My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 201 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 201 Part 2 – The Most Important Step

It was unknown for how long Ling Mo slept, he slowly woke up after a while.

In a confused state, he felt a cold lip sticking to his cheek and then slowly sliding over.

A tongue began licking him and made his dry lips start to feel a bit better.


His throat felt as if it was on fire, Ling Mo could hardly wait to suck that little tongue into his mouth.

Sweet saliva started to flow into his mouth, down into his throat and circulated throughout his body.

A heat rose from within the stomach and then circulated around the body. Ling Mo could finally feel his limbs again.


Ling Mo opened his eyes a little bit. Li Ya Ling’s clear cut facial features were right in front of his face, the red eyes were staring at him.

“Taking advantage of me while I was sleeping to kiss me?”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but reach out with his hands and spank her buttocks, and then embrace her with his arms.

Looking at Li Ya Ling’s eyes, it seems that she has not completely broken through, but after looking at her for a little longer, Ling Mo noticed that her spirit fluctuations were much stronger and sharper, and her eyes seemed to contain a certain desire.

Based on his feelings, he guessed that it had probably past a day already, Ye Lian and Shana weren’t in the house.

Li Ya Ling was wrapped around Ling Mo’s body as if she was a beautiful snake, Ling Mo also started to feel the heat gathering in his stomach again.

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“Cough…Cough…Senior Sister, what do you want to do…”

“Almost….just almost….”

Li Ya Ling’s arms flexibly wrapped around Ling Mo’s neck, she used her cheeks to rub around his neck.

Almost? What does that mean? Did she almost break through?

Ling Mo stared at Li Ya Ling’s eyes and looked inside them, at the edge of her pupils there seemed to be a color of amber on both eyes.

But this amber color was not very clear, and Ling Mo was still a bit dizzy…

“Almost is just too bad, but Senior Sister, you still have to let me go…”


Just as Ling Mo supported his body to sit up, Li Ya Ling once again pushed him back down and his pants were tore open.


Li Ya Ling didn’t take heed to Ling Mo’s resistance, she just kissed Ling Mo again and at the same time leaned on to Ling Mo’s body.

Although her body was really cold, Ling Mo could feel that the blood in her bloody had become extremely heated!

Is it because the snake venom is still in effect? Maybe she can’t fully rely on herself to stimulate the virus hive.

That’s right, how could it possible be that easy to reach the zombie leader level…

Ling Mo’s mind was in a complete mess while he was thinking, and during that time Li Ya Ling had already taken off her clothes.

He didn’t expect to get raped the moment he woke up and he was unsure where Ye Lian and Shana had gone to.

He had wanted to use the spirit connection to ask for help from those two, but those two rascals may not want to save him. Not to make matters worse, but he was also staying in someone else’s base, if something embarrassing were to happen he would probably want to run his head to the wall.

“Senior Sister, is seems that your ability to learn is still very strong…”

Ling Mo was stunned and watched as Li Ya Ling took out a roll of plastic wrap…

“No no no….don’t use that anymore…” Ling Mo then pointed towards the backpack and said, “The divine tool is in there.”

Before when they were in the mall, he had quietly stuffed a box of the “Divine Tools” into his backpack.

In fact, in the general supermarket, this thing was extremely difficult to find. It was either flattened, or crushed under a lot of goods, or simply in the middle of a pile of rotten meat.

Of course if he washed it, it could probably still be used, but to be honest, it would put a lot of psychological pressure on him and he hadn’t reached to that level yet where he was desperate.

This box that was found in the shopping center was accidently stepped on…

The first one was taken out but because Li Ya Ling had used too much strength, she tore it.

“Peng!” tore up…..

“Ow! It hit me!”

Another one was broken….

Ling Mo tried to get up and help, however, Li Ya Ling wouldn’t allow that to happen since she was afraid he’d run away, allowing to hopelessly see that the box had only one last remaining divine tool left!

“My divine tools…..”

Fortunately she didn’t break the last one, and Li Ya Ling quickly leaned on his body.

Li Ya Ling was now in a complete state of excitement, her controlling herself from eating Ling Mo was already quite good news.

However, the more urgent she became, the harder it was to find a way to fulfill her desire.

Seeing that she was getting more and more anxious and her eyes were getting more redder, Ling Mo could only move himself slightly.

“Since it’s you who wanted to rape me…then you should put more work into!”

But just like Ling Mo’s previous guess, her hymen had completely healed, but for some reason it didn’t bleed this time.

This totally surpassed Ling Mo’s imagination, he quickly took a closer look and noticed that he had actually not broken it a second time.

Rather, she could automatically expand it, just like a snake’s mouth…

This ability was just too awesome!

Since she wasn’t going to bleed, Ling Mo quickly tore off the sacred item and released his little buddy.

“Holy shit, it really feels like a snake…”

Li Ya Ling’s body was just too soft, it was hard to imagine her having such strong strength and being able to move her body like that.

Although Ling Mo wasn’t too happy about being raped, but the feeling of this body was….just too wonderful!

Li Ya Ling’s body seemed to be really sensitive, every time she reached an orgasm, her spirit fluctuations would boost and stimulate the virus hive, generating more virus to fuse with the snake venom.

Ling Mo could see the amber colors in her eyes becoming more and more clearer.

Sure enough, it really was almost…..Senior sister just needed some external stimulation to help her break through, both body and spirit stimulation was naturally the best way!

In short the best way was PA!PA!PA!(TL: Sex)

This was the most important step!

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