My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 197 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 197 Part 1 – Not Cunning, Just An Asshole

Looking at them as they walked out of the elevator, Stella hesitated for a while before following along with them.

B3’s lighting wasn’t very bright, it was actually a lot darker than the rest of the floors. Above the top of their heads were all sorts of pipes, they could only hear the sounds of water dripping in the deathly silent corridor.

Ling Mo held a bow in one hand and walked to the front, looking around with vigilance.

Although he could have used his spirit tentacles to detect the spirit waves around him, but doing that would take up too much of his energy.

To save his energy, he could only do it the old fashion way and take things slow with caution.

Ye Lian and Shana were both right behind him while Li Ya Ling was behind them.

The three of them had calm look on their faces, zombies didn’t seem to know what fear was.

Ling Mo kind of wished that he was able to have this type of mindset as well.

People who had emotions, would panic when they became afraid. Ling Mo could at most try to restrain these emotions but couldn’t stop from having them.

Stella followed them, she was 5 to 6 meters apart from Li Ya Ling.

She looked extremely nervous, she kept using one hand to press her chest as if she was trying to calm down her beating heart.

After walking for about 10 minutes in the corridor, Ling Mo finally found some traces of fighting.

Blood was spilled everywhere, you could see broken tentacles scattered all over the floor, and a arm that was hung on the wall, but it seemed have been sucked dry, as if it was wrapped around by the tentacle before getting completely sucked.

This must of been Zhao Zhi’s arm, Mo Da Hai’s arm was cut off by Chang Teng and the surface area of the wound was different from the one they had just found on the wall.

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Ling Mo stared at the tentacles, “So violent. Can’t imagine that such a small thin tentacle could actually contain such a strong power.”

The spider queen’s tentacles had become extremely thing, these very dense tentacles were basically no different than a bloody spider web.

Ling Mo suddenly asked, “Was the zombie originally a researcher here?”


Stella, who was covering her eyes, pulled herself back to reality after a few seconds, “You’re asking me? Um her name was…Song Zi Li, she had come here for an internship.”

Ling Mo asked, “So she must of been pretty young then?”

Stella nodded, “Yes, extremely young, she had a very bright future ahead of her, but….”

“Enough, there’s no point in talking about futures in the world we currently live in….”

Ling Mo looked at a bunch of the tentacles that were in front of them and slowly walked towards them.

These group of tentacles had blocked the corridor. Just before approaching the group of tentacles, Ling Mo shot an arrow at it.

Nothing happened….

Ling Mo waved at Shana and said, “KILL.”

Shana smiled and dashed with her scythe.

After a few seconds, the tentacles had been turned into pieces.

Blood was sprayed everywhere in the corridor, it was as if this place had been through a huge battle.

Ling Mo was surprised, he hadn’t expected that Zhao Zhi would be this powerful.

Seems like his plan was the correct one, otherwise if they had went head to head with the spider queen, some people would have obviously died, and if the worst case scenario happened and Zhao Zhi showed up at that time, something bad would definitely have happened.

After bumping into the zombie leader previously, Ling Mo realized that he and the three girls were still not powerful enough.

Zhao Zhi was the first psychic who had put Ling Mo on the defensive, and from the traces of the battle, he could tell that Zhao Zhi was also a very strong fighter.

Ling Mo believes that if they had gone head to head, even if he had the help of the three zombies with him, he couldn’t guarantee that he would win.

But after being set up by Ling Mo, he wasn’t that far away from being dead.

Right at this moment, Ling Mo suddenly felt that his blood started to flow really fast!


Ling Mo couldn’t have imagined that Zhao Zhi still had the power to fight.

He was extremely powerful!

Ling Mo immediately concentrated his spirit and took a few deep breaths. His physique was better than the average person, but because of a wound…

He started to bleed again, Ye Lian pressed on his shoulder as her eyes had started to turn red.

She was trying to adjust her zombie instinct, using the virus to try and resist the effects of the super power.

It seemed to work….

Shana and Li Ya Ling started to do the same thing, compared to humans, their bodies were much better at reacting to danger.

The same methods wouldn’t work on them that well a second time.

But Ling Mo also knew that another reason why Zhao Zhi’s attack wasn’t as powerful as before was because he had become much weaker…..

Stella fell to the ground immediately, her face turned red, her boobs started to jiggle and move, her mouth was wide open and she was breathing hard…

A person had showed up from behind them, it was Zhao Zhi.

If it wasn’t because they were being affected by his power, Ling Mo wouldn’t have believed that the person in front of him was Zhao Zhi.

How is this guy still god damn alive?

His neck had various wounds, one side of his shoulder had been covered up with blood and flesh, his face has several wounds as well, couldn’t really see how his face really looked like, you could only see that his eyes had turned red.

He had lost an arm, the other hand was holding onto some kind of steel stick that had appeared from god know where.

Blood was covered all over him to the point that you couldn’t tell how severe of a condition he was.

But most people should have been dead under these conditions, but for some reason he was still able to stand over there.

Ling Mo immediately thought of the injections, he must have taken a lot of them so he could boost his energy and power.

But there would obviously be severe harmful side effects for sure.

“You guys….”

To Be Continued….

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