My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 196 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 196 Part 1 – Scared the Little Kid

Although Stella didn’t say anything, everyone present seemed to have realized something and glanced at Ling Mo with a weird look.

The only person that didn’t understand what was going on was Meng Jia Yu, but after a few seconds of thinking, her eyes suddenly widened and she stared at Ling Mo with surprise.

Ling Mo felt a headache coming, “There’s obviously no way I can get myself out of this…” He could only pretend he didn’t notice Meng Jia Yu’s stare.

Old Wang dragged Chang Teng out of the elevator, Ling Mo squatted in front of Chang Teng, grabbed his arm and dipped his hand into his blood and brought the hand close to his nose in order to smell it.

It had a very light smell, but you could still smell the virus in it.

Seems that the amount of the virus contained in his body was much more than Chang Hao Yu’s otherwise Ling Mo wouldn’t have been able to smell it at all.

Ling Mo is pretty much very familiar with the smell of the virus by now. But among all the humans left in the world, he might possibly be the only one who thought that the virus smelled pretty good.

Ling Mo stared at him and said, “Your body really has been contaminated by the virus, let’s talk about this, what kind of monsters were you breeding down there and what were your goals in doing this?

Chang Teng pulled himself together and stared at Ling Mo before saying, “I’m going to turn at anytime, what’s the benefit of me telling you before I turn?”

“Don’t you have a friend that’s still alive? Won’t you leave a will or some sort of inheritance for him?”

Ling Mo looked at Mo Da Hai and smiled.

“Ha….” Chang Teng sneered, his mouth started to bleed and said. “Do you really think I care about my partner? I could care less on whether or not he lives or dies. It’s much better to bring a friend along when I die.”

Under Ling Mo’s close watch, his eyeballs have started to turn dark red.

He suddenly got up, struggling, and reached out and grabbed Ling Mo’s collar and asked, “Can you promise me one condition?”

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Ling Mo replied, “Tell me first, I’m only just curious, I honestly don’t really have to know.”

Chang Teng paused and smiled, “Trust me you would definitely be interested. Because you would be extremely curious as to why a normal guy like me could survive up until now.”

Ling Mo suddenly had the urge to punch this person so much because he was so god damn right.

He was very curious because he really wanted to know what was the best way to dilute the poison liquid.

Think about it, the three zombie girl’s saliva liquid which contained a bit of the virus had all been diluted from their bodies.

Therefore, Ling Mo didn’t really think that just using water could dilute the virus.
“Fine, tell me then.”

Chang Teng’s eyes had started to glow. He reached into his pocket and took out a wrinkled paper and handed it to Ling Mo, “This is my address, please go over there and take a look for me.”

“My son is over there, I think he still might be alive. You guys have the ability to get across the city right?”

Chang Teng urgently asked while grabbing really tightly onto Ling Mo’s collar.

Ling Mo paused and put the piece of paper into his pocket, “I’ll give it a try. But before I do anything, I want to hear if the information that you were going to tell me is worth it.

Towards Chang Teng’s fatherly love, Ling Mo’s heart softened a bit.

If Ling Mo didn’t really care, he could always just wait for Chang Teng to die and spend a little more time getting the information out of Mo Da Hai. He wasn’t the only one that knew what was really going on.

Although Ling Mo was touched in his heart, it still didn’t negate the fact that he helped Zhao Zhi in trying to set them up.

For some unknown reason, although Ling Mo didn’t make a promise to Chang Teng, Chang Teng still looked at him deeply, revealing a detached smile.

“Sure, I’ll tell you, also Mr. Mo doesn’t deserve to die… I know don’t have the means to ask for anything right now….”

Chang Teng laughed and then told Zhao Zhi’s real plan to Ling Mo and how everything went.

Ling Mo only became interested when Chang Teng started talking about how they diluted the virus and injected into themselves to get more powerful.

Hmmm what would happen if I used it in their way? Wait, aren’t I already sort of doing it? Probably also in a much safer way.

Not to mention their experiments in this area haven’t been long so the amount of side effects haven’t been realized yet.

Ling Mo glanced down at his shoulder and said, “Whatever it doesn’t really matter, I should first get some of that virus and then slowly find a way to use it so I can quickly heal and recover!”

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