My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 197 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 197 Part 2 – Not Cunning, Just An Asshole

Zhao Zhi staggered and stood in the same place, opened his mouth in shock, then suddenly realized something. A look of hatred flashed through his eyes, “I understand now. You guys lured the spider queen here, and then wanted us both to fight each other while you reaped the benefits afterwards. So calculating, I wouldn’t be able to tell that you were so ruthless at such a young age.”

“In the beginning I thought you were just cunning, but now I realized I was wrong, you’re just an asshole.”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes, and slowly stood up.

He released the arrow just as Zhao Zhi lifted his arm.

The arrow was right in front of him but for some reason changed its trajectory as if it had bumped into something, but even so the arrow still hit him and caused some damage.

“Sister Lian, you hold on to Brother Ling.”

Shana took her scythe and moved forward, as she got closer to Zhao Zhi she dashed and leaped up and slashed downwards.

But Zhao Zhi wasn’t that easy to be defeated, he pushed his hands out making Shana fall backwards, although she still managed to hit him, he had already taken two steps back avoiding a fatal blow.

The scythe had hit his shoulder, Zhao Zhi made a slight grunting sound of pain.

But he quickly clenched his fist, Shana suddenly was forced to move forward as if she was being sucked by a intangible power.

At the same time he lifted his steel stick and showed a cruel smile.


Ling Mo’s pupil shrunk, he didn’t care about the fact that his body had lost strength, he immediately released his spirit tentacles.

The strong spirit power made Zhao Zhi pause as Shana had been brought in front of him already.

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The steel stick dropped to the floor, Shana had taken the opportunity to knock it away with her scythe.

At the same time she swiped left and made a cut on Zhao Zhi’s stomach.

Unfortunately Zhao Zhi was able to dodge the attack, but he noticed Shana’s eyes had turned red.

Blood red as if it were two rubies.


Getting attacked a second time on the stomach made Zhao Zhi come to his sense.

Shana had wanted to dish out another attack but she suddenly felt that the blood in her body started to boil again.

Even Li Ya Ling’s body started to go limp as she held onto the pipes that were beside the walls for support.

At the same time, Zhao Zhi aims a slap towards Shana. When his palm was less than ten centimeters away from Shana, Shana had already been sent flying backwards and was luckily caught by Li Ya Ling immediately.

“Ehh, why does it feel like I landed on two soft balls….”

Shana didn’t seem to have gotten hurt, but Ling Mo was extremely pissed!

Zhao Zhi turned and ran. Although his body was severely damaged, he was still pretty fast, but Ling Mo had already recovered most of his strength by now.

He withdrew the bow behind him and took out the Tang knife.

He walked at a normal pace, trying to adjust his breathing and recover his spirit power.

Zhao Zhi was undoubtedly the most powerful guy he has ever met so far. He could still manage to stay alive after sustaining so many severe wounds. It seems like the mutated virus’ recovery power was in effect.

In addition, he seems to have researched and developed several different ways in using his super power.

But this wasn’t a spirit type attack, it looked more like a kind of power that came from his body.

Sort of like a huge magnet, he could either stir the things that were inside multiple bodies or make one person flow towards him as if they were being sucked over.

When Shana had gotten sucked over, the speed of her blood flowing was at the highest, the power within her body had been disrupted and sucked away.

Otherwise she could have probably killed Zhao Zhi at that very moment.

But at the same time, he could also generate a repelling force just by slapping people away.

This skill could switch between attacking and defending, it could also attack after decreasing a person’s strength first.

However even though his ability was overpowered, Ling Mo understood that after such a high-intensity battle with the spider queen previously, Zhao Zhi had already reached his limits.

Right now he was just fighting back very hard because his life was on the line.

“Let’s see how long you can last then.”

Ling Mo felt that he had recovered a bit and sped up to catch up with Zhao Zhi.

He was faster and much more agile than Ling Mo, even if he had just one hand, his attacks weren’t weak at all.

Zhao Zhi shouted, “AHHH!!” A cut had appeared on Zhao Zhi’s back, but he had turned around and thrust his hand out to counterattack.

Ling Mo felt an intangible power hitting his chest, he was pushed back several steps and landed backwards, knocking into a pipe on the wall.

Getting hurt on the head actually awakened him, the blood that was flowing fast had slowed down.

Ye Lian at this time has reached them and she leaped forward aiming her tiger claws at Zhao Zhi’s head.

Zhao Zhi used the same method to push her away and then ran into a room.

Ling Mo quickly followed, but just as he passed through the door, the door behind him slammed shut.

Zhao Zhi had slammed the door shut, his palm was against the door…..

“A psychic…” Zhao Zhi stared at Ling Mo and said, “I didn’t expect that you would be able to control zombies….interesting…very interesting…you’re making me very curious about you.

Ling Mo silently said, “Fuck Off.”

“AHAHAHA, without the help from those zombie girls, are you scared? You have such an amazing super power, but without them, you’re useless right?”

Zhao Zhi’s hand was placed on the door. The thickness of the door was very big, if Ye Lian and the other two wanted break through that door, it would take some time.

Ling Mo sneered, “I think you’re the one that’s at the end of the road since you gave up trying pretend in being a gentleman.”

What Zhao Zhi had said was actually really Ling Mo’s weakness, but Ling Mo had already thought about this issue before.

If he had been controlling other zombies, he probably wouldn’t think this way, because in his mind, puppets were part of his combat power.

But Ye Lian, Shana, and Li Ya Ling were irreplaceable.

And sooner or later there would come a time where his opponents would figure this out and deliberately try to separate them.

So Ling Mo had trained himself, and it is also the reason why he has kept trying to develop his own skills to make himself more stronger.

Ling Mo sneered, “Cut the bullshit. You’re nothing without that virus drug. Let’s see who’s useless.”

Zhao Zhi became surprised when he heard Ling Mo mention the virus. But he soon smiled afterwards.

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