My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 205 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 205 Part 1 – Smart Zombie

Ling Mo decided to leave the SUV where it was, and there was still actually a lot of things in vehicle.

For example, canned food…. Seeing the big pile of canned food, Ling Mo could not help but smile.

They must of been really afraid that he would go hungry…

But these things were just too heavy, Ling Mo decided to take only enough for half a month.

The car also was stuffed with some washed clothes, but he decided to only take the military parka.

After the apocalypse, the weather was also affected somewhat, in general it became much colder than before.

In addition, the current season was fall so it was obviously much better for him to wear more, he didn’t have a zombies body where he could ignore the coldness or hotness from the weather.

It didn’t really matter if he just left his vehicle here since there was no one around, and zombies wouldn’t come and smash the car unless there was someone.

He might not have been able to use the car anymore, but it’s still nice to keep it around somewhere safe just in case.

The only thing that Ling Mo remembered about this area was that there was a big amusement park around here. There was usually a lot of people in there.

He had always wanted to take Ye Lian to come here and play, but they never got a chance to.

It’s not that Ye Lian didn’t have time or anything, but it was just that he didn’t have the balls to ask her.

Fortunately the good news was that after the apocalypse happened, Ye Lian was still with him.

Unfortunately the bad the news that came with the good was that she hadn’t recovered much of her memories.

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Shana on the other hand had seen the ferris wheel from afar, and her expression seemed somewhat different.

Ling Mo asked her, “Do you want to go take a look?”

Shana nodded, “Yes….It’s huge….”

Since it was what Shana wanted, Ling Mo would say yes for sure.

She had said that there was another layer in her head, but she didn’t know how to explain it.

Making a breakthrough from a spiritual aspect was the hardest, although Ling Mo has been brainstorming different ways to break through that layer, but so far he hasn’t found any safe ways to deal with it.

Maybe it might help her break through if he satisfied some of her desires. Although the possibility of that being true was very low, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

“Seems to be a bit far.”

Ling Mo discovered a travel map from a newsstand and found their location from the building number from a store.

Ling Mo became shocked as he spread out the map.

He had been living in the suburbs, and even though he knew that X city was relatively big, but he never knew it was this big.

According to the map, the place he used to live in or the places he has been to were only just a tip of the iceberg.

Including the countryside, X city was about 12,400 square kilometers.

“Forgive me for not doing so well in math or geography, but this map is so big! And there’s so many attractions everywhere!

Originally Ling Mo thought that this area only had an amusement park, but he didn’t realize that there were so many other attractions all around him.

Ling Mo began to think that he had stayed at home a bit too much in the past.

But he couldn’t be blamed for this since it wasn’t easy to live on his own, he had a lot of pressure, and didn’t have much of chance to come to this area.

Ye Lian also looked over curiously and looked at the map, “We are… where are we?”

Ling Mo pointed at a corner of the map and said, “We are here.” He looked at Shana and asked, “Shana, this place is really close to where you used to live, have you ever been here before?”

“Huh?” Shana smiled, but her eyes became cold suddenly, that little demoness hiding inside her appeared again, “I was busy most of the time, I had to practice martial arts, create weapons and also learn a whole lot of other things….”

“Oh….” Ling Mo quickly changed the subject. “Then let’s take this chance to go around there and you can also at the same time figure out what the layer exactly is. Plus we are also running out of virus gels, there should be plenty of zombies to replenish our gel supply.”

Li Ya Ling who at this moment had just finished cutting off the head of a zombie said, “I think….I have a memory of this place.”

Li Ya Ling’s memory apparently had recovered a lot, you could tell she kept pondering from time to time.

She needed more time to adjust to the sudden and abundant amount of memories she had recovered.

What made Ling Mo a bit nervous was that the way Li Ya Ling looked at him now was a bit different.

Especially after being “raped” by her, and after she evolved!

“Let’s go, we can also help Senior Sister consolidate her memories at the same time. The zoo is pretty close from here, we might be able to get some mutant creature gels if were lucky.”

Comparing to normal gels, Li Ya Ling seemed to be more interested in mutant creature gels, and obviously Ling Mo would try his best to satisfy her desires.

Since this was an open space, he didn’t need to mind control zombies to help him explore the area to figure out where to go, there were already zombies that had noticed him from a distance and started rushing towards him after roaring.

With the three girls next to him, the zombies around them were no threat at all. There would be one or two that got past the girls but they would immediately stop in their tracks after being controlled by Ling Mo giving him a chance to kill them.

After leaving for about half a month and coming back to this city full of zombies, Ling Mo felt a lot more relieved.

During this short time, he had upgraded himself, making himself stronger than ever, as long as he wasn’t surrounded by tons of zombies, there was practically nothing he needed to be afraid of.

To be continued…..

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