My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 207 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 207 Part 1 – Self-made Aerial Detector

This little loli sure was good at running, even though she was injured, she was still able to quickly run away and escape from Ling Mo and the girls.

Ye Lian and the other two girls were determined to chase her down, but she was just too fast for them. They lost her tracks after chasing her for about a few hundred meters.

The area in this part of city had a very complex and confusing environment.

In addition, even though Li Ya Ling’s speed was extremely fast, there was also drawback to being able to move at extreme speeds. That drawback was that Li Ya Ling wasn’t able to keep up that speed for a long duration. She was wonderful at making sudden surprise attacks, but failed when it came down to chasing targets for a long duration.

To make matters even more complicated, since they were spiritually connected to Ling Mo, he couldn’t be too far away from any of them, after increasing his spiritual powers, they could now be apart from him for at most 2000 meters.

But this didn’t mean that Ling Mo was incompetent and wasn’t increasing his strength fast enough, it was just that as he got stronger, they also got stronger as well.

It seemed to Ling Mo that it was quite obvious that they wouldn’t be able to catch her, so Ling Mo called them all to come back and group up with him.

Ling Mo walked over next to the backpack that the little loli dropped and picked it up from the ground. The styling on the backpack was pretty cute, it surprisingly had a cute little bunny on it….

The backpack and the little girl were well-matched together, if you only saw her from the back carrying this backpack, you probably would think she was just a normal little girl.

“Well this is a first for seeing a zombie carrying a backpack…”

Immediately after Ling Mo opened the backpack, a strong smell rushed out and into Ling Mo’s nose making him sneeze uncontrollably several times.

“Holy Shit…”

The contents inside surprised Ling Mo.

Inside the backpack contained a lot of pure virus gels, all of them which seemed to have all came from advanced zombies.

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It was no wonder they hadn’t seen any advanced zombies all day, they were all killed by that little loli…..

However the next several items that Ling Mo pulled out of the backpack made him a bit confused.

A box of antibiotic medicine and also a bottle of disinfection spray….

Both items were covered with blood that had already turned into a dark brown color. Ling Mo wasn’t sure if this blood was from the girl or if the blood was already there when she found these items after digging through a pharmacy.

“Zombies….would they look for medical supplies to use?”

Ling Mo felt complicated suddenly.

While high level zombies would eventually be able to recover their memories and also some common sense, this idea would have eventually come to them at one point, but the problem with this idea was that high level zombies already had a strong recovering ability, so they didn’t need any drugs or first aid to help them with their recovery.

Even if they did get the medical supplies, they still wouldn’t know how to use it. Let’s take Ling Mo’s submachine gun for an example, it was still pretty lethal towards high level zombies. If you suddenly gave that gun to the zombie after it realized the submachine gun was very powerful, it still wouldn’t know how to use it correctly.

It terms of attacking, the zombies were more similar to beasts, using their hands or feet to attack. Just because they recovered part of their intelligence didn’t mean that they would start to think like a human.

“Or is it possible that this isn’t for her at all? But what could she possibly be using this for? She couldn’t be raising a human could she?”

Ling Mo frowned at the thought of that, and immediately threw away the backpack after putting away the contents inside his own backpack.

The amount of virus gels here could help feed those girls for a while.

Ling Mo turned his head towards the girls and asked, “That little girl has already completely reached the level of zombie leader right?”

Shana and Li Ya Ling glanced at each other before nodding to Ling Mo.

That little loli sure was so fast and strong. After losing the fight this time, hopefully she won’t try to attack us again anytime soon.

Ling Mo felt that it was unfortunate that he wasn’t able to find out what the gel in the back of her brain looked like. The virus gels and virus hives should both look different from each other….

But this was expected since Zombie Leaders weren’t easy to kill in the first place. Although Ling Mo and the girls had the upper hand in the fight, due to her being more intelligent now, when she realized the odds weren’t in her favor, she immediately decided to withdraw from the fight and run away.

Perhap if they were fighting in an open spaced area, they might have been able to catch her, but because they were in a part of the city where the streets were complex and confusing, she could practically just run anywhere and go hide inside one of the buildings and proceed to hide her aura, making it impossible for the girls to locate her.

They didn’t have the option of splitting up either because although Li Ya Ling was already at the level of zombie leader, it didn’t guarantee her an immunity towards surprise attacks.

It was a much safer bet to take action together instead of taking action alone. In addition, Ling Mo wouldn’t risk their lives all for just a piece of a zombie gel.

“Let’s go find a place to rest.”

To be continued…..

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