My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 207 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 207 Part 2 – Self-made Aerial Detector

After an exhausting day of fighting, sleeping was the fastest way to recover their strengths.

The place where they currently were was not an ideal area for Ling Mo to take a rest, so he took out the map and looked for the closest place marker.

“Hmm…A love hotel? That seems like a good place….”

Ling Mo was rubbing the bottom of his chin while looking at the three girls and then smiled evilly.

Just as Ling Mo and the girls headed towards the love hotel, in the complete opposite direction of where they were headed towards, a figure covered in blood half way down the body, quickly ran towards a building in the distance..

After spending a bit of time walking, they had finally reached the love hotel, Ling Mo realized that it was actually pretty close to the amusement park.

That also meant they weren’t that far away from the zoo as well.


There were a few grey pigeons that were at the hotel entrance, they weren’t infected since they didn’t eat flesh, and most zombies wouldn’t have been able to catch them.

Ye Lian was curious about the pigeons, as an advanced zombie, she immediately caught one with hand.

Ling Mo licked his lips, “Should we grill it?” It’s been a while since I last saw an animal that was still edible.

Ye Lian immediately shook her head, “No….” She looked at the pigeon and seemed to have thought of something.

Ling Mo stared at the pigeon and suddenly an idea struck him.

If he diluted the virus and fed it to the pigeon, would it be able to turn into a mutant pigeon?

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It would be very convenient to have it help them scout the area.

Ling Mo thought that his biggest problem was that his view was always too limited, If there was a mutant pigeon that could share a bird’s eye view with him, it would be like having a aerial radar.

It was unfortunate that the other pigeons flew away, so he only had one pigeon to try with.

Ling Mo smiled, “Then you keep it, I’ll go find something to feed it later.”

“Okay.” Ye Lian immediately raised her head and smiled at Ling Mo.

She extended her hand to stroke the pigeon, she seemed to be very interested in this little animal.

This expression surprised Ling Mo. He rarely saw her reveal a smile, which wasn’t really a problem because she only recovered a bit of her intelligence and memory.

But this sincere smile made Ling Mo really surprised.

It was as if he was looking at the previous Ye Lian…. If he quickly recovered her memories maybe he could see her like this more often.

Ling Mo felt that he was pretty lucky at this moment, in the beginning, his only reason for surviving was to find Ye Lian, after that it was to find a way to restore Ye Lian’s memories.

Then came Li Ya Ling and Shana… comparing to other survivors, although Ling Mo had more responsibilities but at least his heart was always fulfilled.

While thinking in his heart, Ling Mo has already taken the three of them and passed the shattered glass door.

The lobby of the hotel was quite large, and the moment they passed the entrance door, tons of zombies rushed over to them.

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles spread out and controlled all of them.

These zombies all immediately turned retarded as if they forgot how to move, Ling Mo controlled them to go behind the door and commanded them to break each others necks one by one, letting them all fall to ground/

At this time Ling Mo was testing his manipulation ability, since he would also get affected as well when his puppets died.

When one of the zombies was about to die, Ling Mo immediately withdrew the spirit tentacle and immediately controlled the next one.

It was as if he was playing smack the mole, spiritual version, if he was too slow, his brain would feel a sharp pain.

There was a swimming pool here, but inside the water were skeletons lying on the pool floor, a awful smell was coming out from the swimming pool.

“Let’s head up, we should find a clean place to stay in.”

While Ling was saying this, he had already started to walk upstairs, however when he reached the second floor, a black shadow jumped down from above him.

Fortunately Ling Mo was much faster now after his upgrade, his agility was much higher than before. He immediately dodged towards the handrails and leaped over it and landed in the middle of the stairs.

The dark shadow made a low pitch roar and jumped off from the slits of the staircase as well and landed on the armrest of the stairway.

“Advanced zombie?”

The bloody red eyes looked very cold, it didn’t contain the usual wildness from a mutated zombie, that meant it was an advanced zombie.

It was wearing a suit, but it had long been ruined and ripped apart, blood was all over the body, and one of the palms of his hands was sticking outwards, it’s bones were probably broken.

Ling Mo looked to side and noticed that his overcoat had gotten ripped as well and immediately became pissed.

The zombie squatted on top of the armrest of the stairway as if he was a monkey and stared at Ling Mo.



Ling Mo wasn’t injured by the zombie, but out of his expectation, his overcoat had gotten ripped a bit by the zombie.

Luckily he was fast, otherwise if his skin had gotten scratched, he might have also turned into a zombie as well.

He had thought that all the advanced zombies had gotten killed by the little loli, but to his surprise, there was still one here.

Seems that the advanced zombies have learned how to hide from the zombie leaders.

If it wasn’t due to Ling Mo being here, this advanced zombie would have just tried to leave this place and would have dared to start a conflict with the three girls.

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