My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 209 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 209 Part 2 – You Must Pay A Price For Peeping!

The size of this bathroom is really big, and the place Ling Mo was taking a bath was covered by a curtain, and outside of the curtain was a large space.

Ling Mo stared at the curtain vigilantly and slowly climbed out of the bathtub.

At this time Ling Mo didn’t even have the chance to put on any clothes, he held the Tang sword and slowly approached towards the curtain.

The lights in the bathroom was very dim, and he did not bother to light a candle, so all he could see past the curtain was darkness.


Ling Mo cut through the curtain, and when it dropped to the floor, a silhouette appeared immediately.

It was the loli zombie leader!

Her body was covered in blood, at this time she was in front of the doorway, blocking it. It was clear as day that she had specifically targeted Ling Mo.

As long as she hid her aura, and she didn’t make any moves, and Ling Mo also didn’t send any signals for help, Ye Lian and the other two wouldn’t know what had happened.

However, Ling Mo didn’t rush to send out any signals at this time, otherwise if Ye Lian and the other two made big movements, it might drive this little loli crazy and accidently get him hurt in the process before they even had a chance to reach him.

The bathroom was so narrow, although Ling Mo believes that he could depend on his own strength to survive, but it wouldn’t be easy not getting hurt.

The biggest drawback in sending spiritual signals was that you could send a signal to notify an incident, but you couldn’t provide any specific information.

Unless Ling Mo had forcefully controlled them, it would be impossible for them to approach where they were without making any noises.

The shortcomings of the zombies were that they were not as observant as humans. If you really wanted to describe them, the zombies were natural killing machines, even when they became a zombie leader, they were still the same.

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Because of this, Ling Mo wasn’t able to factor in the probability of him getting help from them.

In short, he had to be very careful about his next few moves. Ling Mo stared at the loli zombie leader while the corners of his eyes peeked at the window.

The window is very narrow, probably only a little girl could squeeze through it.

But after taking another look at her with such a close distance, Ling Mo realized that she was actually much better developed than Half-moon.

It was weird enough that she was that flat, at least this loli had the minimum A cup…

But her face was really childlike, either way to Ling Mo, she looked like she was around 14 years old probably.

“Human…your name is called big brother right?”

This loli’s speech was very smooth and fluent, but the way she stared at Ling Mo was really cold. Ling Mo thought that this look felt familiar, it was exactly like how Li Ya Ling looked at him before.

The way zombies disregarded humans were like as if they were labeled lesser than low level zombies.

In Ling Mo’s heart, he secretly rolled his eyes and thought, isn’t she just a small loli, she was already hurt this badly, what was the point of her acting so proud and cold for…

“My name is Yu Shi Ran.”

This little loli’s voice was extremely low.

Ling Mo had fully prepared himself by now, not only was his Tang sword out in front of him in defensive position, but his spirit tentacles had also wrapped around her spirit ball as well.

Ling Mo asked curiously, “Ehhh.., aren’t you here to kill me?”

Yu Shi Ran eyes widened as she stared at Ling Mo and said, “Give me back my things.”

“Huh?” Ling Mo was stunned.

The medicine in that backpack wasn’t really hard to find…. But this little loli had actually took a detour to follow them after escaping from them.

It wasn’t really that difficult to find Ling Mo’s group, all she needed to do was follow the zombie corpses and blood.

What shocked Ling Mo was the ability of the zombie leaders to hide their presence and aura. After turning into a zombie leader, the strength of this ability was earth-shaking.

Yu Shi Ran frowned and thought about something before saying, “Give it back to me. There was only one pharmacy nearby and it was already burnt down….”

Ling Mo suddenly realized something, it’s normal that there wasn’t a lot of pharmacies in a tourism area. It’s also quite normal that it had been burnt down. When the apocalypse happened, whether it was electronics being smashed or combustible things catching fire… there were many things that had happened during that time.

But did you really need to sneak into other people’s bathroom just to get what you wanted?

Going to a naked man to demand something….

Ling Mo sighed and said, “Does it look like I am wearing it? And also did you know that when you take a peek at people showering, you also have to pay a price for it?”

Yu Shi Ran scanned Ling Mo up and down without hesitation, and finally the big red and white eyes stopped at Ling Mo’s key part.

“This is…”

“My little friend.” Since there wasn’t any chance for Ling Mo to put on any pants, he thought to himself, “Just look at it then.”

Both sides’ attention is completely concentrated on the other party, one little move may cause a fight.

“Ah…” Yu Shi Ran looked at him with amazement, and then licked her lips, “It looks delicious.”


Obviously Ling Mo wasn’t thinking in the perverted way right now.

But hearing these words come from this little loli, made Ling Mo want to laugh when she said it.

And as for the heat that started to come from his lower abdomen, it was due to the hot bath obviously and definitely not because of the little loli. Ling Mo still had his principles!

“Ahh, it can get bigger…it should be even more delicious now.”

“Enough.” Ling Mo opened the curtain with his sword pulling it towards him, “Are you here to look for you things or look at my body?”

Yu Shi Ran stepped backwards and blocked the door completely after seeing Ling Mo’s move.

But after realizing that he wasn’t going to attack her, her eyes seemed to relax.

Yu Shi Ran said very firmly, “Give me back my things, I still have to take it to Half-moon.”

Half-moon?! Ling Mo was right, sure enough that weirdo Half-moon didn’t even let go of this little loli!

Ling Mo replied, “The things are outside.”

While Yu Shi Ran was thinking now, Ling Mo took the chance to measure the success rate of controlling her.

Based on her spirit ball light, the chances was most likely zero.

Unless there was a chance to make her seriously injured. It was obvious that it couldn’t be done with just Ling Mo.

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