My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 204 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 204 Part 1 – You are a Pervert

The next day, right before dawn, Ling Mo woke up.

He quickly grabbed the backpack he usually wore and took the three girls and left the room.

Everyone had drank a lot the previous night, most of the survivors were probably still asleep.

When he came to a certain room, Ling Mo stopped and slowly opened the door before walking in.

Ou Yang Lien was curled up in a corner of the bed, sleeping soundly, with her little mouth slightly open.

Her little hand was outside of the quilt, her delicate little fingers were slightly bent making people unable to help themselves from resisting to pinch it.

Ling Mo looked at her by the bedside and kissed her on the check and whispered, “Quickly grow up.”

After that he covered her with the blanket properly and then left.

But as Ling Mo walked out of the room, Ou Yang Lien opened her eyes.

She touched the spot on her cheek where Ling Mo had kissed her and her eyes began to turn red.

In order not to make any sounds while crying, she pulled head under the blankets and covered her head…

After coming downstairs, Ye Lian and the other two girls have already gotten inside the car.

Ling Mo looked around and noticed that there wasn’t anyone on guard last night.

Even though he was a bit surprised, he still opened the door and checked the car.

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Both fuel tanks were completely full, and it seems that the car had just been washed recently making it look extremely clean.

Just as he opened the trunk of the car, his complexion immediately turned extremely ugly, it was as if he had saw a ghost.

His first reaction upon opening the trunk of the car was to slam it shut, but he stopped himself from making such an impulsive move and took a closer look inside.

A skinny teenager was curled up between the bags, that teenager was 202…..

He looked up at Ling Mo and smiled, “Hehehe…Big brother, hello….”

Ling Mo answered, “Get out.”

Ling Mo had originally thought he would be able to leave without anyone finding out, but who knew that this kid would purposely hide in the trunk in case he left without letting anyone know.

Fortunately Ling Mo had checked the contents of the car before leaving, otherwise he might have accidentally taken him along with him.

“Big brother don’t be like this! After so many days of close observation, I still believe that you are the biggest monster. I want to stay by your side and establish a great friendship with you…And then…”

202 climbed out of the trunk, stared at Ling Mo while rubbing his hands.

It was unknown how long he had stayed in there waiting for Ling Mo, his body had become very stiff.

Just as Ling Mo was about to curse at him, he suddenly came up with an idea.

Ling Mo asked with a low voice, “Do you really wish to know what is my superpower?”

202 excitedly nodded.

Ling Mo replied with a very serious tone, “If your able to stay here and protect the survivors living in this base and also help them develop, I will tell you what my superpower is the next time we meet.”

This really wasn’t actually tricking 202, if he really stayed behind to give protection to everyone, it was actually fine for Ling Mo to tell him what his superpower really was.

Either way, it was just one word “Puppeting”. As for whether if 202 could really find out what that ability could do, that wasn’t really his problem to tell him.

On the other hand, 202 was actually really powerful, he could have been a lot more powerful if he wasn’t a bit mental in the head.

Ling Mo would feel much better if he stayed behind and helped the survivors. Even though he did have some mental issues, but he was still quite reliable, especially when he went into battle, he was the type that wasn’t afraid of dying.

Normal people wouldn’t usually say yes to this deal, but 202 considered for a while before nodding and saying. “Okay! Let’s shake on it!”

This unexpected response made Ling Mo extremely curious and he couldn’t help but ask, “How are you so sure that I will come back?”

“That’s an obvious answer, it’s because your a perverted lolicon! Who knows you might also be a perverted cousin-con! 202 didn’t hesitate to add, “As for me, I have already transcended and became a Ling Mo-con!”

“Fuck your mother(TL: TA MA DA! Aka fuck your mother or fuck you)! Your the fucking pervert, Stay the fuck away from me!”

As the SUV slowly passed the cement bridge, a figure appeared on the balcony of the second floor.

At the moment when the SUV turned, Meng Jia Yu vaguely felt that Ling Mo had turned to look at her in her direction, and their eyes made contact with each other.

This made Meng Jia Yu unable to stop herself from becoming absent-minded, by the time she was able to recover herself, the SUV had already driven away from her line of sight.

“Take care of yourself.”

Meng Jia Yu sniffed and whispered in a low voice.

Ye Lian who was sitting on the passenger’s seat looking outside, asked, “Are we….going back to X City?”

Ling Mo nodded his head and said, “Yes we are are going there, the S city and R city should both be in a similar situation as X city, but the difference both of them are relatively smaller cities and have less population, there would be no point in going to any of those cities since their population is too small.

Shana leaned forward from her seat and asked, “Brother Ling, did you want help to help Chang Teng go look for his son?”

“Ehhh….” Ling Mo thought for a while before saying, “Only if it is convenient for us.”

“I think you will decide to go, because you are a man of your word.”, Shana suddenly said.

Ling Mo’s heart pounded and moved, he stared at the rear view mirror.

The Shana that was in the mirror seemed very quiet, but Ling Mo could not help but think that he could see a bit of the previous Shana now.

However, her current state right now was unstable, the reason probably due to her not completely evolving.

To be Continued…..

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