My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 194 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 194 Part 1 – Human Attractor VS Spider Queen


Ling Mo exhaled a long breath and felt much better.

Instead of risking his life going head to head with the tentacle monster, why not use her to fight Zhao Zhi?

If they wished to escape from the tentacle monster, they will need to turn on the electricity in order to use the elevator to escape.

“Let’s head to the elevator and wait for them to show up there.”

Even if this plan didn’t work, Ye Lian could open locks now, so there shouldn’t be any problems here.

More importantly, everyone was too tired and needed to rest for a bit, while they were resting, their enemies would be exhausting themselves and by the time they reached the elevator they would be exhausted while Ling Mo and his group would be well rested.

But before they left, Ling Mo still couldn’t stop himself from looking back at the door.

That tentacle girl was too powerful, and she might get even stronger when the viruses merged together.

Zhao Zhi and his group didn’t have any guns and also didn’t have any weapons that could make long range attacks….

It was true that Zhao Zhi’s ability of boiling people’s blood was overpowered, but Ling Mo believes that there might be a limit to how many times he could use it. He must have already used a lot of his strength using his ability on this many people.

He might not have recovered his powers yet.

Ling Mo sneered, “You fucking deserve it.”

Just as Ling Mo and his group walked towards the elevator, Zhao Zhi was inside a lab in the B3 floor, rubbing between his eyebrows.

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As a loud noise came out, everyone in lab looked towards the direction of where the sound came from.

Chang Teng played with his dagger and whispered in a low voice, “The fight over there must be very crazy.”

Zhao Zhi looked up with his pale face.

“No worries, it might just evolve again.” Zhao Zhi’s voice was very soft, he didn’t seem to be worried at all.

Chang Teng frowned and said, “They have guns….”

“The possibility of using their guns to kill them all is very low. Their bullets are limited, and do you really think that two or three guns could get rid of my experiments? They might probably cause severe damage to one of them, but that’s not a problem. My main goal is to let them evolve, even if it’s just only one of them. This is the rule of survival of the fittest.”

Zhao Zhi’s voice sounded very light, probably due to him wanting to recover his powers as soon as possible, he tried to use less energy as much as possible.

Mo Da Hai suddenly started pointing and making gestures with his hands. He looked very intense.

“Why did we abandon Stella and Old Luo…..Don’t you understand yet Da Hai?”

Zhao Zhi stood up and took out a sealed test tube, in it contained a semi-transparent liquid. “Look at this. This is where our power comes from! In the world right now, you would be eliminated if you aren’t strong enough. But the two monsters that provides us power, need food! Plus weren’t we already planning on leaving this place? Do you think it’s better to bring a satisfied creature away or a hungry one?”

“Old Luo was too old, he wouldn’t have been able to take this drug. Even if it was diluted, he still wouldn’t be able to take it. And as for Stella….forget it, she’s a naive person who thinks of herself as a genius.”

“I didn’t abandon them, only the strong will survive.”

Zhao Zhi looked into the test tube and his eyes glowed with excitement, it was as if he was looking at his newborn child.

Mo Da Hai looked at Zhao Zhi and sighed.

“You guys didn’t want to be part of it in the beginning, am I not right? After you guys saw me become more and more powerful without mutating or becoming a monster, you guys finally decided you wanted to be part of it.”

Zhao Zhi looked at Chang Teng and Mo Da Hai and smiled, “That’s okay though, I’m happy to know people who have the same interests as I. I feel sorry for those strangers, but this is just the way it is. You heard them already, X City is done for. After such a long time has passed, there was still no rescues, nothing. This means one thing, the entire country… or even the world is like this right now! There’s no way for us to show mercy under this kind of situation.”

Chang Teng looked at the test tube and said. “Mr. Mo wants to gain power to look for his family. I wish to find my son as well, even if the risks are that I become a monster…. Mr. Zhao, what is your goal? I never once heard you talking about your family…”

Zhao Zhi smiled and said, “Pretty simple, all I want to do is to survive, this is a brand new era, it would be a pity if you missed it.”

Just when he wanted to say something more, another sound came out again.

“Is it my ears or did I just hear noises coming from b3.”

Chang Teng jumped off the chair and pulled his dagger in front of him.


Mo Da Hai looked towards the door with fear.

There wasn’t many weapons to begin with in a place like this, Chang Teng passed his security baton to Mo Da Hai.

Mo Da Hai made a gesture as if to say thank you.

Zhao Zhi looked at the door with shock, the room was silent for while with only three pairs of eyes staring at the door.



The sounds were getting closer!

Just like a drum, every beat was pounding on their chest!

Suddenly, the sound disappeared. Then a red silk-like thing came in from below.


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