My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 205 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 205 Part 2 – Smart Zombie

After crossing this street, they came to an ancient decorated archway, after passing through the archway they saw that the street was designed in a vintage way.

There were several souvenir shops and a few local food stands on both sides of the street. But what made this street stand out was the zombies, when two zombies jumped out and rushed towards him, Ling Mo had actually freaked out.

Both having a kill matt hairstyle in addition to their twisted faces, for some reason it seemed to fit this place…..

“Dying your hair so colorful…… even if you weren’t the first one to mutate, the zombies would have all targeted you first!”

Ling Mo dodged and used his spirit tentacles to control them immediately, but just when he was about to kill them, a shadowy figure appeared from a window on the second floor of a building. It’s target was Ling Mo’s head.

But Ling Mo didn’t bother moving at all to avoid the attack, Ye Lian jumped above Ling Mo’s head using the archway with her superior jumping ability to intercept the attack and block it.


Blood rain sprayed out as Ling Mo dashed forward, he had already killed one of the kill matt zombies, the other one had gotten knocked away by Shana’s scythe.

The facial expression of the zombie who tried to land a sneak attack on Ling Mo regained its normal condition, a pair of blood-red eyes were full of frenzy.

Mutated Zombie!

The zombie was a female and it was wearing a apron with a long skirt, but it had been ripped apart in some areas. When she dropped down on Ling Mo, he somehow had seen the scenery down there.

This female zombie had possibly evolved into a mutated zombie for quite some time, she might be slightly better than the average mutated zombies.

She seemed to fear the existence of the three high level zombies next to Ling Mo, especially the zombie leader and the semi-zombie leader.

But due to Ling Mo’s existence, she couldn’t help but be excited and dash towards him.

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Ling Mo sighed, “Why do you seek for death….”

Li Ya Ling dashed forward and appeared next to the female zombie, and proceeded to use that unique blade to stab it into the zombie’s brain.

Before Li Ya Ling had gotten the virus gel, the mutated zombie was able to run another two steps before falling to the ground.

Ling Mo suddenly said, “She probably didn’t even realize how she died…..”

After becoming a zombie leader, Li Ya Ling also got some of the snakes characteristics, like making hidden surprise attacks, although zombie leaders could hide their auras you would still be able to notice them if they were right next to you, but for Li Ya Ling, even when she was so close to that female zombie, the zombie didn’t even realize she was next to her at all.

At this time, several other zombies from a distance came running towards them. Their target was Ling Mo, the feeling of being stared by all the zombies was quite thrilling.

Along the way, they met a lot of mutated zombies. Ling Mo had wrapped all the gels that he collected from them in a plastic wrapper.

He had felt that after leaving this area for a while, the amount of mutated zombies had increased over here…..

But after thinking about it for a while, it kind of made sense, as time went by, mutated zombies would become the majority.

Their strength is worse than that of advanced zombies, stronger than ordinary zombies, and more threatening to the average survivor.

Whenever they met a large amount of zombies, Ling Mo would solve this issue with his submachine gun.

Although the submachine gun in Ling Mo’s hands was supposed more quiet than other guns when fired, it still made a bit of noise, not to mention it also produced smoke when fired in bursts.

Fortunately the recoil wasn’t that strong, making it more convenient for Ling Mo, the only problem was that he had to keep changing clips which became quite annoying.

And the amount of clips he could bring with him was quite limited……

Just as they passed through a street, a shadowy figure popped out from a building far away.

The smell of blood was blowing with the wind, a big dark shadow appeared by the legs of the shadowy figure and started making noises.

“Sit down Lucky!”


“Hungry? But that guy told us to wait here for him, I think it’s better if we just stay here for a while.”

The figure leaned against the railing and looked at the direction of the vintage street, but afterwards the figure turned her vision towards another direction.

It was too far, and there was just too many obstacles, so obviously she couldn’t see Ling Mo and his group.

“WOOF!” Lucky started barking, it’s big body was similar to a lions.

Half-moon glance down and sneered, “Did you already forget that you were almost killed by that guy? You should behave yourself.” After that, she looked up again, “When someone who was stronger than me made a summon, I wasn’t able to resist the call, but right now I have completely evolved and upgraded myself, would I now also be able to summon someone else and get another partner?”

She seemed to be talking to Lucky, but it also looked as if she was talking to herself, “Nevermind, we will wait until that guy comes back, didn’t that person promise to cure me?”

She touched her chest, although half a month had passed and the wound had already stopped bleeding, it was still painful.

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