My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 2 – Crossing the Danger Zone

When the last hint of light at the horizon disappeared, Ling Mo has returned to the residence.

This was a seemingly insignificant small building, in addition to the solid iron door, one was also able to jump from the roof to the building next door, and there were enough open space at the front and back of the building. Plus, this place belonged to the suburbs, in terms of survivors and zombies; their numbers are much less than the ones in the city, which make this place much safer.

Most importantly, this was originally the warehouse of a small furniture factory, filled with low-quality paints and wood flavor, which was able to fully cover Ling Mo’s scent.

Through virus infection, those monsters not only did not lose five senses, but was further enhanced in which they have perfect night vision, incomparable hearing and smelling to those of ordinary people.

Before going to sleep, Ling Mo fed the zombie puppet a piece of rancid meat, kept him outside the iron door, locked the iron door firmly and then went to rest.

Even during his sleep, Ling Mo did not cut his spiritual connection with the zombie, it may be tiring, but on one hand he could train himself, and on the other hand it’s a way of staying alert for himself.

To allow one to get enough rest but also keep the connection with the zombie puppet, it was easier said than done. In fact is actually very difficult. Ling Mo also tried numerous times before grasping the right balance. Now when sleeping, he has always been in a light sleep state, and he could even hear the subtle movement in the surroundings.

But today Ling Mo has yet been able to sleep, a figure kept appearing in his head from time to time…..

After his parents died, the one person he missed the most in this world is her, his crush, but also his childhood friend next door, Ye Lian.

When the disaster broke out, he received the last phone call from her.

“Big brother Lin, run!”

After those 4 short words, there came the burst of “beep” of the busy tone…..

In fact, Ling Mo knew clearly that Ye Lian is probably dead. During the outbreak of the disaster, she was walking toward his residence, looking to make him a decent meal and to help him improve his living condition…

Because of this, there is always a knot in Ling Mo’s mind, whether live or dead, he felt he should find Ye Lian.

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“Tomorrow, I will go find her …..”

After preparing for so long, Ling Mo felt that with the ability to control zombie puppet should allow him to cross the city district.

He had already sketched out the place where she might appear in his mind, not too far away from here, but separated by two residential areas in the middle which were regarded as the most dangerous region.

However, in order to cross as safely as possible, Ling Mo has done enough preparation, everything, and now he just had to wait until tomorrow…..

Early in the morning, Ling Mo opened his eyes, jumped down from a semi-soft bed. Once again after finishing packing his backpack, Ling Mo took a deep breath, walked downstairs.

The zombie puppet under his control had been well behaved by blocking the door; clothes are wet due to the cold air. His look does not show a single trace of tiredness though.

Due to unknown reasons, that sudden outbreak of virus not only turned most living people into monsters, but also enhanced their bodies to be very powerful. However, Ling Mo also noted that because they need to maintain a high intensity physical consumption, they just kept eating instinctively, and food sources are the uninfected survivors.

Clenched the bone knife tightly, Ling Mo opened the iron gate, manipulated the zombie puppet and walk towards the planned route.

Once entered in a residential area, there was an increasing number of wandering zombies. Attracting them through sound would not work, since the environment is too complex, and it would easily endanger himself.

The only way is to pick a route with fewer zombies, and go as quietly as possible.

An average person would face enormous difficulty trying to move in this kind of environment, luckily Ling Mo had a zombie puppet.

With cooperation of the puppet, Ling Mo continuously killed a dozen zombies and got through, he now arrived on a street that was once prosperous.

This place is like the transition zone between suburbs and city, in Ling Mo’s prediction, Ye Lian was at one of the corner when she made the phone call.

Abandoned cars were everywhere; shops were all open along the way, but they were all pitch black.

Other than the bloodstains everywhere, the only things left were the zombies.

Even though Ling Mo killed numerous zombies these days, but it was his first time to see such large number of zombies gathered in one place. Looking through, there are at least dozens in his vision, let alone those hidden in the dark.

Ling Mo intend to observe at a higher place, just as he was walking towards a residential building, there came a scream not far from here.

“Help Ah!”

I did not expect that there are still survivors! Ling Mo quickly controlled the zombie puppet, and carefully moving toward the sound direction.

Outside a residential building, there gathered about a dozen zombies, they are frantically hitting the security door.

Behind the door are two frightened teenagers, on one hand, they were trying to hold the door tightly, and on the other hand, they were desperately screaming for help.

“Idiots….” Ling Mo frowned, nervously looked around him.

Screaming like this would only lead to more zombies, originally Ling Mo wanted to lend them a hand in the best of his ability, but now it seems hastily shot would only harm himself.

Soon enough, some zombies were attracted, they continuously hit the security door, issued a “bang bang” sound and the connection walls began to come to loose.

The two young men looked ashen, let go of much more piercing screams of fear….


With a bang, security doors finally got knocked down, and the two young men’s screams quickly drowned in the waves of zombies…

However, this was an opportunity for Ling Mo, taking advantage of how all zombies got attracted to over there so he could cross this district.

After successfully passing through this dense population of zombies’ area, Ling Mo did not had time to cheer before he realized that the intersection before him were blocked by one bus and a few cars.

During disaster outbreak, there were enough vehicle accidents, not to mention this kind of bus full of passengers. Whether or not the passengers mutated, or frightened by the situation, terrible things could happen.

Looking at the situation, the bus collapsed with the death-defying fleeing cars and incurred a chain of collision, in which its entire shape were deformed.

He just have no idea what happened to the passengers inside, perhaps trapped and died, or probably all turned into zombies…

Ling Mo wanted to go around, but he suddenly thought of something after staring at the bus.

Ye Lian seemed to have always taken the bus whenever she comes…… As soon as the thought came out, Ling Mo sees the bus differently.

He felt a sudden strong beating of his heart, both looked forward to, but also with some fear.

There are great possibilities that Ye Lian was on this bus, if she did not get out in time, she should still be on there.

Although he felt well prepared, but Ling Mo still a little panicking when its time to really face it.

Should it be decomposed body, or left with nothing, or….

After letting out a long breath, Ling Mo controlled the zombie puppet and climbed on the deformed bus head.

The feeling is wonderful when it comes to controlling the zombie puppet, it was like having his own shadow clone. Through the spiritual connection between the puppet, not only could he control the movements, but also receive feedback from the puppet’s facial expressions.

But in between Ling Mo and the zombie puppet, he could feel that there was still a layer or barrier which unable him to fully control the puppet.

From Ling Mo’s perspective, the ultimate state of mastering the control of zombie puppets would be like fusing with the puppet…

Although it feels weird, Ling Mo is still looking forward to that kind of state.

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