was a bullet…..

Ling Mo felt a chill after he saw the damage on the wall.

Old Wang shouted, “There’s a door up ahead!”

Everyone ran inside and shut the door.

But after running 100 meters, Ling Mo realized he was quite unlucky….

At the end of the hallway is a huge lab, under the flashlight, you could see a bunch of bones scattered all around.

At the same time, a strong bloody smell accompanied with a rotten smell, which made people want to vomit, was noticed in the room.

The blood had condensed into a layer on the ground sort of like a mat, it felt terrible stepping on it.

The door of this room is very think, even the two zombies wouldn’t be able to smash it open.

“SHIT! We we ran into their home….”

Ling Mo thought this sucks, there was no way out, seems like a battle was unavoidable.

Ironically, everyone suddenly felt calm right now.

Meng Jia Yu helped Chang Hao Yu to a corner and took out her dagger to guard him.

Old Wang started to check his clip, even 202 started to rub his temples.

Ling Mo felt that his spirit power had recovered. The three girls hadn’t been able to reach their peak yet but their spiritual waves were very strong, must be due to the virus being generated quickly.

Shana smiled and stretched her neck, her scythe is in front of her.

Behind her is Old Wang who was aiming at the hallway.

Everyone suddenly felt calm right now actually.

Meng Jia Yu helped Chang Hao Yu to the corner and took out her dagger guarding for him.

Old Wang started to check his clip, even 202 rubbed his temple.

Ling Mo felt that his spirit power has recovered. The three girls hasn’t reached their peak but their spiritual wave is very strong, must be the virus been quickly generated.

Shana smiled and stretched her neck, but her sickle in front of her.

Behind her is Old Wang pointing his gun at the corridor.
Ye Lian quietly walked closer to the door, she was more used to close combat, so the closer she was, the better it was.

Li Ya Ling’s eyes looked like a snake’s in the dark, Ling Mo believed that the virus hive in Li Ya Ling’s body must of been affected by the snake poison as well.

The snake probably had changed from the inside to the outside, so the poison it generated was mutated as well.

Don’t really know what changes were made to that zombie leader Half-moon. She had a different dosage amount than Li Ya Ling, the snake poison that was given to her was more than Li Ya Ling’s.

About 8 minutes has passed…


A huge noise came out, afterwards intense slamming noises followed.

Old Wang had put his fingers on the trigger, Ling Mo stood behind Shana. The spirit tentacle guarding the space in front of her.

Although the girls would take care of all the close combat fights, but Ling Mo would do whatever it took to protect them as well!

At the same time, he tried to use the bow but a sudden pain came out and a warm fluid started to flow down his shoulder.

“Zhao Zhi, I will pay you back a hundred times the amount of shit you dished out to me! You piece of shit, how dare you use us as bait!”

After cursing, he finally lifted the bow.


After the bang sound, the door finally broke open and fell to the ground.

The first thing that popped out was a tentacle.

The tentacle seemed as if it was saying hi.

But this is actually a signal for death.

At the same time the fatty began to take action.

Old Wang stared at the tentacle, he didn’t even bother wiping his sweat and let it run down into his eyes and said to everyone, “Be careful!”

When the mutated zombie girl came out, his gun fired!

Unfortunately the bullets didn’t even hit her!

Under the darkness, you could only see the mutant zombie girl approaching quickly as Old Wang kept pulling the trigger.

Unfortunately the capabilities of that zombie were too good!

She used her tentacles to attach to the light bulbs and swung herself.

Other than one of the shots hitting her shoulder, the rest didn’t even touch her!

The assault rifle Old Wang was using was a bit slow, after five or six shots, the tentacle zombie had already reached the doorway, and used her tentacles to hand on to the threshold to swing inside.

He couldn’t shoot in such a close distance, especially when it was too dark…

Shana was the first one to react. She swung her scythe and ran towards the mutant zombie, and then she jumped and slashed!

Ye Lian went up from the side and appeared behind the mutant zombie girl. Just as the mutant zombie girl landed from swinging with her tentacles, Ye Lian used her tiger claws to scratch her as she landed.

Li Ya Ling hadn’t moved, because right now all her attention was on the fat zombie.

The mutant zombie girl spread out her tentacles like a spider web in the sky.

The tentacles attacked Shana and her scythe.

At this moment, Ling Mo took action.

“You still think I’m useless now?”

The bow and arrow was going to used to fight the fatty, but his spirit tentacles were going to be used to defeat the girl.

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