My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 202

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 202 – Stuck in the Bathroom

Of course it wasn’t always possible to rely it on PA!PA!PA!, Ling Mo would be too exhausted.

However, at the critical moment of breaking through, PA!PA!PA! can indeed be extremely effective.

At least it was for Li Ya Ling…

When her body tightened, Ling Mo would also tremble.

Her eyes closed violently, and when it was opened again, the amber color was very clear!

Not only that, the red color in the whites of her eyes had started to gather in the middle of the pupil.

This process wasn’t fast, but Ling Mo was excited to see this.

When whites of her eyes has completely recovered their original color, it meant that Li Ya Ling had completely broken through to the zombie leader level.

The face was still the same, clear cut like a beautiful and sexy mix. But the vibe she gave was very different.

Cool and charming, like a real beautiful snake. Her eyes had a circle of amber color at the edges of the pupil making it look cold and sharp.

What shocked Ling Mo was her movements. Her upper body was pressed against Ling Mo, and her hips were raised high.

This sexy movement was too similar to a snake…..

Zombie Leader….She really became a zombie leader level now!

Although her transformation to a zombie leader seemed a bit weird….The biggest difference between Li Ya Ling and Half-moon was that the amber color in the eyes was too obvious, and the more Ling Mo looked at it, the more she resembled to a mutant creature.

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Did a high level mutant creature eyes look like this?

As Li Ya Ling took a deep breath, she seemed to become a lot more calmer.

Fortunately other than her skin becoming even more delicate, nothing else changed.

However Ling Mo felt that his body had changed, after all he had absorbed a decent amount of orgasm juice…

His physical strength had basically recovered and his spiritual power had received a boost. When Ling Mo pulled Li Ya Ling to the bathroom, he noticed that his body felt much lighter than before.

The effects of the virus…

For zombies, the virus was the root cause of their changes, and also their source of power.

Even if Li Ya Ling has transformed into a zombie leader, she still can’t rely on the virus hive within her body to provide herself with enough of the virus.

She would still need to consume a bit of the virus somehow in order for her virus hive to keep generating the virus, sort of like doing a maintenance, which could also be used to supply energy that was lost.

As Ling Mo finished wiping himself and Li Ya Ling with a towel, Li Ya Ling suddenly looked out.

“Somebody’s coming…”

Just as her voice fell, a person knocked on the door, a crisp girl voiced, “Big Brother!”

“Oh Fuck!”

The towel on Ling Mo’s hand immediately dropped to the ground. Li Ya Ling and his clothes were all on the bed.

“Big brother!”

“What is it….” Just as he was about to open the bathroom door and tell Ou Yang Lien to wait for a bit, he heard the sound of the room door opening.

“Come…come in.”

It’s Ye Lian’s voice.

Ling Mo quickly shut the bathroom door.

It sounded like a lot of other people also came inside the room….

“Wheres big brother?” Meng Jia Yu asked with a bit of uncertainty.

Ling Mo opened a little gap from the bathroom door and saw Meng Jia Yu holding onto a bunch of clean clothes that were probably meant for him to change into.

Ye Lian and Shana were each carrying a small piece of bacon, they weren’t here before so they probably went out to go get this.

And it seems that one of the pieces has already been cut, meaning the probability of these two gluttonous female zombies tasting the meat was pretty high.

Although it wasn’t necessary for them to eat, they still crave for meat. They aren’t allowed to eat human flesh or raw meat, but bacon should fine…..

Meat was actually also a source of power, although it wasn’t as good as the gels….

Ou Yang Lian headed towards the bathroom and looked around, “Did big brother’s injury get any better?”

Ling Mo suddenly recalled that he was wounded on his shoulder..

When he pressed on it, it still hurts a little bit, but seemed to be much better than before.

When he was having sex with Li Ya Ling, his body absorbed a lot of orgasm from Li Ya Ling, his wound had also become a bit heated.

Did this mean that Li Ya Ling’s orgasm juice had the same effects as the spider queen’s virus? It would be awesome if that were true.

If not, he could always just take some medicine and heal the normal, so there wasn’t really much to worry about.

Seeing Ou Yang Lian coming closer to the bathroom door, Ling Mo started to panic, but the little girl wouldn’t open the door for no reason.

Meng Jia Yu asked, “Huh? Big brother’s clothes….and also sister-in-law’s clothes, why are they here?” Meng Jia Yu had some doubts. She even reached out and touched the blankets, “It’s still warm.”

Cousin….You didn’t need to be so thorough.

Li Ya Ling leaned onto Ling Mo and asked, “Why aren’t we going out?”

“Because we’re naked, and also because of your eyes…. You need to hurry and restore them back to your normal state Senior Sister.”

Li Ya Ling said, “Okay”, but as she went to pick up the towel, she accidentally bumped into a bucket.

Although the bucket didn’t knock over, it still made a soft “dang” sound.

Everyone in the room looked over at the bathroom door.

When he made eye contact with Ye Lian and Shana, Ling Mo realized that they already knew he was there.

This is good news, but why haven’t they lead Meng Jia Yu and Ou Yang Lien out yet!

“Big brother!”

Ou Yang Lian ran to the bathroom door and started knocking, Ling Mo could only say, “um….big brother is…”

Shana finally remembered to help Ling Mo and said really loud, “He’s peeing.”

Ling Mo had the urge to slam his head on the wall, but at least this was better than saying he was taking a dump.

Meng Jia Yu quickly said, “Ah, okay big brother, take your time.”

But out of everyone’s expectations, Li Ya Ling’s voice also came out from the bathroom and said, “I’m peeing inside too!”

“This explanation isn’t needed!”

If there was a place Ling Mo could hide, he would.

Ou Yang Lien was too little so she didn’t have any reactions but Meng Jia Yu did, she blushed hard.

The sound from before seemed to be someone bumping into a bucket….Are they have a couple’s bath?

“The washed clothes I’ll put over here, Lien Lien let’s go downstairs. Um…sister-in-law, tell him to come downstairs and eat later, it’s good for you to eat something after just waking up, we cooked soup tonight.”

Meng Jia Yu quickly grabbed Ou Yang Lien away as if they were trying to escape, when she went downstairs, her cheeks were still hot, her heart was beating fast.

She bumped into 202 downstairs, he looked at her with curiosity, and then looked at the stairs before asking, “Did you find out about something?”

“Nope! Nothing!” Meng Jia Yu started to picture some weird things, she quickly shook her head and led Ou Yang Lien away.

Although meeting this kind of situation made her feel embarrassed, but what really made her feel ashamed was the fact that she kept imagining what had gone on in the bathroom.

202 stared at her as she escaped, and then looked towards the stairway thinking, “You obviously have the chance to approach those monsters….No, brother Ling’s room, but you don’t even bother peeping…”

Ling Mo and Li Ya Ling came out of the bathroom, he was going to wear his clothes, but he couldn’t help but look at Shana.

“Shana, you…”

Just as Ling Mo started to talk, Shana’s eyes started to have some changes.

First, a red dot appeared in the middle of the pupil, and then slowly spread. Until her entire pupil turned red, just the white part didn’t change.

Being stared at by these eyes, Ling Mo actually had a feeling of guilt in an instant. If it wasn’t because he had recovered his spirit powers, he probably would have been stupefied.

“This is….”When Shana recovered and pulled herself together, Ling Mo jumped over and held Shana, “Leader level!”

Shana smiled, for some reason Shana seemed a bit different now.

When her eyes changed, Ling Mo felt as if he saw the previous Shana when they had first met.

Strong, serious, and had a proud smile….

“Shana has completely upgraded?”

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