My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 193 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 193 Part 1 – This is a Fresh Experience

TL: So this chapter is also very long, will doing two parts for this as well. Enjoy the first part!

The tentacle girl was still outside the door, Stella pulled everyone to the other side, and walked for a while before reaching to the room that Zhao Zhi and the others were in.

But when they tried to open the door, Stella became surprised and backed away.

“No….No this can’t be…”

Old Wang tried to pull the door after seeing her expression.

“It’s locked.”

“Seems like, not only does he not trust you, but he also wants to use you as food.”

202 touched his chin and smiled, “Looks like they decided to abandon you.”

“Impossible, wasn’t Mo Da Hai going to help me? NOOO!!”

Under emotional distress, Stella started to speak in English, making Ling Mo really confused since he had no idea what she was talking about.

Ye Lian suddenly said, “Let…. me try.”

The others moved back giving Ye Lian space.

Ye Lian put her claw blade into the key hole and started twisting. This move completely surprised Ling Mo.

He couldn’t imagine that Ye Lian’s intelligence had recovered to this level.

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But this also totally didn’t match the impression he had of her before she turned, even when she wasn’t a zombie, she most definitely wouldn’t have been able to have thought of this idea….

Ling Mo looked at Shana immediately and saw her flashing her evil smile.

She taught Ye Lian something again……

The first few times didn’t seem to work, but as a zombie, Ye Lian was actually quite patient.

It was as if she turned into a zombie that was hunting down their prey, she was fully concentrated.

Ling Mo had wanted to use his powers to help Ye Lian, but his spirit power wasn’t strong enough, so he could only provide a little bit of support to her.

Ling Mo targeted the knob the on the other side and twisted it while Ye Lian was twisting the key cylinder.
This actually wasn’t easy. Ling Mo already had sweat all over his forehead.

Right at this moment, “BANG!”

The banging sounds once again started, Ling Mo frowned, “What the fuck, it’s coming again!”

Shana angrily said, “That poison monster was too weak, he didn’t even get rid of the girl when he exploded himself. What was the point of exploding himself then? He looked strong, but he was actually useless, so much weaker than the human shaped spider.”


Li Ya Ling had snuck a surprise attack on the poison monster during the fight but it wasn’t really effective. After hearing what Shana had said about the poison monster, she had wanted to argue with her, but she ended up not doing that since she couldn’t express herself that well still…

From Ling Mo’s perspective, the fat poison monster was limited by the environment. The hallway was just too narrow and small.

Moreover, everyone had a guns and arrows that could shoot from a distance, Ling Mo was also using his powers to help distract him making it impossible for the fat zombie to even get close to them.

If the place that they were fighting in was changed, that fat zombie would have been the most powerful opponent in the fight.

Just not sure if the tentacle girl would absorb the poison liquid since it was everywhere in the room.

Those tentacles of hers would definitely not leave that poison liquid alone, maybe she might absorb the liquid and carry a different mutated version of the virus.

Ling Mo’s understanding of the virus wasn’t very deep, but he knew that based from the poison monster and tentacle girl, they were subbranches of the virus.

Ling Mo just didn’t know how much of the virus was in the mutated zombies.

This is a combination of a mixture of the virus and a human body as a host, although it had appeared all of a sudden, but without Zhao Zhi breeding them, they would never have come into existence.

Ling Mo started cursing in his heart, “Fucking lunatics with psychic powers are crazy!”

“Ka tsa!”

With Ling Mo’s help, the door opened.

But the door was really thick, Old Luo was right when he had said, that they would need bombs to open this door

Right at this moment a tentacle popped out from a crack behind the door that they had shut behind them. Old Wang fired a gunshot to get it to back off.


Ling Mo noticed that there were even more tentacles coming from that door.

Looks like after absorbing the fat zombie’s poison liquid, the mutant zombie girl grew even more tentacles.

It was already so hard to kill her now, who knew which person she was going to attack next.

Especially since Meng Jia Yu and Chang Hao Yu were at their weakest right now….

Ling Mo suddenly turned his head and asked, “Stella! Is there any way to reach b3?”

Stella who was still under the emotions of depression and sorrow after being abandoned, didn’t seem to respond so Ling Mo grabbed her shoulders and shook her hard and shouted, “STELLA!”

“Just this one… however, if the electricity was back on we could take the elevator….”

Stella had gotten scared by Ling Mo when he shook her shoulders, she answered back subconsciously.

Ling Mo sneered, “Good.”

“Everyone back away, let the tentacle….. I mean let the zombie come in!”

Old Wang hesitated for a bit, but then decided to back away.

Ling Mo asked everyone other than 202 and himself, to hide inside the monitor room.

“Lead her to the third floor….”

Before Ling Mo finished his words 202 showed his shocked expression.

“Are you planning on using me as bait? Such a dangerous mission, how could you think of me at this time? That girl will want to wrap me up and suck me dry….But brother you know me well, I would never let go of this challenge, to be honest, I have been the bait several times already, including baiting the doctor, baiting the nurse, baiting the police, baiting the girl that guards my underwear… But I have never baited a zombie tentacle girl!”

To Be Continued…..

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