My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 195 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 195 Part 2 – You Can Have a Kid as Long as You Work Hard

Ling Mo had released his spirit tentacles getting ready for the upcoming fight, Ye Lian and the other two girls had stood in a prepared triangle position, waiting for the elevator doors to open.

Stella had covered her mouth already and was leaning on the wall.

It must be a hard thing to do when one confronts the people that had abandoned her…..


The door opened up, but when Old Wang was about the pull the trigger to signal the start of the battle for everyone else, they all became stunned from what they saw inside the elevator.

Ling Mo on the other hand had already used his spirit tentacles to wrap everything inside.

But the next second Ling Mo realized that there was no point of him using his spirit tentacles.

There was only two people on that elevator and although both of them were still alive, they both had already lost the ability to resist.

Mo Da Hai was leaning on a corner of the elevator, one of his arms has been completely destroyed, it would seem that he had decided to cut his arm off in order to keep himself alive.

Chang Ten was holding onto a dagger in his hands, his legs which were full of all kinds of holes had been wrapped around by some tentacles…

Ling Mo’s mouth showed a sneer, he took out his knife and used it to pull Chang Teng up.

He wasn’t going to give Mo Da Hai a hard time since he wasn’t able to speak in the first place and also because he had tried to warn Ling Mo previously.

At the same time Li Ya Ling used her feet to block the elevator from closing.

Ling Mo asked with a cold voice, “Where is he?”

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Ling Mo had put the knife onto his neck.

Upon seeing that Ling Mo and his original group were all still alive, and with the addition of Stella, yet unable to find Old Luo in the group, Mo Da Hai and Chang Teng were completely shocked.

It was not until when Ling Mo grabbed him, did he realized they had fucked up big time.
This group of survivors weren’t just some ordinary group of survivors with guns….

Ordinary survivors with guns wouldn’t have been able to escape from those two mutant zombies.

The spider queen had evolved already yet none of them had died, which brought both of them to a frightening conclusion.

The poisonous monster was dead….This group had killed off the poison monster while leading the spider queen to b3 and escaped unscathed.

Otherwise there was no other way to explain the current situation.

“You guys….”

“Cut the bullshit, I asked you already, where is Zhao Zhi?”

Ling Mo pressed his knife a bit deeper and Chang Teng’s neck started to bleed immediately.

Although Chang Teng usually had a unyielding personality, in this current situation, it was a bit complicated, he was totally confused on how he should react.

“I really don’t know, when we had ran…he was trapped by the spider queen, we both believe that he is probably dead by now.”

Ling Mo asked, “He didn’t follow and come up with you guys? Where is the circuit breaker?”

“It’s on a completely different direction…..”

After replying Ling Mo waved his hands and everyone got on the elevator.

Ling Mo was planning to take the chance on bring Meng Jia Yu and the others to A1 first before bringing the three zombie girls with him to see what was happening down there with the spider queen.

Hopefully they both inflicted severe damage to each other so Ling Mo could find a way to benefit from them.

The three girl’s saliva could be used as a stimulant but that spider queen’s virus could be used to heal, no wonder she could keep growing new tentacles.

But Ling Mo wasn’t really interested in the gel she had.

He didn’t wish for Ye Lian to turn into something like that. He was also currently worried already that Li Ya Ling might turn into Medusa….


Looking at the elevator indicator turning to A1, Ling Mo felt relieved yet also felt great pressure as well.

But just as he we leaving the elevator, Ling suddenly thought of a question.

He glanced at Stella and the other two before asking, “Could a zombie and a human have babies?”

Stella’s eyes went wide open, Mo Da Hai became shocked.

Everyone in the elevator became silent.

Only Li Ya Ling looked around and suddenly nodded: “Yes! As long as you work hard enough…”


Ling Mo choked on his saliva and thought to himself that he had already tried hard enough!

The stamina from the zombie girls were crazy…..Presently it was too hard to do all three of them at the same time, but if it was a one on one secession it would be fine!

Having a sore back would just be a small price to pay.

Ye Lian and Shana glanced at each other.

Shana smiled and asked, “What kind of baby would it be like?”

Ling Mo felt that the atmosphere was getting a bit too weird and quickly said, “Let’s just pretend that I never asked.”

Stella had finally pulled herself together from the shock and thought to herself that Ling Mo did show the qualities of being very powerful enough, so she replied, “I do believe that this lady is right, as long as you work hard enough, it’s possible. But it would be hard to capture zombies, and it’s extremely easy to get infected, I know you have this kind of hobby, but please be careful…”

“Wait what hobby?”

“Huh? Isn’t it the hobby we just talked about? Ah never mind, we all can understand….”

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