My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 192 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 192 Part 2 – Get a Taste of My Attack

It was Stella. Ling Mo didn’t realized that there was a door hidden on the wall.

It was too dark and dirty in here, and plus nobody had ever been here before so no one would have noticed that there was the existence of this invisible door in the dark.

You could tell that this was an escape door.

Meng Jia Yu helped Chang Hao Yu up and dashed to the door with the others.

Just as all of them passed through the door, Stella immediately slammed it shut, a banging sound came right after it, followed by the sound of erosion.

A strong acid smell was produced.

Stella said, “The poison monster probably exploded, but that spider girl might still be alive. How did you guys manage to survive and kill the poison monster.”

But the moment she finished talking, a hand went straight for her neck.

When they had come through the door, Ling Mo ignored the loss of his energy and used his spirit tentacles to detect the spirit waves in case there were others, but he realized that there was only Stella.

Even so, Ling Mo is still very pissed off right now.

“Trust me, I’m not here to put you guys in more danger!”

Ling Mo sneered and said, “Don’t tell me that your here to save us? Tell me! Did Zhao Zhi send you here to see how we were doing?”

Stella looked at Ling Mo with surprise and said, “Yes…. I was sent here to how things were going, but believe me, I am also taking this opportunity to come save you guys as well.”

Ling Mo believed that even though Old Luo had said Zhao Zhi was the mastermind, he still needed to be aware of everyone else, especially this girl.

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It shouldn’t have been a coincidence that she decided to show up right at this moment.

Ling Mo found it hard to trust her.

“Poison Monster, Spider Girl? You guys game them that name right? Seems like they were your test samples.”

After the three zombie girls made sure that Stella wasn’t a psychic, Ling Mo pushed her against the wall and used his hands to frisk her entire body.

Stella tried to dodge but ended up letting him touch all over her body.

“You don’t need to worry about me, I don’t have any weapons, and also we aren’t Frankenstein, we don’t create monsters, and also the test you were talking about previously isn’t a test.”

Ling Mo stood up frowning and asked, “Not a test?”

“Believe me”

Stella rubbed her beck and lowered her voice, “This used to be a warehouse before, a lot of things were hidden in here. In order not to harm anyone, Mr. Zhao suggested that we lock them here. But….”

After listening to what Stella said, Ling Mo suddenly realized what had happened.

What Old Luo said before was a little bit wrong, because there wasn’t only just two monsters that were locked in here, there were lots of them.

From what Stella told them, it sounded as if they didn’t want to kill the monsters, but they didn’t wish to set them free either, so in the end they could only lock them up in a safe place.

They had originally planned to let them die by themselves, but who would have thought that they not only ate everything in the warehouse, but they had also started to eat each other.

As they reached down to the last two, the last two that survived suddenly mutated.

They were going to trap them in here, but Zhao Zhi believed it was a good chance to experiment.

He had powers, so he alone could approach these two mutant zombies. Since he was able to approach them, he started to feed them as well.

He fed them zombies at first….but later it went to humans….

When Stella and the others found out about it, everything was already too late. They didn’t have the power or ability to stop him.

Everyone became afraid that they were going to become the mutant zombies next meal. Even if Zhao Zhi didn’t decide to use them as food, what would happen if the two zombies broke open the door somehow?

When she saw Ling Mo’s group, she had the same thoughts as Old Luo, she began thinking maybe it was the best chance they got in saving themselves.

Zhao Zhi had not only wanted them to become the two zombie’s food, but had also wanted to get some information from the outside.

His plan was to let everyone in his group hide in b3 while the mutant zombies attacked Ling Mo’s group, but Stella and Old Luo both didn’t want to let go of this chance.

So they both decided to find a way to sneak out.

Zhao Zhi didn’t stop both of them, but who would have expected that he would take action and have Old Luo killed…

After hearing that Old Luo died, Stella volunteered to see if Zhao Zhi’s plan was successful, she was very hesitant on whether or not she should escape.

But eventually her fear for zombies drove her to make a decision, she didn’t wish to be eaten by zombies.

If Zhao Zhi could sacrifice Old Luo, she couldn’t be sure that Zhao Zhi wouldn’t do anything crazy towards her in the future.

Zhao Zhi believed that the virus could be useful and was trying to find ways in using the virus.

When a person is capable yet is extremely stubborn, misfortune can occur.

Ling Mo peacefully asked, “There should be others with you right?”

Stella looked at Ling Mo with surprise and nodded, “Yes, the main switch for electricity is on b3, I have a companion with me…”

Ling Mo frowned and asked, “Why would Zhao Zhi let you come after Old Luo had betrayed him?”

Stella smile and said, “He isn’t worried that I would betray him, because he doesn’t believe you guys could survive. Truth is you guys are a lot more capable than he thought. I’m also guessing you’re a psychic as well.”

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