My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 193 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 193 Part 2 – This is a Fresh Experience

After seeing 202’s excitement, Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask himself, “Should I also just trap him on the third floor as well….?”

Ling Mo sighed and said, “I Originally had wanted to go in by myself…..Fine you can go then. I need you to make her follow you deep inside that room, but don’t worry I will be here to give you support. Once she’s inside, there will be a moment where she will space out for one or two seconds, try to use your mind storm at the same time, after that, no matter if it worked or not, turn around and run for your life towards the door. I’ve just checked, there’s no one behind that door right now, but you still need to be careful.”

Although 202 was annoying, he was still one of the people that always went first when they battled, even though he only joined this group to satisfy his own curiosity, Ling Mo wasn’t that cold blooded.

“Let’s go!”

The tentacle girl had finally came broken through the door. Although it had only passed ten minutes after they last saw the tentacle girl, when they saw her again now, she became something else.

Her tentacles had turned even more red after absorbing the fat zombies poison, her tentacles reached inside sticking to the wall, it was like a myriad of bloodshots extending from the wall.

It looked kind of beautiful in a different sense.

Ling Mo felt strong pulsing of the spirit waves from the three advanced zombies. Seems like they somehow got attracted by this tentacle girl?

Could this be another mutation after she absorbed all the poison liquid?

What gave Ling Mo a even bigger headache was that he actually also felt attracted to this as well!

Otherwise, why else would he think those tentacles looked so beautiful!

Normal people wouldn’t think this way!

Fortunately the person beside him wasn’t normal either, 202 used Chang Hao Yu’s gun and started shooting at the tentacle girl while saying, “HAHAHA, hey beautiful, come follow me. I’ll take you to see some goldfish…”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but remind him, “Be careful with your goldfish, don’t forget to protect it.” and then calmly backed off.

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His tentacles were ready to wrap the girl up and buy some time for 202 to run.

Even though this was his job originally, 202 was more suited for this mission since he was more agile than him….

But right at this moment, he suddenly had this feeling that he wanted to go and hug this tentacle girl….

The three zombie girls were actually a lot more calmer, even though they were also staring at the tentacles.

202 seemed to have finally gotten her attention. But her fighting power seemed to have rapidly increased, a bunch of the tentacles immediately defended in front of her. Even though a lot of them got broken off, but it was still able to block the bullets.

Seems like it would take a lot of guns to destroy her….

Lots of her tentacles launched to attack but they were all misguided by Ling Mo and instead made a lot of little holes on the wall.

And somehow produced some white smoke at the same time!


Ling Mo thought that was close, this girl has become a true tentacle monster, her tentacles were much stronger than his.

Ling Mo sincerely believed that he needed to upgrade his tentacles somehow as soon as possible.

Due to the fact that there was 202 and Ling Mo fighting her, it was hard for her to use her full strength.

When 202 retreated towards the door, the tentacle girl also followed along.

She put little thought to Ling Mo and sent some of her tentacles towards him, but Ling Mo had already retreated to a corner and all her attacks missed due to being misdirected by Ling Mo.


202 fired another bullet, took the flashlight and sneaked into the darkness and shouted, “Big Brother, this time don’t sell me out!”

“You can go without any worries(TL: So basically it means rest in peace).”

“OKAY!!!….HEY….Why is that I feel there’s something wrong with what you said?”

The tentacle girl had finally gotten hurt by 202 because too many of her tentacles had gotten destroyed and her legs had also gotten shot as well.

Her tentacles hung on the lamp and disappeared behind the door after a sway.

202 started shouting from the dark, when the shouts started to fade away, Ling Mo quickly ran to the door.

“It’s about time!”

His spirit tentacles could only reach a target of up to a thousand meters, and the further the target was away, the weaker the effect was, in fact the basic detection ability he has after a thousand meters was practically non-existent.

Another thing was that the things his spirit tentacles could penetrate were very limited.

There was only one way to reach that level of penetration, and that was to improve his mental strength.

“Big Brother!”

Ling Mo used his spirit tentacles and chased down the two spirit waves, it was really easy to distinguish between a human’s spiritwave and a zombie’s spiritwave. Also further away he could see a bright light which seemed to have disappeared at a corner.

“IT’S NOW!!”

Ling Mo released all his spirit tentacles, he used it to stun the tentacle girls light spirit ball!

At the same time, the mind storm extended the time at which she spaced out for!

Immediately a ball of light rushed over. Just two seconds later, Ling Mo’s tentacles had been shaken away and the tentacle girl started to chase again.


202 quickly dashed over to Ling Mo, just when the tentacle girl’s body could be seen less than 20 meters away from him, 202 finally reached the door.


The door was immediately closed.


A muffled sound came immediately from behind the door, but it disappeared completely after a while.

“Go ask your boss to play with you.”

Ling Mo staggered a bit and almost fell over, but Ye Lian and Shana quickly came to help.

But nobody helped 202, he just fell on the ground and grabbed a tentacle, “AH! A Souvenir.”

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