My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 196 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 196 Part 2 – Scared the Little Kid

Stella was completely stupefied, she had only knew before that Zhao Zhi had wanted to study the virus in order to find a way to use it. She had no idea that they had already put it to practice and were already using it.

Seeing that Chang Teng was breathing really hard and both of his eyes had turned red, Ling Mo quickly asked, “OK well where are the vials of that liquid?”

“8…..8…Laboratory 8,…ah!”

Chang Teng’s body had gone completely stiff, his pupils were wide open and he kept making meaningless screams.

Everyone took a step back because they could feel that something was going to happen to him.

Right at this moment a cold light slashed right in front of Ling Mo.


The sound of a blade entering a body was made, Ling Mo paused and looked up.

Shana was holding onto her scythe, standing behind Chang Teng, she smiled at Ling Mo and said, “Let’s go see that tentacle creature Brother Ling.”

“Why are you so excited for…..”

Ling Mo glanced down and saw that the blade of the scythe was dripping blood.

The scythe had penetrated through Chang Teng’s body and had stopped right between Ling Mo’s legs.

Although Shana was really careful, but the scythe was only about 10 centimeters away from Ling Mo’s dong.

This was kind of crossing the line! As a girlfriend how could you not know the importance of this thing!

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Before she used to pinch it, smash it, grab it, rub it, and caress it, at least it was a mixture of pain and pleasure, but now she had gotten worse and had done this…..

One day I swear I will let you know how important this thing is! It’s irreplaceable!

But deep down Ling Mo felt that he and his little brother were scared shitless!

“Shana…Wait a bit.”

Ling Mo just gnashed his teeth and had opened his mouth before Ye Lian popped out from behind Shana and whispered, “Brother Ling, your wounds may take a…a..long……”


Ling Mo became speechless, but thought of Li Ya Ling immediately.

Li Ya Ling could help massage his hands, Ye Lian could help massage his feet, and he could use his one hand to do one handed work.

This seems pretty nice…..

Since Chang Teng’s death was expected, no one showed that they cared except for Stella and Mo Da Hai who both took another glance at Chang Teng when he died.

It was quite reasonable for the group to have this kind of reaction, they still hadn’t forgotten that they were chased down by a mutant zombie.

As for Mo Da Hai, he had tried to give them some warnings so Ling Mo decided to let him go.

“Let’s go.”


Ling Mo brought the three girls into the elevator, just when the elevator door was about to close, Stella suddenly also came in.

Ling Mo asked, “Why are you coming?”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the door had closed already, Ling Mo would have thrown her out immediately.

Stella pulled up her two giant peaks and said with a bit of excitement, “I…I.don’t believe it, I have to go and see it with my own two eyes.”

What’s there not to believe….

Ling Mo sighed and said, “Once we reach b3, go back up by yourself.”

Stella said, “No, please let me go with you guys.”

“Aren’t you afraid of that spider queen? She might still be alive, and for all we know she might have just had a big meal and waited for us as dessert.”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but involuntarily take a step back, although the body of this foreign girl was quite petite, but that killing power of her chest was really strong.

Ye Lian also noticed this and stuck out her chest as well, looking coldly at Stella.

It’s not hard to tell what kind of message she was trying to send, “Mine is pretty big as well.”

But Stella read it in a different way, she realized that she might have been too close to Ling Mo and took a step back.

I have often seen catfights but this was the first time seeing a boob battle.

Although the foreign girl’s boob’s looked huge, but with Ling Mo’s hard work, Ye Lian’s boobs weren’t any worse….

Ling Mo thought that his training had paid off, you don’t see this kind of thing often.

Ling Mo smiled and said, “Whatever, it’s your choice, but if we get into trouble somehow, I throw you out as bait. You look so juicy with so much meat, I think that spider queen will be very interested in you.”

“What….” Stella’s face became pale and her face had turned red, “I’m…I’m not fat! And you can’t use me as bait!”

Shana stepped forward, she had been through many battles and had also kept mutating, although she was pretty skinny, she had great explosiveness.

Stella was the juicy type, she didn’t look so good standing beside Shana.

Ling Mo thought that Shana was so clever, when they were comparing boobs, she was nowhere to be found, but the moment when they started to compare who was slimmer, she came out immediately and started to bully Stella…..


When the door opened Shana smiled and said, “She will definitely eat you first.”

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