My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 204 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 204 Part 2 – You are a Pervert

The SUV raised its speed and in a short amount of time they reached High New District.

Scattered zombies could be seen everywhere on the wide road. When they saw the SUV driving past them, they all immediately ran towards the car in a frenzy.

Ling Mo accelerated and increased the throttle in order to outrun the zombies, if the ordinary zombies got entangled with the car they would slow them down, giving the chance for the other zombies around them to come to them as well, making the situation very troublesome.

However, when they were close to the Hundred Flower District, Ling Mo hesitated a little before taking a different route.

Although they had defeated a numerous amount of zombies before they had left the city, the corpses that were left there would have attracted a large amount of zombies from other places. Heading over there would just be asking for trouble.

As a provincial city, and also the largest city in the west, the scope of X City was quite large, making the roads pretty well connected to each other.

Ling Mo drove along the big roads for about ten minutes before finally stopping by an alley.

Tons of cars were blocking the way, so his only option was to park the car here temporarily.

As Ling Mo’s vehicle stopped, a sound of a crash came from behind them.

Some of the zombies that had been chasing them from behind, had finally caught up to them. They started pounding the car with their fists, a zombie jumped directly to the rear window, desperately slamming the window.

But this car was a SUV, the car windows weren’t that easily broken into, and just as a zombie was in the middle of pounding hard on the windows, the car door suddenly opened up a gap, and then “Bang” the zombie was smashed away.

A tall figure followed and jumped off the car. At this time, the zombie has crawled up from the ground, it’s nose was bleeding and it was also spurting out blood.

“Hmph”, snorted the figure, this gesture made the zombie stare for a second, but within that second, a cold light had passed through its neck.

Blood started to spray out, Li Ya Ling kicked the zombie away and looked at at the other two zombies, her pupils had turned red, and the amber color was becoming more obvious.

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The dignity of a zombie leader, made them fearful of moving forward.

But Ling Mo, who had just jumped out of the car had caught their attention.

Not only did he get the attention of the two other zombies, but he had also gotten the attention of the rest of the twenty zombies on the street, making them all quickly rush over.

His spirit tentacles rolled out of and instantly all the zombies became stupefied.

Simultaneously taking over twenty zombies in mere moments displayed Ling Mo’s increase in his spiritual power after upgrading himself.

And his power didn’t end there, he was also able to control all of them all at the same time/

However, Ye Lian and the other girls weren’t too happy about it since they had wanted to use this as an excuse to exercise, Ling Mo could only walk towards the trunk after disrupting the zombies.

At this time, Li Ya Ling moved, her movements were just like a snake, she slid so fast between the two zombies.

They had not taken more than two steps before falling to ground suddenly with blood flowing out of their bodies.

The attack speed was so fast that they couldn’t see how she attacked at all, the speed was terrifying!

Ye Lian also opened the car door and jumped off, although she was still an advanced zombie, but she wasn’t that far from becoming a zombie leader.

Agilely rushing into the zombie crowd, Ye Lian easily destroyed some of the zombies with her tiger claws in addition with her unique superior jumping ability.

Every time a blade of light flashed out, at least one zombie died. Ye Lian belonged to the more balanced type zombie which could said that she was an advanced zombie in the traditional sense.

However, each zombie had a subtle difference between them, Ye Lian had a light body, giving her a superior jumping ability, in addition to a fast reaction speed during close combat.

She could quickly retreat far away in a matter of seconds, and even jump high after taking a step from the same place, the zombies couldn’t even touch her clothes.

When the spiritual(mental) disturbance lost its effect, the remaining ten zombies resumed in rushing towards them. However, Shana had already moved in front of them blocking their way.

The eyes of the zombies that had lost their colors during the spiritual disturbance quickly gained a different type of color that seemed confusing, zombies usually followed their instincts as part of their behaviors, so they did not assume that they were still affected.

They all ran towards Shana as if they saw some sort of illusion.

At the same time, the scythe in the hands of Shana was raised high, and the crescent-shaped blade suddenly slashed across.


Under the slash of Shana’s scythe, the sky started to rain blood, and several corpses fell to the ground.

The remaining zombies seemed to have completely awoken from their illusions, but by that time Ye Lian had already appeared behind them in midair.

The three female zombies had completely crushed the zombies, this narrow corner in the road was covered with corpses in an instant.

Ling Mo by now has opened the trunk and proceeded to give each of them a backpack.

It wasn’t heavy at all for the zombies to carry. Ling Mo hung a submachine gun behind his shoulders.

Although there was a limited amount of bullets, it was still usable.

As for the bow and arrow that Ling Mo usually used, there weren’t a lot of arrows left, Ling Mo thought of just giving the rest to Ye Lian.

She held it in her hands and looked at it with curiosity and suddenly released one.


A red light in a distance from where they were standing ruptured, Ling Mo was completely shocked with wide eyes, “That was pretty accurate….”

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