My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 199 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 199 Part 2 – The Taste of Spider Queen is Special 

Ling Mo quickly grabbed a few tentacles and wiped his hands on it.

Currently at this time, he had no feelings of being attracted towards the spider queen, so he took a deep breath and decided to take different approach.

But it would take forever for him to move all these tentacles, not to mention the smell of erosion was increasingly strong, the longer you spent smelling it, the chances of it causing an effect on you would increase.

So Ling Mo could only adopt a much simpler way.

This time he directly reached out and found the shirt. He was happy and immediately followed along the shirt and groped his way around it. On the way, it was inevitable for him not to encounter a very soft object. When he touched it, he thought that it felt very familiar to him, sort of like a cherry(nipple).

“Really???…Why does it resemble like one?”

“Shouldn’t be one…”

There were no spiritual waves coming out when he touched those areas so it didn’t seem like she was awake.

“Maybe I’m just overthinking it.”

Ling Mo found the arm at last and pulled it out.

Ling Mo finally realized where all those tentacles came from. On her wrist there was a open slit which allowed all her tentacles to come out from there.

But it didn’t look disgusting at all, because although she was a mutant zombie, the way it presented itself made it look really natural as if it was always like this before.

He put her arm on the ground, took out a short knife, and started to cut her arm with it.

Blood started to leak out, and Ling Mo quickly brought out a bottle to use it and collect the blood.

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But in order to not let Stella freak out, Ling Mo made Ye Lian and Shana block her view.

From Stella’s point of view, she could only see that they were gathering around the tentacles but she couldn’t tell what they were really doing there.

Although it couldn’t move anymore, she still felt scared.

Right now she was holding on to the two virus doses in her pocket.

“OK! Done!”

If it wasn’t because she had stopped bleeding, Ling Mo would have wanted to fill up the second bottle. Unfortunately it seems that one and half bottles is her limit.

Her blood was very thick, wasn’t really sure if it was because she was dead or because there was a lot of the virus in that blood. The smell was also very strong, it smelled exactly the same as her juice.

Shana took a bottle and sniffed it before covering the lid and saying, “Smell’s sweet.”

Ye Lian took a deep breath and looked interested.

Ling Mo warned them, “You all can’t touch this, what would happen if you mutated? You too senior sister.”

Ling Mo grabbed Li Ya Ling’s hand that had snuck out and said, “I will help you find more gels from the mutant beasts, looks like you can only stick to eating this, there’s still half  a bottle of snake poison. Don’t get interested in this blood.”

Now that Ling Mo knows how they were going to evolve, he thought that is was about time for them to get promoted to a zombie leader rank.

Otherwise, wouldn’t they be in deep shit if they met a more troubling opponent? Especially since they have ordinary people within their group.

If it wasn’t due to him being worried about Meng Jia Yu and the others, it would have been much easier to go all out without any worries.

But it would be a completely different story if they had three zombie leaders in their group. Three zombie leaders would really be something else. It would be a huge leap in terms of quality.

After filling the bottle with mutant zombie blood, Ling Mo took Ye Lian and the others away from here.

He left the virus gel in the body. He was most definitely not going to allow Ye Lian and the other girls a chance to eat this gel.

Stella was still walking behind everyone, but she didn’t notice that while she was walking, she had stepped on a tentacle, causing it to move slightly. The tentacle moved and then paused for a second before turning towards Ling Mo direction as if it was trying to search for him.

But soon, the tentacle lost its goal, and it slowly shrank back.

After returning to A1, Ling Mo realized that Meng Jia Yu and 202 were the only ones anxiously still waiting outside. Everyone else had already disappeared.

Ling Mo asked curiously, “Where are the others?”

“Brother Ling, Sister In Laws, are you guys alright?”

Meng Jia Yu who’s eyes were red and puffy, hugged Ling Mo, she looked like she had almost cried. But she quickly realized that it was inappropriate so she let go.

“Mo Da Hai left, Old Wang and the others decided to keep an eye out on him incase he decided to try and pull something funny to our car.

Ling Mo asked curiously, “Did Chang Hao Yu recover?”

“Yes, he didn’t mutate, but he said that he felt much more powerful than he used to be, this is obviously good news. But I would definitely not wish to try this out.

She looked at Ling Mo with a blushed face, she probably felt a bit embarrassed.

202 smiled and asked, “Where’s that spider queen? What’s she like now? Could she be friends with me now?”

Ling Mo kicked him and said, “Why don’t you fucking go down there and ask her.”

He then proceeded to take a bottle of water out and looked at his shoulder.

He wasn’t sure if it was due to Zhao Zhi’s superpowers, but his shoulder had felt a lot better than before. Probably all the blood clots had been gotten rid of when he used his powers on Ling Mo…

Surprisingly, Stella didn’t choose to follow Ling Mo and the others, she went to go find a different car.

Out of curiosity, Ling Mo asked her why she decided to separate, since he knew that it would be hard for her to survive on her own.

However, Stella claimed that she was going to go look for a friend in the countryside, and was very firm in her decision.

“I don’t wish to ever be betrayed again, I just hope I can find my close friend and live there in peace.”

“Well okay, the choice is yours to make”

Since they were never close, Ling Mo didn’t bother to persuade her anymore and just let her go.

However within one second she walked to Ling Mo in front of everyone and kissed Ling Mo on the lips, “Ling Mo, Thank you so much. Although….you have those weird hobbies, but you are still amazing.”

Ling Mo traced his cheeks with his hand in a daze.

Out of foreign courtesy, kissing the cheek would of been enough….

Not only Ling Mo was shocked, but Meng Jia Yu and the others were shocked as well. Even the three female zombies were surprised.

Then Stella looked at Shana and also threw her a kiss.

Oh…revenge…. Ling Mo immediately smiled with some embarrassment, seems like this girl still remembered what Shana had said to her before they had left the elevator.

But this was also a kind of revenge towards Ling Mo, but unfortunately she didn’t know that they were not capable of getting jealous at the moment.

Just as Ling Mo showed a smug smile, he suddenly felt a tight grip on his arm.

When he looked back, he saw Ye Lian’s eyes, “I… I want to kill her…”

“C…calm down…”

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