My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 208

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 208 – You Top Me Bottom? 

At this time, Ye Lian and the girls were still downstairs, they had also heard the movements coming from above and immediately rushed upstairs.

This advanced zombie was very intelligent, it knew that if the three female zombies reached where he was, he would definitely be killed.

In contrast, this human being in front of him was much weaker.

So in order to finish this fast, he frantically rushed towards Ling Mo.

On this narrow and dangerous staircase, Ling Mo and the advanced zombie immediately entangled with each other in combat.

However, in order not to be scratched, Ling Mo used his spirit tentacles to cause a mental disturbance controlling the distance between them.

He had also used his spirit tentacles to strangle the spirit ball, using the same trick that he had used on Zhao Zhi in order to cause immense pain which was effective.

The stairway was just too narrow, he had to always watch his footing, Ling Mo was actually much more powerful, but the problem was that the zombie was just too agile so he could only remain in a defensive position.

“Did you really think that a tiger which didn’t roar was actually sick cat????”

Ling Mo immediately released more tentacles, forcing the zombie to back away and within that short moment he used his tentacles to both disturb and mince the spirit ball causing the zombie to trip and fall down the stairs.

But by the time Ling Mo jumped to the bottom, the zombie had already rushed to another room.

“FUCK! What else can you guys do besides running!”

Ling Mo was pissed and chased after it, but the scene inside the room made him want to retreat.

A large waterbed is placed in the middle, and a rather metaphorical painting is hung on the wall.

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Not only that, there was countless bloodstains and flesh all over, you could also see some red lace.

There were two pairs of shoes, you could tell that they were having a good time right before the apocalypse happened.

The image of two people making PA!PA!PA! and having one of them mutating in the middle of the act caused a headache for Ling Mo.

The advanced zombie was behind the waterbed, when he heard footsteps approaching, the wildness in his eyes started to reveal itself.

You could tell that this zombie just recently evolved, it wasn’t too intelligent yet and wasn’t also willing to give up a prey like Ling Mo.

The zombie leaped over the bed after roaring. Ling Mo was prepared this time, his tentacles had wrapped around the spirit ball and started to mince again.

Honestly Ling Mo could make the zombie into a retard, but there was no point in making a zombie into a retard.

He would only just be wasting his spirit power, and he shouldn’t exhaust it too much, since it would do more harm to him.

The zombie let out a painful roar and tumbled towards Ling Mo’s feet and then lifted his hands to grab his legs.

“You’re courting death!”

Ling Mo dodged the zombies hands by jumping, at the same time he held the Tang knife in his hands and used the power while dropping down to stab through the zombie’s belly.

Blood sprayed out as Ling Mo pulled out the knife.

Ling Mo glanced at the scratched part of his overcoat and became alerted.

He can’t be careless even if he got stronger.

Normal zombies had the advantage of numbers, while advanced zombies were good at hiding and launching surprise attacks, but both of them had the same target, which was him.

If he died, the connection will break and it might cause some major damage towards Ye Lian.

It was important for him to keep himself alive.

“Whoa!” As Ling Mo twisted his neck and looked back, he saw Ye Lian and Shana by the door, Li Ya Ling was already leaning on the wall.

“Brother Ling,” Shana stared at Ling Mo, and then showed a smile, “Your moves are so ugly.”

Obviously jumping up and stabbing the opponent while landing wasn’t supposed to be beautiful…

Ling Mo rolled his eyes and thought, as long as he could kill his opponent, it didn’t matter how he did it.

After searching the whole hotel and killing off the remain zombies, Ling Mo found a place to stay that was relatively clean and moreover it was close to the emergency stairs.

“Come, give me the aerial radar, I mean the bird.”

After a bit of rest Ling Mo started to focus on the pigeon.

The pigeon seemed to be afraid of Ye Lian, while she was holding it, it had curled up and didn’t move, even when Ye Lian let go of it, it didn’t dare leave.

Ling Mo had planned to feed it some gels but realized that the gels weren’t diluted so he couldn’t feed it that. He didn’t plan on giving the girls saliva to it either. That benefit was only for him, even if it was a bird, he wouldn’t share it.

After thinking for a while, Ling Mo took out the bottle that contained the diluted dose of the virus and gave a tiny bit to the pigeon.

The pigeon didn’t move in the beginning, but started struggling after a while. The eyes were red before, but it turned even more red now and had gotten stronger as well.

But then it stopped moving afterwards.

Ling Mo began to sweat and thought to himself, “Don’t tell me that it died already.”

He immediately used his tentacles to probe it and noticed that there was still some weak waves coming from it.

Ye Lian quickly comforted Ling Mo and said, “Don’t worry, the bird is just sleeping.”

As long as it stayed alive, it would mutate and become Ling Mo’s sky radar.

Ye Lian put the pigeon on the bed.

You could tell that she liked the bird a lot…

He split the gels that he had obtained into three portions and gave it to the girls, then found a stove to boil a pot of water.

He didn’t have a strong body like the zombies, although he kept getting stronger, but keeping his body health was also important.

After a day of fighting, taking a hot bath was the best way to relax.

The hotel wasn’t short on water which was also why Ling Mo chose this place.

After finishing his bath and returning to room, Ling Mo noticed Li Ya Ling frowning at the gel, she seemed to not want to eat it.

“Just eat it for now, I’ll go find some mutant beast gel’s for you tomorrow.”

Not far from here was the zoo. There also seemed to be some animal performances in the amusement parks as well. The mutant beasts in this area should be a lot more.

Li Ya Ling was the hardest to feed right now, she was a combination of a zombie and a mutant beast.

Li Ya Ling nodded and ate the virus gel.

When Ling Mo was about to rub her hair, Li Ya Ling unexpectedly moved away.

Li Ya Ling is the hardest to feed right now, she is a combination of zombie and mutant creatures.

Li Ya Ling nodded and ate the gel.

When Ling Mo was going to touch her hair Li Ya Ling moved away.


Li Ya Ling was a bit weird today, she even tried to avoid eye contact with Ling Mo today.

“What’s wrong with you today Senior Sister?”

Ling Mo grabbed her, this time she didn’t dodge.

Li Ya Ling remained silent for a while until Ling Mo lost his patience and started to spank her buttocks making her cry out in alarm.

“I…” Li Ya Ling hesitated for a while, and suddenly said very seriously, “Because I suddenly thought of something.”

Ling Mo looked happy and quickly asked, “Not bad, did you remember something you previously experienced before, or remembered a bit of knowledge?

Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo and then finally said, “I raped you…Don’t I need to be punished…..”


Ling Mo was nearly choked by his saliva, Shana also smiled evilly and started whispering to Ye Lian.

Ye Lian immediately looked over to Ling Mo and raised her hands to cover her neckline.

Ling Mo saw that and quickly said, “Hey Shana, stop teaching bad things to your Sister Ye Lian.”

“That…of course you have to be punished.” Ling Mo looked at Li Ya Ling and righteously said, “In the future only I can be on top of you while you have to be at the bottom, and occasionally if I ask, then you can be on top while I am at the bottom, understand!”

Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo and seemed to somehow get the feeling that something wasn’t right about what he had said, but since she hadn’t fully digested her memories, she could only nod and agree.

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