My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 209 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 209 Part 1 – You Must Pay A Price For Peeping!

Sitting inside a bathtub with hot water, washing the smell of blood away.

The pores of the body all open up, the feeling was truly terrific.

This time he did not let any of the three girls take a bath with him. This was because they were also very tired already, and the most efficient way for zombies to rest was to stay completely still.

Zombies and humans are essentially completely different from each other, when zombies aren’t moving or moving only slightly, they could decrease their energy consumption in a massive way. Unlike humans which decrease only small amount of energy consumption.

As for the high level zombies, for example a advanced zombie that was at the peak or a zombie leader, they already have a virus hive which provides them with energy constantly.

However, the speed at which the virus hive generates the energy was relatively slow, the amount of energy generated was not enough to cover the amount of energy used so eventually they would need something external to completely cover the costs of energy consumption. Usually that meant eating a virus gel in order to cover the strong energy consumption.


Ling Mo took a extremely deep breath and slowly leaned back onto the wall as endless thoughts began to appear inside his head.

Most of those thoughts in Ling Mo’s mind revolved around Shana’s layer thing and also on how to help Ye Lian evolve.

According to his recent observations, Shana’s split personality has been getting more and more obvious. She has basically already recovered her intelligence and memory, but having this situation occur was very abnormal.

The so called “abnormality” is the demoness that comes out sometimes from Shana, Ling Mo believes that the layer must have something to do with her split personality.

However, even after thinking for a solution for quite some time, Ling Mo still hadn’t found a way to deal with this situation, it seems like he won’t be finding a solution any time soon.

When there wasn’t a correct way of solving a problem, then the best way to solve it was to try everything, at least that was still a better way than just doing nothing but waiting.

Since Shana had requested that she had wanted to go to the amusement park, Ling Mo decided that on the way to the zoo, they would also stop by the amusement park as well.

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The amount of zombies over there should be plenty. Ling Mo could never have too much of those virus gels.

As for Ye Lian….well…. After receiving a lesson with Shana, Ling Mo believes that he should temporarily hold off on that.

At least until after Ling Mo solves Shana’s problem. Gaining some experience he could then try and upgrade Ye Lian.

As of now, her and Shana’s strengths are about the same, while Li Ya Ling tended to focus on surprise attacks, the three of them each have their own advantages.

The biggest advantage of a zombie leader was their ability to pressure and intimidate all the other lower-leveled zombies.

Advanced zombies were still able to resist this pressure and intimidation for a bit, but all the normal zombies or mutated zombies that had just evolved were all really afraid of them.

But regardless if Li Ya Ling’s adaptation period to her newfound strengths was long or short, it really didn’t matter because based on his experience from Shana and Ye Lian, it would not take too long after she recovered her memories.

The key point is all the various kinds of cognitive conflicts between human common sense and her zombie instincts.

Then again it also depended on the individual, it didn’t matter if it took longer with Li Ya Ling.

“My spiritual power has also increased to a whole new level.”

Ling Mo stared at the surface of the water for a while, he saw that the water surface started to swirl as if an invisible finger was stirring it, making a small little whirlpool appear in the water.

The whirlpool was getting bigger and bigger, and stirred more and more faster. It was not until drops of water had started to spray outside of the bathtub did Ling Mo finally close his eyes.

The rotation of the whirlpool stopped immediately.

The control ability of his was an extension from his main power which was puppetting. It seriously was so hard to improve, the only thing that Ling Mo could control now were small things like needles.

And the ability to control objects to move consumed a lot of his spiritual force. It was the second most consuming skill he had besides his spiritual attack that strangled his targets spirit balls.

As for his other skills like his spirit tentacles and his spirit strangulation attack, they were in a sense still part of his puppeting skills, it was just that the way he applied this ability was different.

Originally, Ling Mo had believed that the abilities of a spiritual type was the most versatile and strongest of the abilities for psychics. But ever since his battle against Zhao Zhi, he realized that he really hasn’t met a lot of psychics at all.

Apparently psychic type powers were also very powerful, and there must also be other people who were like him, doing massive research on their own superpowers in order to study more ways in using their powers.

“The road of becoming strong seems to have just gotten longer.”

Ling Mo sighed, just as he was about to reach for a towel to dry himself, he suddenly felt a cold chill leap from his back.

He instinctively reached out and grabbed the Tang sword(TL: So as a translator for a few months already I realized the error the previous translators did for the Tang knife, in chinese “dao” could mean sword, knife, but so far it seems as if Ling Mo is using something close to a sword so from now on I will editing that out to Tang Sword) beside him. He quickly pulled the sword out of the sheath while holding onto the handle, and then stood up from the bathtub.

To be continued….

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