My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 206 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 206 Part 1 – Teasing Little Girl

Going further down along the vintage street, Ling Mo and his group had met and killed around two to three hundred zombies, and from that amount around ten or more of them were mutated zombies or at least very close to evolving into a mutated zombie.

This result ended up shocking Ling Mo, from the remaining corpses of the normal zombies, Ling Mo let Ye Lian randomly pick a few and dug into their brains and surprisingly found another two very small, low quality virus gels from those brains.

It seems that the speed of their evolution was a lot faster than Ling Mo had anticipated.

Moreover, it didn’t seem to feel like the number of zombies were decreasing at all to Ling Mo. The amount of zombies that were in this world was just too large, their numbers were still in the millions, so even if there was a decrease in their numbers, it would of probably been too small to leave an impact.

Not to mention, the zombies that were able to stay alive up until now only became even stronger, there were more and more mutated zombies now.

The amount of advanced zombies must of also increased as well, but fortunately the amount of zombie leaders were still very small, otherwise the survivors here that were still struggling on staying alive wouldn’t have even stood a chance.

However, those survivors that were able to stay alive up until now in this city must have also developed their own means of survival, meaning the mortality rate for survivors would have also decreased.

The current situation has really become an all out war between the races. The humans were fighting because they wanted to stay alive and survive, while the zombies although they were a new race, they also were fighting for the same reasons in a way, in addition there were also mutant creatures….

We should also add mutant zombies into the picture as well, Ling Mo did not believe that the mutant zombies he saw in the biological institute were the only two special cases. He firmly believed that there must be other places in the world that had the same type of environment with people that had tried to do the same kind of experiments as well.

Luckily those two mutant zombies were already dead, the possibility of actually having mutant zombies roaming around in X City should be close to zero….

But it really wouldn’t matter to Ling Mo if there really were some in X City since he had already found the correct way to help Ye Lian and Shana become stronger.

Once both of them became zombie leaders, they would be much more powerful than before.

As for Li Ya Ling, although she had already reached the level of zombie leader, this should be only the starting point for her and it wasn’t the correct time for him to relax and be lazy.

There could be zombies that had levels that were higher than a zombie leader in the billions of zombies within the country.

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Ling Mo had spent the whole day hunting for virus gels.

Ling Mo thought to himself quietly, “It’s really not that easy raising three zombies.”

Normally, zombies could also gain back some of their energy by consuming flesh, but Ling Mo couldn’t tolerate the idea of any of them consuming flesh.

He was ok with bacon which was pretty useful in this sense, but unfortunately for them, there was a limited amount of stock for bacon. The wouldn’t eat any of the canned food that Ling Mo had, zombies were actually quite picky in this sense…..

Honestly if they could find some mutant creatures, Ling Mo actually wouldn’t mind killing them and roasting their meat to give them all a wonderful meal, but the problem with that idea was that even if they were able to find some mutant creatures, they wouldn’t be able to carry a large amount of meat on them.

As a result, the need for zombie virus gels increased dramatically, Ling Mo killed every single zombie he could find and didn’t even let off the ones that were close to mutating.

It didn’t matter if they only had small gels, eventually he could merge all the small ones into a big one anyways.

“First we will collect a bit more gels and then we can head towards the zoo and look for some mutated creature gels.”

The scenery of the vintage street was actually quite beautiful, but unfortunately there were just too many zombies in there for them to enjoy it, however, with their increased strength, the battles were much easier to win than before.

By the time a day had passed by, the street was covered with a heavy smell of blood, but for some reason Ling Mo still didn’t feel like leaving this street.

Shana said with some uncertainty, “Brother Ling, there isn’t anymore zombies left to kill here.”

Her eyes had already reverted back to their normal color.

At this moment, she looked exactly like how she used to before she mutated.

Ling Mo had a guess that the layer in her brain in which she needed to break through was actually the thing that seperated her two personalities.

However this was after all still a guess, Ling Mo had no idea on how to make those two personalities fuse together in order to break the layer.

After listening to what Shana had said, Ling Mo removed a small piece of leaf off of Ye Lian’s head and smiled, “I know, but with such a heavy smell of blood over here, we might actually attract a much larger fish like this.”

Ye Lian made a frown and ask, “Fish?….Why would we attract fish…”


Li Ya Ling suddenly interrupted, “Brother Ling meant as in zombies that were in a higher level.”

Although her expression was still ice cold, but when she made eye contact with Ling Mo’s eyes, he noticed a weird look that was coming from her eyes.

To Be Continued…..

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