My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 200

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 200 – Egg Hurts? Just Wrap It

“Big brother is back!”

At the entrance of the survivor base, Ou Yang Lien stood behind the gate peering at the small highway through the entrance.

When the two cars stopped at the entrance, Ouyang Lian immediately yelled excitedly.

A survivor quickly opened the gate entrance to let the car come in.

“Big Brother!”

Ling Mo had just gotten out of the car when Ou Yang Lien jumped on him.

Ling Mo rubbed her cheeks and smiled, “Did you miss me Lien Lien?”

Meng Jia Yu looked jealous and tapped Ou Yang Lien’s head before saying, “Wasn’t this type of treatment usually for me?”

The survivors in the base who were all working had all come out and started asking how the mission had gone.

When they found out that Guo Chao had died, they all went silent and became stiff.

But they quickly restored their complexions, death was very common thing that occured now….

The canned foods, ammunition, and weapons in the car were put in a box and removed from the car.

Chang Hao Tu had completely recovered and looked even stronger than he used to be, he was able to carry things that usually required two people now.

However it was unknown whether this was temporarily or permanent. After all Ling Mo also had a way to increase his strength but taking in a bit of the virus but the effects were only temporarily.

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Either way it was a lucky thing that he could escape alive.

Old Wang took the chance when Ling Mo wasn’t paying attention to move another box of canned food inside Ling Mo’s vehicle.

Everyone smiled at each other when they saw him do this.

Meng Jia Yu still had a lot of things to take care of.

Ling Mo and his group went back into their room, he needed to clean himself as well as take care of his shoulder.

202 was planning to go and help him change the wrapping of his wound on his shoulder but Ling Mo refused.

How could he allow another male stay beside him while he was taking a shower? He would rather enjoy the help of six little hands….


When Ye Lian tried to help him take off his shirt, Ling Mo could not help but inhale cold air.

There was too much blood, the shirt had already stuck to his bandages, so when he tried to take off his shirt, it had also pulled at his wound.

Ye Lian frowned, “Why does it take so long for you to recover?”

Shana smiled, “It’s because he’s human.”

“Stop being a racist….Ouch!”

Ye Lian had taken off the bandage when Shana was talking to him.

She was very fast and precise. But the pain still made Ling Mo clench his fists.

Li Ya Ling stood far away, those evil eyes of hers were staring at his wound, her pupils had turned slightly red.

She had a deep connection with Ling Mo now, so she was able to control herself.

Ye Lian and Shana were also very close, their eyes had changed colors as well.

This feeling is really a bit strange…

After cleaning the wound, Ye Lian and Shana reluctantly wrapped the wound.

Shana licked the blood that was on her fingers and nodded with satisfaction, “Sister Ye Lian, you should also try some.”

“Hey! Don’t treat me as food.”

Ling Mo could shower with one hand obviously, but it’s a lot better if the three female zombies could help him.

It would feel so wonderful having their cold delicate hands wiping his whole body with a towel.

He leaned on the wall, closed his eyes, and began thinking about how he should help them become stronger.

When they were affected by Zhao Zhi’s abilities, causing their blood to boil and making them lose their physical strength, the virus hive in their bodies automatically responded by speeding up the virus production and helping them recover much faster.

But during that process, their spirit waves became very fierce.

Ling Mo thought maybe he could make the virus hive much more active if he could stimulate their their spiritual activity.

Obviously there is always another way, he could also just let them get hurt.

Non-fatal harm could help activate the virus hive within their bodies and also increase their evolving speed.

So after zombies have reached the advanced level, they would still need to keep to fighting and eating gels in order to evolve to the next level.

Li Ya Ling’s way of reaching her rank now was actually doing this process.

Those two zombies in X City slowed down in their progress of evolving due to not wishing to attack each other.

Advanced zombies have much bigger differences, Ling Mo thinks there should probably be quite a lot of advanced zombies out there right now, but the zombie leaders would be a rare sight.

Fighting and getting wounded would be the things advanced zombies faced all the time.

The amount of zombies that could evolve the virus into a virus hive and also live until the end was very low.

In fact, if Ling Mo didn’t bother making any effort in helping Ye Lian evolve, he believes that she would slowly eventually turn in a zombie leader.

But Shana’s situation was a bit special, and Li Ya Ling had taken a different path, normal zombie methods might now work on them….

“Oh my egg hurts.(TL: Chinese slang for pain in the ass.)”

Ling Mo could not help but sigh and whispered to himself.

Ye Lian suddenly became stunned, then she raised her head and looked at Shana and Li Ya Ling.

The three female zombies glanced at each other before all of them looked at Ling Mo’s private part.

“The egg hurts…..Brother Ling said egg….means this part….”

Ye Lian hesitantly reached out and said, “Wrap it….”

The next second, Ling Mo suddenly became stunned and instantly woke up from his meditation and screamed “AHHHH!!!!”

“Is that big brother yelling?”

Ou Yang Lien, who was running downstairs, stopped her footsteps and looked up at the window.

She wrinkled her nose and thought about it. She was about to walk away, but she then noticed 202 squatting by the stairs.

Ou Yang Lien walked over and smiled, “What are you doing psychotic brother?”

202 jumped up immediately, quickly dodging to one side and said, “Stop, I’m not a lolicon, I don’t like little girls. Moreover the matters that i handle you wouldn’t be able to understand. It’s such a pleasant thing to observe monsters….From the yelling, you could tell that Big Brother is suffering yet he is also enjoying it….”

“CCCHH…..” Ou Yang Lien didn’t seem to understand it, she looked at 202 with despise and walked away, “Crazy pervert, always peeping at others.”

“Not peeping, just listening…”

After half an hour later, Ling Mo was finally able to force himself back to his bed.

The recent experience opened his mind to some more knowledge.

After a short break, Ling Mo gave the snake poison to Li Ya Ling.

Currently, Li Ya Ling’s evolution is apparently also fused with some of the mutant creature’s features, although Ling Mo was afraid of the changes that might occur, Li Ya Ling seemed eager to try it out.

Mutation doesn’t happen within a day or two, even if she did show signs that she was going to mutate, Ling Mo and other could quickly run away from here.

Ling Mo believes since Li Ya Ling was an advanced zombie, the virus in her body could probably absorb the snake poison.

After all there was only half a bottle of snake poison left, it shouldn’t be a problem for her.

What Ling Mo was really worried about was whether or not she would change the shape of her body after absorbing more of the mutant creatures’ virus.

Li Ya Ling absorbed the poison and after a bit of struggling, she curled up in the corner shivering and closed her eyes.

Ling Mo also felt that he had gotten affected too, but at the same time the effect on him was very weak.

There’s no point in being worried, he could only wait for the results.

After recovering for a bit, Ling Mo called Shana to come to the bed and gave Ye Lian a big piece of gel, letting her swallow it and then made her guard them.

“Sit down.”

Ling Mo stared at Shana, lifted an arm and put it on her head.

Shana’s evolution was more related towards spirit. In terms of stamina or strength, she was weaker than Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian, but she had the strongest recovery in intelligence.

However this didn’t affect her overall strength since she could use her sword skills to cover her weaknesses.

A zombie with the with intelligence and martial arts. Under this combination, Shana’s strength has become more and more powerful.

However her stamina and physical strength was insufficient. These were problems.

Ling Mo feels that this method of his, may show better results on Shana.

She was much more intelligent and she could be more cooperative.

If this method of his works on her, he would know what to do for Ye Lian.

He just wasn’t sure what Shana would be like after she upgrades.

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