My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 194 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 194 Part 2 – Human Attractor VS Spider Queen

Staring at the thing that had just come in, Zhao Zhi couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.


Zhao Zhi slowly backed up and right at that moment, the door suddenly started to shake violently.

A gap between the door and the wall burst open and got bigger and bigger, lime debris was dropping on the floor, the entire room was shaking as if an earthquake was happening. Zhao Zhi put the test tube in his pocket and slowly closed his eyes.

When he suddenly opened his eyes again, the door smashed to the floor!

“This is…..”

What appeared at the door was the tentacle girl, but she had looked totally different from before.

Her tentacles looked similar to hair now covering all over her body.

Her body was in a suspended state as if she was floating in the air, showing off her fair white skin.

When she looked up at them, they could see her blood red eyes.

Her eyes didn’t display the usual frenzied look, just only a cold blooded killing instinct.

Although she still looked like a human, in actuality there wasn’t anything human left in her anymore.

Zhao Zhi whispered in a very low voice, “Evolved…..”

“Chang Teng turn on the power immediately right now and leave! There’s no way we can go head to head with her, let’s lock it in here first!”

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“Come on now, let me see how much you have improved after feeding this time!”

This sentence that Zhao Zhi said was more like trying to cheer himself on, his eyes suddenly became extremely fierce.

Countless red tentacles immediately swept towards Zhao Zhi, and when the tentacles were just about to reach him, he swiped his hand outwards across his body.

Those tentacles seemed to have hit an invisible rebound force and were immediately pushed back.

At the same time, he reached out with his hand and made a grabbing motion, some of the tentacles started moving closer to him as if it was being sucked or attracted by something.

In the moment when the tentacles almost reached his eyes, Zhao Zhi had a brought out a knife in his hand.

He viciously slashed the knife and the tentacles were cut.


The spider girl….No, now she should probably be called the spider queen, she exuded a sad and shrill scream, the sound was so horrible it caused pain in everyone’s eardrum!

Zhao Zhi suddenly felt that he was in great danger, his pupils shrunk, and his body burst out an invisible force field!

Numerous tentacles were immediately attracted to Zhao Zhi’s direction, but at the same time he quickly retreated.

At the same time, the skin color of the Spider Queen also began to redden, just like when Ling Mo and others were attacked before.

But you could tell that Zhao Zhi had used up all his powers this time.

He was like a human attractor, he could control the blood flow and make things come to him or move away from him, the spider queen’s blood circulation started to speed up in a frenzy.

Usually when people are over-excited, they would faint and sometimes even die on the spot. Although the spider queen did not die due to her high physical strength, she did become dizzy due to the loss of her stamina.


Zhao Zhi had reached his limit, he hadn’t had time to recover yet. Even though he tried to develop and improve his super power, without stamina, everything would be useless.

Mo Da Hai took the opportunity to slash the tentacles, but the tentacles ability to regenerate was too strong, he couldn’t really cut them all.

And due to his carelessness, after he slashed the tentacles, poison liquid sprayed onto his arms.


He started screaming and Chang Teng grabbed onto him and headed to the next door.

The power had been turned on but it would take some time for the electricity to fully turn back on.

Zhao Zhi couldn’t hold on anymore, he backed away to the door, rushed into it and immediately shut the door.

“Get to the elevator! Quick!”

While they were running, Zhao Zhi was holding tightly onto the test tube that was in his pocket.

“I already just took some two days ago, usually I need to wait for at least seven days until I can take the next one.”

After hearing the loud noises behind them, his eyes turned sharp once again.

“FUCK IT! I’m not going to end up like those people! I’m not going to die! I’ll take my chances!”

Although Zhao Zhi had the appearance of a weak intellectual, he was very ruthless!

He took out the test tube, pulled out the plug, and put all the liquid into his mouth.


About 10 seconds later, Zhao’s eyes had a red glow in them!

The virus had taken effect!

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