My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 199 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 199 Part 1 – The Taste of Spider Queen is Special

After searching for another 10 minutes on floor b3, Ling Mo and the others finally found the spider queen in a room.

The walls were all nearly filled with dense holes, and tentacles were everywhere.

Blood was everywhere, the scene in this room was horrible.

Ling Mo used his spirit tentacles to investigate, after making sure that there were no spirit waves pulsing, he finally walked over with excitement.

“Queen is it? Got to take something from your body to use….”

Ling Mo took out two glass bottles that had just been taken from the No. 8 laboratory and was preparing to do something.

“What are you planning to do?”

Stella’s eyes widened, she didn’t dare take the risk of getting too close to the spider queen, so she just stood far away from the body and asked.

Ling Mo didn’t bother answering, his complete attention was all on the spider queen.

It should be dead right?

Ling Mo reached out and grabbed one of her tentacles and pulled it, but realized that she didn’t react to it.

The tentacle was very smooth, and it was also really cold, it was hard to believe that it could be that powerful.

No wonder it could beat Chang Teng and Mo Da Hai to a point where they both like dead dogs, even when Zhao Zhi took a huge amount of the virus drug, he was still pushed to the ends of his limits.

However at this time, Ling Mo noticed a fan on top of his head, which was completely covered with blood. It was still even dripping down making a “Pa da Pa da” sound.

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“So that’s what happened….”

Ling Mo sighed, he was expecting that the spider queen would be able to beat Zhao Zhi, but instead she had gotten taken advantage of.

The spider queen’s body was under her tentacles that had completely covered over her, Ling Mo tried to dig into the tentacles.

“Should be around here.”

Ling Mo pulled away a tentacle and then felt that he touched a piece of fabric.

He pulled the fabric down and at the same time reached in.

This should probably be the belly. If I go upward, I can reach the arm.

Once I reach the arm, I would be able to withdraw some of the virus from her…basically bloodletting her.

However after the tentacles lost power, it became too chaotic and was a complete mess.

He could only vaguely see part of the spider queen’s skin, but the body was completely invisible under all the tentacles.

Right now Ling Mo was basically relying on his intuition while feeling around at the same time in order to find the correct part.

Stella was so shocked while staring at what he was doing, she had covered her mouth and decided to look somewhere else.

“God that’s terrible, why would he have this kind of hobby….”

Shana and Ye Lian curiously came over. Even Li Ya Ling decided to come over and took a tentacle and pulled it.

But she was too strong and had pulled with so much strength that even the body had also gotten pulled as well.

Ling Mo immediately felt that his fingers had enter a vaguely moist place.

“Please tell me this is a wound, it must be a would! Why would my intuition lead me to a spider cave…Fuck me this really is the spider cave….”

The reason why was because Ling Mo had decided to grab it and felt smooth hair between his fingers.

He slowly pulled his hand out and suddenly discovered that red mucus had covered his finger.

Ling Mo’s first reaction was to try and wipe it off immediately, but then he became stunned.

“Hey! This color is very unique!” Ling Mo immediately turned his eyes on Ye Lian and the other girls and quickly made a comparison of the colors in his head.

The female zombie orgasm juice was usually transparent. This mutant zombie girl’s juice was the same color as the virus….

Sure enough, these mutant zombies were very unique, although they were still part of the zombie race, but they would could be considered a branch of the zombie race that was much scarier.

We just wouldn’t know if they would ever recover their consciousness, and based on the current situation, the chances of that happening were extremely low.

Either way, in general, the most scariest thing right now wouldn’t be mutant zombies, it would be the amount of regular zombies that were wandering around.

“Brother Ling, what’s this on your finger?” Shana tried to touch Ling Mo’s finger, but Ling Mo immediately avoided her touch by moving his finger away from her.


Ye Lian came from the opposite side and took a big sniff and smelled Ling Mo’s finger from a bit of distance, “The smell….the smell is very special…”

“Oh…is it really?”

Ling Mo also began to feel curious, he glanced at his fingers and then looked at the spider queen.

“No! I can’t do this! I can’t break my principles and cross that line of no return!”

To Be Continued.

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