My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 203

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 203 – The Layer That Needs To Be Broken

“No…almost…it feels like I’m missing something….”

Shana’s eyes went back to normal, but it’s still a bit red, and if you look at it a bit longer, it looks as if she spaced out…

This might be side effect…..

But what was the “almost” that Shana was referring to?

Could it be….Ling Mo thought about how Li Ya Ling evolved.

But Shana immediately gave Ling Mo a faint smile and shook her head, “No, I’m feeling that there’s a layer that needs to be broken into in my mind…”

A layer? Ling Mo couldn’t help but look down at her private part and quickly shook his head removing that idea from his brain.

Did Li Ya Ling give him a bad influence? Maybe, she did always try to touch him from time to time, she even raped him…..

Thinking to this point, Ling Mo looked at Li Ya Ling, but became attracted immediately by her outstanding buttocks.

Ling Mo quickly asked, “Do you think I can break that layer with my spirit tentacles?”

Shana nervously looked at Ling Mo and said, “No, not that place…If you go any deeper….”

She wanted to say something but then stopped, Ling Mo somehow knew what she meant.

If Ling Mo did that, not only would Shana get hurt in the process, but Ling Mo himself would also get hurt as well.

Spiritual things were always complicated. One wrong move might turn you into a complete retard.

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This was a risk that he couldn’t take.

But after this experiment, Shana is very close to becoming a zombie leader in terms of spirit.

The feeling she gave people was similar to the feeling that Half-moon gave to him.

Now that I think about it, Half-moon at that time hadn’t evolved into a zombie leader level yet, she was most likely almost there, there weren’t any layers broken at that time from what he could tell.

No matter what, Shana had increased her power by a lot.

Just those eyes of hers could bring about a spiritual impact.

Her eyes could confuse her enemies, and not to mention her fighting skills were already incredible….

But on the other hand, Shana didn’t increase a lot of her physical power.

Ling Mo only had a limited amount of knowledge towards the virus, so far he only knew that the gel that was inside the zombie would eventually evolve into a virus hive, but it was uncertain to say how the virus affected the zombie.

Maybe someone will figure that out eventually in the future. There might still be some institutes that haven’t been completely destroyed yet that had the ability to find out.

As long as the human race hasn’t been completely destroyed, they will find out eventually. But the process of obtaining this knowledge would be very long.

Ling Mo nodded with satisfaction and said, “No worries, at least you’re stronger spiritually. We’ll find a way to get rid of that layer. Let’s take it slow for now.”

From Ling Mo’s perspective, the zombie leader level was the real starting point of zombie evolution.

This step was naturally difficult to take. Li Ya Ling could take this step by breaking through using “PA!PA!PA!”, but as for Shana her situation was different and had to done in a different way.

And to what level they could reach in the future, it’s still unclear.

Who knows maybe in the distant future, Shana’s flaws would be made up and she would become a really strong zombie.

This point in regards to Li Ya Ling also applies.

For example, the poison monster, the spider queen, when it came to facing human weapons, they were still very vulnerable.

The poison monster got killed by a gun, the spider queen got minced to pieces by a fan….

They were all good at individual fights, but from the information they got from the military base, there were still some organizations that were fighting after the apocalypse happened, otherwise they wouldn’t have the time to send out messages.

The zombies are getting stronger, and human are fighting hard to survive, no one knows what kinds of creatures would be produced from under the billions of zombies.

The road to evolution was extremely long….

At least his hard work has paid off.

After helping Shana get rid of the layer, he can then start to help Ye Lian.

Perhap having the experience of breaking through twice can help him find a way to evolve Ye Lian.

Ling Mo believes that out of three girls, Ye Lian had the most balanced evolution so far, she might eventually become the one with the most strongest combat power after evolving.

Ling Mo also could feel that had benefited from Li Ya Ling and Shana’s evolution and had gotten much stronger in the process.

He had improved his speed and agility, increasing his chances of escaping a dangerous moment, his spirit power had also take a great leap.

However, because he had overdrawn his spirit power, before he actually fully recovers, it’s still hard to say how much power he had gained from their evolution. But in short, it is still quite worth looking forward to.

Just as Ling Mo excitedly grabbed Shana’s arm, Ye Lian walked over and whispered, “Brother Ling, are you planning on not wearing your clothes?”

“Cough..Cough…Of course I am… And you snake beauty, come over here and put on your clothes also!”

Ling Mo grabbed Li Ya Ling, although her body has become more and more sexy, but it wasn’t a good idea to walk around naked.

Before he wore his clothes, Ling Mo checked on his wound, it didn’t get infected, but it also didn’t recover fully as well.

However Li Ya Ling’s juice did have some effects on him, probably because the virus in her body had also mutated.

After thinking about it for a while, Ling Mo decided to pour out some of the virus drug he had obtained in the lab onto the wound. He immediately felt a sudden feeling of soreness and numbness.

The virus drug was actually a diluted version of the virus, if he used a lot at once, he might get infected.

So he didn’t use that much, he just only dipped a tiny bit of it. A cool breeze flowed through all over his body.

“Wow, this is too refreshing…”

It was so refreshing that it couldn’t even compare to smoking a cigar!

Ling Mo felt his wound start to wriggle, even when he put his hand over it, he could still feel it.

If it could really heal his wound, then his shoulder might be able to recover pretty fast.

By the time it reached dinner, Ling Mo’s arm was able to move freely, but if he were to use the tang knife it would still be a bit tough, but a regular knife would be okay.

“If I could control the spider queen, wouldn’t she be sort of like a moving medical tool box?”

But when he thought of her appearance, Ling Mo immediately shook his head.

Nevermind, I wouldn’t dare meet anyone if I took her with me.

The first floors living room had been turned into a dining room. A long desk was put in the middle with two rows of stool all around the sides and all kinds of food were placed on the desk.

The number of green vegetables was relatively large. According to one survivor, they ventured into the nearby fields. Unattended for a long time, these have long become real wild vegetables.

In addition, there was a big pot of stewed meat, the smell of cooked meat filled the room, Ling Mo’s mouth had begun to water.

After evolving, Li Ya Ling had the ability to control herself more, even though she was still pretty cold to other people, but at least now she didn’t have to avoid them like the plague. Meng Jia Yu was sitting on the head seat, when she saw Ling Mo, she blushed.

But under the watchful eyes of the survivors, she still walked over to Ling Mo and said, “Brother, come here and sit.”

“Um…This..why don’t you sit there?”

Meng Jia Yu was the new leader here, she had the ability to back it up, not to mention she was nice, so she did deserve to be the new leader.

And being Ling Mo’s cousin also increased her prestige.

Seeing that Meng Jia Yu insisted on giving Ling Mo that seat, some survivors started to joke around, “Why not just sit together!”

“Don’t you see the sister-in-laws are also all here!”

Meng Jia Yu’s face is completely red, she pushed Ling Mo onto the seat and said, “Today you are still here with us, so you will sit here!”

Laughter and claps came out, Ling Mo could only reluctantly accept this gesture and sit on the head seat.

The three girls seats were also arranged besides Ling Mo, you could tell that they were all very nice towards Ling Mo.

“Let me say something.” Meng Jia Yu raised her wine cup, the rice wine here was actually pretty good. “It’s not easy for us to have survived till today. We probably might need to stay here for a long time. The good thing is that we now have a way to supply ourselves, we have enough food to make it till next year or even the harvest season for next year, either way our production rate in the beginning won’t be a lot….”

“Hahahaha” Someone laughed, everyone here came from the city, so obviously nobody knew the correct way to grow crops.

The output of their production rate would be incredibly low for their first season…but this was also part of the process.

Ling Mo smiled as well, he thought that this cousin of his was pretty good at keeping a friendly atmosphere.

“But most importantly we should thank my cousin and his sister-in-laws, without them, most of us would have already been killed, even if we had reached here by ourselves, we probably wouldn’t have been able to make it. So thank you brother and sister-in-laws!”

Meng Jia Yu turned to Ling Mo and toasted her wine cup to him before drinking it all.

Ling Mo didn’t dare let the girl zombie’s drink any wine, since he had a bad experience previously. So he only allowed them to drink water. Unlike them, Ling Mo had a full cup of wine.

“Thanks cousin, and thank you everyone. I just want to say, I hope everyone will be able to stay alive until the end.”

Ling Mo toasted and then drank all the contents within his cup.

The sweet wine slid into his throat and Ling Mo could not help but shake.

Everyone was looking at him, “Staying alive till the end” sounded easy, but to most of the survivors, it meant a lot to them.

Everyone shouted, “Live until the end!”

They all stood up and made a toast to Ling Mo!

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