My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 195 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 195 Part 1 – You Can Have a Kid as Long as You Work Hard

The fighting in floor B3 was so fierce, even Ling Mo and his group could hear it all the way in B2.

It seems that Zhao Zhi was actually pretty powerful, the Mo Da Hai and Chang Teng should also be good as well…

Stella leaned on the wall and stared blankly at the elevator door.

Whenever Ling Mo tried to ask her something, she would just shake her head and space out.

After asking several times, Ling Mo started to lose interest as well.

But since she did kind of save them, Ling Mo brought her along with them.

Meng Jia Yu suddenly shouted, “Brother, could you take a look at Chang Hao Yu?”

Ling Mo’s attention quickly went completely on Chang Hao Yu.

His face had turned pale white, he was holding on to his stomach, his body was trembling, and his hair was soaked with his sweat, flowing down all over his face.

Ling Mo grabbed his hands and slowly moved it away, “What’s wrong?”

Chang Hao Yu glanced at Ling Mo with fear, but after a moment, his trust towards Ling Mo made him move away his hands.

Blood gushed out, although the wound didn’t reach his organs, it was still pretty deep.

And in order for them to have taken out the tentacle, Ye Lian’s weapon was used to dig it.

But the wound shouldn’t have looked like this if it was just a normal wound…..

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Is he mutating? This was what Ling Mo was thinking, and the others also thought about it as well.

When Stella saw the wound, she screamed, “OH MY GOD!…THIS….”

It was no wonder that Stella started to scream, the hole started to wriggle about, as if it was trying to merge together.

Ling Mo became stunned, but at this time Ye Lian and Shana had come over to take a look at what was happening.

“OH?” Shana, who was leaning on Ling Mo took a deep breath and then smiled, “I smell a bit of the virus in there, seems like there was some residual virus left on that tentacle.”

Ye Lian also nodded, “Un…Un… I .. Can…Faintly…Smell…It..”

“WHAT?! Virus!”

Chang Hao Yu’s eyes went wide open and he started trembling.

He looked at everyone hopelessly and then grabbed onto Ling Mo’s arm, “Brother Ling, please kill me, I don’t want to become a zombie!”


Meng Jia Yu had wanted a different explanation, but right at the moment in front of them, the virus was the only explanation available.

Even though the sucker hadn’t opened up, it was still connected to her body, maybe this was something from inside her body.

Old Wang was aiming his gun at the elevator, he started to frown.

After listening to Chang Hao Yu’s yell, how could he not feel anything….

202 stared at Ye Lian and Shana while thinking about something. And then he turned his attention to Li Ya Ling who was by the elevator and started to think, “If they could smell the virus, they obviously aren’t normal human beings, could it be that one of the three of them is a zombie? But how could they stay so peaceful next to my Brother? The don’t even show any intentions on eating people, I mean my body would definitely taste really good, because I’m the youngest! Moreover I haven’t even lost my virginity yet….”

Ling Mo felt deep sorrow. Even though Chang Hao Yu was a normal person, he at least wasn’t a coward.

“Wait….” Ling Mo quickly stopped him when he reached out to grab his dagger, “It doesn’t look like you mutated. The virus has taken effect in your wound, but you’re still conscious. I think the amount of the virus wasn’t a lot so it only partially took effect, and it didn’t spread.”

The reason why Ling Mo is sure of this is because this usually didn’t happen and Ling Mo had played with and studied the virus for a long time, usually the virus would take effect immediately after being infected.

When the amount of the virus wasn’t a lot, it could help recover stamina, so obviously it could of course also heal the wound.

Chang Hao Yu widened his eyes and said, “Really? Is this really true Brother Ling?”

“It should be, because if the amount of the virus was a lot, you would have already lost your ability to reason.”

Ling Mo tapped him on the should, “Right now this situation might actually be better, it might actually heal your body.”

Meng Jia Yu seemed happy, she couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, could the virus actually be a good thing? Could Zhao Zhi really have been trying to gain some advantages from those two monsters?”

“It’s highly possible.” Ling Mo suddenly remembered the way Mo Da Hai reacted towards the three advanced zombies.

From his spirit waves, he didn’t seem to look like a psychic, but the feeling he gave people was that he was extremely powerful….

They probably tried to dilute the virus and had injected it into their bodies!

Right at this moment, the lights started flashing in the hallways just like the scenes from a scary movie.

Looks like the electricity has been turned back on, it would take some time for it to be fully functional again.

Everyone gathered towards the elevator, Li Ya Ling’s finger was on the button.

If both groups ended up meeting in front of the elevator on B2, it would definitely be a tough battle….

The elevator signal lit up, when the elevator signal showed that it was going upwards, Li Ya Ling would press the button to signal it to stop on B2.

But after one minute passes by…..two minutes passes by….

“What the fuck…why aren’t they escaping?”

Ling Mo didn’t believe that they could handle the tentacle girl.

She would only get stronger as the time passes by, and this was a battlefield that completely suited her!

Ye Lian started to feel impatient and pulled onto Ling Mo’s sleeves, “Brother Ling….”

“It has already passed 5 minutes, would it be possible that they all died down there?”

Ling Mo had started to think about the same thing. Just when he was going to let Li Ya Ling push the button, the elevator started to move!

Li Ya Ling immediately pressed the button after spacing out for a second.


To Be Continued….

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