My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 206 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 206 Part 2 – Teasing Little Girl

Ling Mo thought that maybe she might have remembered something about her past, but what was up with that change of attitude…

Was she trying to resist his control again? That shouldn’t be possible since Ling Mo’s spirit power had only gotten much more stronger, he shouldn’t be having any problems with controlling her. And also their spirit connection didn’t break off either….

“Senior Sister, you…..”

Ling Mo had wanted to take the time to ask her what she was feeling while they were “fishing”, but he didn’t expect that at this time, the three girls all suddenly became serious.

Shana stood up and held her scythe while saying, “It’s coming.”

Ling Mo became excited, “Big fish?” One really high quality pure virus gel would be his best catch out of the entire day.

The advanced zombies could no longer make them feel threatened any more.

But just when Ling Mo was preparing to take action, he suddenly felt a chill.

A bad feeling started to float in his heart, as if something bad might happen soon, before Ling Mo could think carefully, a person’s shadow showed up on a corner of the street.

In the moment of seeing the figure, Ling Mo’s heart skipped a beat, “This fish is way too big…..”

All he had wanted was to reel in an advanced zombie….

About one and a half meters tall, with natural curly long hair, a delicate doll face, and clear red and white eyes that seemed terrifying.

Her body wore a one-piece dress that seemed over exaggerated and in addition, she had an extremely pale face making her look somewhat like a doll.

At that moment, Ling Mo thought to himself, “Was it possible that this girl did cosplay?”

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She glanced at Ling Mo and then looked at the three girls beside him before making her decision to target Ling Mo, “Human…”

“Say something different, based on your age, you can call me big brother.” replied Ling Mo, but inside his heart, he was freaking out!

In such a large city like X city, out of all the zombies I could have met, I had to just meet a zombie leader!

Zombie leaders should be very rare, probably should only be around ten of them in this city, but why did my luck suck so bad that I was able to meet two of them!

Ling Mo immediately thought of the zombie leader, Half-moon…

Half-moon might be around, could this be her “spouse”?

“Most likely not, probably just a coincidence.” Ling Mo shook his head, “If they really were together and she really was her spouse, they should be somewhere thinking about how they were going to mate, why the hell would they be out here.

Ling Mo may have looked calm, but he was actually quite nervous but was also able to cool himself down. There’s nothing to be afraid of, he also had a zombie leader with him, although the zombie leader on his side had just recently broke though, he at least had one and in addition one that was also about to break through.

Adding in his spirit tentacles, 3 versus one, why should he be afraid of her?

Maybe….he could obtain a virus hive!

Thinking to this point, his eyes turned enthusiastic!

The look made the little girl frown, “Human….”

Her voice sounded clear and childish.

Ling Mo said, “Call me big brother.”

“Brother….” She had intelligence, but since she probably forgot how humans interacted, she didn’t realized that Ling Mo was teasing her.

Ling Mo of course wasn’t just teasing, he was also trying to distract her.

“Little sister, come and tell big brother, is there anyone else with you?” Even Ling Mo felt a chill when he said that sentence.

Li Ya Ling couldn’t help but turn her head and look at Ling Mo awkwardly, after hesitating for a moment she whispered, “Such a Pedo….”

“Eh? How am I?”

Although he was being stared at, due to an increase in Ling Mo’s power, he didn’t feel intimidated at all.

At least it wasn’t like last time, where he felt like surrendering after meeting Half-moon.

He took the submachine gun out and aimed it at the zombie leader.

The zombie leader immediately felt that she was in danger.

“Why are you guys with this human?”

Ling Mo laughed and didn’t say a word. Probably all high level zombies will want to ask this question, this was good news since it gave Ling Mo more time to prepare.

She stared at Ling Mo, bent down and rushed over!

Ling Mo immediately pulled the trigger, but the zombie leader was just too fast and kept zig zagging.

It was really hard for Ling Mo to shoot her.

But he was still able to shoot her arm after using his spirit tentacles to stun her for a brief moment.

Seeing Ling Mo finally hitting his target, Li Ya Ling’s silhouette flashed over, she used a speed that was even faster than this zombie leader and appeared instantly beside her. Li Ya Ling used her dagger and slashed.

Unfortunately this zombie leader was no push over, although she had gotten hurt, her reaction time was insane, she tilted her body in order to dodge the incoming attack.

But because the way the dagger was designed was very special, it was still able to clip her shoulder and harm her. The small back that the zombie leader was carrying also fell to the ground.

The zombie leader immediately sent a kick towards Li Ya Ling.

Her power was really strong, Ling Mo could even hear the wind blow from that kick “HOF”

Instead of catching her kick, Li Ya Ling used her soft body and dodged it.

At the same time, Shana had went behind the zombie leader. The zombie leader missed her attack but now had to deal with Shana’s scythe, but when her eyes connected with Shana’s, she spaced out for a moment.

Ye Lian quickly took the opportunity to use her tiger claws on her, the pain immediately awakened the zombie leader.

She stepped back, stared at them before proceeding to run away.

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