My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 198

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 198 –  Two People On Top Of Each Other Would Cause Misunderstandings 

Both of them could only use one hand to fight in this battle, Zhao Zhi’s steel stick was short and narrow so it wouldn’t cause any problems while he was using his powers.

Ling Mo’s super power didn’t require him to use his body, just using the brain was enough.

He was grasping the Tang knife, the sharp blade shimmered in the light.

Outside the door, the sounds of banging were being made as the three girls tried to force their way in.

But the sounds of banging quickly stopped, from Ling Mo’s spirit connection, he could tell that Ye Lian was trying to pick the lock again.

But he couldn’t help Ye Lian this time, he couldn’t even lend one single tentacle.

The pressure Zhao Zhi gave him was too strong.

Apparently Zhao Zhi wanted to kill him immediately before the girls forced their way in.

Zhao Zhi believed that as long as he killed Ling Mo before they were able to force their way in, everything would go well for him. Although the girl’s wouldn’t be controlled by Ling Mo anymore, they would still be a threat to him or even more dangerous, but with Ling Mo’s death, he was sure it would cause an effect towards them.

He would wait for the opportunity to present itself and then defeat them all one by one, Even if he couldn’t beat them, he could always still run.

So after staring at each other for another few seconds, he quickly reached out to grab Ling Mo.

While the blood in his body started to boil again, Ling Mo felt as if he was a metal needle that was being pulled in by a magnet , and stumbled towards Zhao Zhi.

During this process, Ling Mo was losing his physical strength as well as losing blood from his shoulder.

The pain that was caused from the shoulder kep Ling Mo awake, he saw Zhao Zhi clenching his fist and then aimed a slash at him with the steel stick!

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Ling Mo’s spirit tentacles redirected the trajectory of the steel stick, making Zhao Zhi consume a lot of his strength. The steel stick smashed into a pipe and flew out of his hand.

Ling Mo took this opportunity to slash Zhao Zhi with his Tang knife.

Another repulsive force pushed Ling Mo away.

But despite all that effort to push Ling Mo away, the Tang knife still hit Zhao Zhi.


Zhao Zhi looked down at his crotch, it had been covered with blood.

The way the Tang knife was designed was to make extremely severe wounds, in order words, his private part got heavily wounded.

“AH!!AHH!!AHH!s” Zhao Zhi kept continuously screaming. He looked at Ling Mo who had flew and hit against the wall with a grudge.

Ling Mo shook his head and stood still, “Don’t stare at me like that, it’s your own fault. If you hadn’t pushed me away, you wouldn’t have needed to suffer at all like this.”

Zhao Zhi gritted his teeth, his eyes became even more red.

Seems like he was beginning to mutate, the virus in his body has started to activate.

From Ling Mo’s observation, his light spirit ball looked messed up.

At the same time, a giant force immediately appeared around Ling Mo making it difficult for him to move, Zhao Zhi’s skin couldn’t withstand the force as well and started ripping. He screamed and spit some blood out, then he proceeded to pick up the steel stick and slowly walked towards Ling Mo.

Zhao Zhi slowly walked over, Ling Mo felt that all his energy had been sucked dry and all he could do was lean on the wall and watch as Zhao Zhi slowly walked over.

Ling Mo would be killed in the next few seconds if he doesn’t come up with something quick.

Seems like using his super powers actually gave such a huge amount of pressure to Zhao Zhi, but unfortunately it was not enough since he was still able to last until he could kill Ling Mo.

What can I do? Ling Mo started to have cold sweat.

He didn’t want to die here!


His arms could no longer handle the weight of the Tang knife and had let it drop to the floor.

Ling Mo reached out behind him with his fingers, grabbing onto an arrow and slowly took it out.

As Zhao Zhi finally walked in front of him and was about to use his steel stick to stab Ling Mo, Ling Mo spread out his tentacles once again.

Ling Mo understands that using the same trick twice wouldn’t work no more, because no matter what it couldn’t change the fact that he didn’t have the strength to fight back physically.

So he tried another way.

Dozens of spirit tentacles wrapped around Zhao Zhi’s spirit ball, Ling Mo usually used the tentacles to create a connection with others, but this time he was going to use it as a weapon.

He got this idea from the spider queen. The spider queen had used her tentacles to crush her targets arm before.

He was going to crush his spirit!


Just as Zhao Zhi shouted, he felt a humongous pain in his brain!

His brain felt as if it was being stung by thousands of needles!

Ling Mo’s mental power was actually aggressively strong, because this was the same mental power as the zombies!

Although this power wasn’t strong enough to kill Zhao Zhi, it still made him roll around on the floor.

While Zhao Zhi was screaming on the floor while holding onto his head, Ling Mo felt empty.

He took the arrow, slowly kneeled down, and then stabbed him right on the chest with the arrow.


Zhao Zhi tried to fight back, but his head was in a mess, and Ling Mo was using all his powers to take him down….


“I’ll return those words back to you, GO TO HELL!”

Ling Mo fell and landed on top of Zhao Zhi’s body.

After twitching a bit, Zhao Zhi no longer moved, Ling Mo felt that his spirit power was dried out, his head was aching.

Human’s were much stronger when it came to fighting back spiritually than advanced zombies, if Ling Mo had tried to take control of Zhao Zhi, his spirit tentacles might have been swallowed up immediately after making a connection.

“FUCK YOU! Looking down on my puppet skills? How do you like me now….”

Ling Mo felt that was dying, he couldn’t even get up, it was too hard for him to move right now.

“Ka tsa!”

The door has been opened by Ye Lian, but when she rushed in Ling Mo and Zhao Zhi were on top of each other.

At the same time Stella covered her mouth and shouted, “Oh MY!”

“Um…it’s not what you guys are thinking, hurry help me up.”

Ye Lian paused before asking, “We…how should we be thinking?”


Stella kneeled down in front of Zhao Zhi’s corpse and said something in a low voice, she sounded choked up.

Ling Mo couldn’t understand it and thought this girl was trouble, he believed she must of said something similar to rest in peace.

What Ling Mo and the other three girls didn’t realize was that as they helped Ling Mo up and leave the room, Stella was mumbling something but at the same time, she sneaked her hands into Zhao Zhi’s pocket and took out two test tubes and quickly put it in her pocket.

She smiled and then wiped her tears.

“Since Mr. Zhao is dead….”

Stella came out of the room with her eyes red and said, “If he was alive that means the mutant zombie must be dead, let’s go….”


The virus that was contained inside the spider queen’s corpse was one of Ling Mo’s goals, he wouldn’t just let it go.

“We are going to laboratory number 8, Stella, lead us.”

Ling Mo grabbed her hand and moved her to the front of the group.

Laboratory number 8 wasn’t that far, the closed door wasn’t strong either, Li Ya Ling walked to the front of the group and kicked the door, causing a gap between the door and the doorframe.

After several more kicks, the door was broke open.

Stella was shocked and asked, “What kind of superpower is this?…Kung Fu?”

Ling Mo glanced at Li Ya Ling and also thought that her moves were quite cool too….

Ling Mo answered, “Yea, kung fu.”

“WoW!” Stella looked at Li Ya Ling with stars in her eyes and thought that this group was really something.

There was a lot of things in the lab, but it wasn’t that hard to find the virus drug.

A locked cupboard…..

“I’ll do it.”

Li Ya Ling had become interested in unlocking doors as well, she quickly inserted her knife into the gap and started twisting hard.

A unpleasant sound came out, the cupboard was completely destroyed by Li Ya Ling, revealing a small wooden box inside.

“Senior sister, that’s not unlocking…..”

Ye Lian took the wooden box from Li Ya Ling, when she opened it there were two rows of test tube racks with 5 doses in there.

It wasn’t a lot but it should be enough…..

When Stella walked out of the room, Ling Mo took the opportunity to kiss Ye Lian.

He needed a boost of adrenaline, it didn’t feel so good with a sore body.

But no matter how many times they kissed, Ling Mo could never get enough of Ye Lian’s soft playful tongue. He would prefer if they could never stop kissing, but the problem was that Ye Lian wouldn’t suffocate if she kept on kissing, but Ling Mo would.

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