My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 192 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 192 Part 1 – Get a Taste of My Attack

TL: So this chapter was uber long, I decided to split it into two parts. So much action! Enjoy the first part for today!

The strength of the tentacle girl is actually pretty strong!

Don’t let that skinny body fool you, her moves were just like those female ghosts in those scary chinese movies, and once she sped up her speed was unbelievable!

More over the amount of tentacles she had was crazy.

Ling Mo started to wonder if she pulled out all of her arteries.

Although these tentacles looked similar to the arteries, but it might actually be something else, but it’s definitely connected to the artery.

Ling M’s tentacle’s has wrapped around the female mutant zombie.

The mutant zombie seemed to have sensed danger and started screaming.

The spirit distraction took effect, a lot of her tentacles missed their targets, Shana took the opportunity to block the rest of the tentacles.

Ye Lian used her tiger claw and scratched her on the leg at this moment, the mutant zombie girl screamed so loud that it would give normal people a terrible headache, and fell to the floor.

But as she landed, she released some of her tentacles which were all aimed at 202.

202 was going to kill her, but had forgotten that she had tentacles which could also fight!


202 started screaming and tried to use his knife to block the attack, but the tentacles wrapped around the blade of the knife and pulled 202.

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“NO!!! I don’t want to get killed!”

202 started to have a mental breakdown, honestly he could of just actually let go of the knife and run away but Ling Mo didn’t understand why he didn’t.

Just as he started screaming, his powers started to put in work.

His mind storm attack was successful, but this time it was so incredible!

Most likely due to him being threatened to the point of death that his ability exploded out.

From Ling Mo’s eyes, he could see a hurricane coming out from 202’s brain and crashed into the tentacle girl’s spirit ball!

The 202 that wasn’t so reliable was finally useful for once.

The tentacle girl suddenly paused before screaming extremely loud and hard.

Two lines of blood had come out from her ears, seemed like the attack had caused some auditory hallucination. She probably thought she heard a high decibel sound.

The tentacles that were wrapping around 202 let go, 202 took the chance to slash the tentacle girl on her arms.

Blood sprayed, but Ling Mo started to curse, “YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Why didn’t you aim for the neck instead!”

“I had wanted to, but she started attacking again, so I messed up on my aiming.”

The tentacle girl awakened, the tentacles started to come out again as if it was snake coming out of a hole.

“Get out of the way!!”

Ling Mo quickly shouted and released the arrow, he also used his spirit tentacles to save 202.


The arrow released itself from the bow, but it had got deflected by a tentacle in the middle and flew right beside 202’s ear and nailed the another tentacle right on the wall.

But the tentacle girl broke off her tentacle that was nailed to the wall from her body. She had wanted to crawl over to them but her legs were injured from Ye Lian and so she became very slow in her movements.

202 stepped back and wiped off his sweat, “Brother, you almost killed me!”

Ling Mo answered innocently, “It was an accident.”

It really was an accident. Seems like fighting from a distance was a lot more safer, but there were honestly too many variables.

It was fine to fight a long distance fight with normal people, but if it was fighting against this type of enemy, it wouldn’t work as well.

At this moment, the fat zombie had also come through the doorway. Ling Mo immediately used his tentacles to wrap around him.

Gunshots started firing, Ling Mo released another arrow at the same time.

But when the bullets and the arrow hit their target, it was as if it was hitting a sponge.

The fat zombie’s skin exploded, blood and poison liquid burst out.

Shana and Ye Lian wanted to take advantage of this situation, but due to the poison exploding they could only step back for now.

A horrible smell came out, and white smoke started to appear.

The tentacle girl took this chance to step back, holding onto the wall to slowly stand up with her injured leg.

Old Wang has used up all the bullets in the clip by now, but for some reason the fat zombie had already been shot at least ten times, but it didn’t seem to have much effect on it.

Was it because the layer of fat was just too think? Or was it because the layer of poison liquid in the body lowered the damage from the bullet.

But firing the gun did make the fat zombie back off and run back towards the hallway. He meant that he would eventually die if he kept getting hit by bullets for sure.

Every time the fat zombie wanted to head back in Ling Mo would use his tentacles to try and stop him.

After Ling Mo became more powerful, he believed that his powers were overpower since no one would be able to see where his attack came from.

Although his enemies wouldn’t be able to be killed immediately, but it was really effective when using it with other battle methods.

The fat guy was like a broken water balloon, poison liquid kept splattering all over the floor, there was white smoke coming from the liquid drops, and a horrible smell that came from the liquid.

Li Ya Ling had taken the opportunity to cut his arms, but other than creating another fountain of blood and poison, she couldn’t actually kill him.

Ling Mo wished, “If only there was a bomb or a grenade to explode him with that would be so great.”

But even if they had one, they couldn’t use it under this kind of environment….

Right at this moment two bullets hit the fat zombie’s body and Ling Mo’s arrow finally hit the head and penetrated his cheeks.

Unfortunately it was blocked by the bones in the fat zombies face, it didn’t cause any fatal damage.

But Old Wang was able to pull off another shot and hit the fat zombie’s eyes.

And the fat zombie’s eyes exploded, he shouldn’t be able to live long with a bullet in his brain.

The fat guy roared, his body started to expand and had completely blocked the hallway.

Ling Mo began to have a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen, “What is that fatass up to?!”

Ling Mo immediately grabbed Li Ya Ling who was about to confront the fat zombie and pulled her back.

Ye Lian and Shan had already backed off, everyone could feel that there was danger.

But right at this moment, in the middle of the darkness a voice came out.

“Over here.”

Ling Mo directed his flashlight to the sound and saw a pale face.

To be continued….

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