My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 21


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 21 – Time Bomb

Faced with the crowd’s doubts, Shana with sad eyes slowly withdrew the long knife. She whispered “the longer we linger, the more we suffer.”

It’s not difficult to be determined, but to act with toughness is not something an ordinary person can do.

“This is obviously a mutated zombie, you can actually get rid of it so quickly…”Shana then turned her looks to Ling Mo, said with a complicated expression.

Ling Mo twitched his mouth, spoke as he wiped his nosebleed: “Don’t look at me like that, I am also wounded.”

“Is he okay?” Shana looked deeply at Ling Mo, then walked toward Liu Yu Ho and Lu Xin and asked.

At this time Liu Yu Hao is coming close to the end of the treatment, from his skilled movements it is not difficult to see that he is skillful at his job. But from another perspective, he is simply a versatile nanny.

Seeing that Ling Mo also come near, Lu Xin bite his mouth, lowering his head to not let Ling Mo seeing the vicious look in his eyes.

“The blood has been stopped…”Although saying the words Lu Xin’s face obviously does not look ideal, it’s just that it’s not easy to speak some words directly right before Lu Xin.

“Shana, come over for a bit.”

After Liu Yu Hao packed up first aid items, and helped lu Xin to the wall to sit down, they walked to Shana and whispered.

And Ling Mo who was at the side also heard it clearly, not for him to speak, Shana pulled him: “You come too.”

Although the movement is small,  it is the equivalent of approving Ling Mo’s dominant position in this small community, and recognizing his strength. Most likely, from the moment she sees the corpse of the mutated zombie, this little girl also attained a thorough understanding of Ling Mo.

Liu Yu Hao brought them around to a rear shelf, then whispered in a lower voice: “Most likely Lu Xin will not make it….”

“I know.” Shana bit her lips and answered.

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And Ling Mo raised his eyebrow, unconsciously looked at Ye Lian that is beside him.

The virus is contagious, the outbreak before may be caused by large-scale airborne transmission, but since the outbreak, there were no mutating survivors. But this is not difficult to understand as viruses can evolve, this point is reflected most vividly from Ye Lian’s changes. The current virus is most likely to be transmitted through the blood.

And very few people could drag their injured body to escape after a zombie attack, therefore there were almost no zombies produced, even if there are, no one will know.

So right now Liu Yu Hao and the rest of them are facing a dilemma. Will Lu Xin mutate? Should we put him down now, or decide after a period of observation? If it were the limbs that were injured, it is still possible to get back the life after amputating it, but the wound is in the back, that mutated zombie’s hand were also covered with blood plasma, there are probably viruses inside the nails, it is too late to deal with it.

Of course according to Ling Mo, it would be much easier to just cut it off, they still have to rush the Third High School, they don’t have any spare energy to take care of a wounded? They still need to expend energy to guard him, this is not only a nuisance, but also a time bomb!

But this will have to be decided by Shana and Liu Yu Hao, but Ling Mo is already planning in his heart secretly, if they decided to keep Lu Xin, he himself will definitely not continuing the trip with them. The place right now is not very far from The Third High School, he will probably reach the destination much faster with Ye Lian, and by the time they can search for more mutated zombies to enable a faster process to allow Ye Lian regain her sanity.

After all, even though he established some friendship with Shana and Liu Yu Hao, but it’s not deep enough to affect his judgment. Even his act of coming forward before was also in the case where Ling Mo is absolutely sure.

Probably seeing Ling Mo’s eyes not appearing friendly, Liu Yu Hao lowered his lip softly, tentatively asking: “ if we take him…”

“Don’t be stupid, how could we take him, don’t you see that no one is willing to come close to him?” Even though Shana is a girl, but she does have enough decisiveness, she bitterly smiled and said.

Indeed, a moment before Lu Xin was constantly whining “ouch ouch”, but besides Liu Yu Hao who bandaged his wound, the rest of the people did not appoach, but rather stood far away, for fear of contacting with him.

“Then what should we do…..we can’t kill him now, right? Right now he is still…..still a conscious living person….ahh..”

“Give him some food, make him stay here, if he is still alive when we return, and not mutated, then we will take him!”

Shana quickly made a decision, and this is indeed a compromise.

Sigh.. Ling Mo secretly sighed in his heart, you went through the trouble, the other one might not appreciate it, and have to lose food…

But this is much better than to bring the burden, therefore when Shana looked at himself, Ling Mo nodded without arguing.

Sure enough, when Shana and Liu Yu Hao told Lu Xin of this decision, his face turned extremely ugly in an instant, in addition to deep despair, his eyes also reflected extreme resentment!

Lu Xin who originally wanted to struggle, but after a look through the expression on the surrounding people, he instantly feel the cold from head to toe!

No one disputes that, and no one care about his life and death!

“Well…you are all good…”after squeezing the words from his throats, Lu Xin took the food with a cold sneer, then stopped talking and closed his mouth. Even though his body is still constantly shaking, and lips tremble incessantly.

Fear, hatred made Lu Xin’s eyes look very complicated, almost everyone does not dare to look at his eyes.

“I will take you to the office over there, don’t worry, we will come back for you.” Liu Yu Hao said somewhat apologetically. At least leaving him at the office will not let those zombies who are attracted over by blood to be eaten, this is as humane as possible.

Lu Xin just nodded indifferently, after Liu Yu Hao helped him settle down, and walked out after the closing door, everyone are still having silent looks.

Compared to helping serious wounded to be relieved, this kind of abandoning friends is probably even more devastating, though only temporarily….

But to be honest, Ling Mo does not have this kind of tangle in his heart, on one hand he originally disliked Lu Xin, on the other hand, he didn’t feel that Shana and the rest of them did anything wrong. On the contrary, Lu Xin is the one who wished everyone to sacrifice for himself; this is the real selfish attitude!

But somehow, Ling Mo is vividly expecting something, after been attacked by a zombie, especially wounded by a mutated zombie, will Lu Xin mutate?

A break has lost another two of their companions; this casualty rate is simply very high. No one is willing to stay in this place anymore, all urged to leave quickly.

Fortunately Wang Cheng also found some food, even though Liu Yu Hao has spared some food to Lu Xin, it will be enough to last for today. The most important reason is that, right now besides Ling Mo and Ye Lian, and the temporarily abandoned Lu Xin, they only have five people left.

One girl, glasses guy Wang Cheng, that boy who almost killed Wang Cheng, Shana and Liu Yu Hao.

For some reason, Ling Mo always felt that with numerous companions dead, Wang Cheng’s eyes looked very relaxed, even though his expression shows grief, but it just seemed contrived.

Anyways, it’s none of my business, these people do not have the courage, no combat skills, yet still value their lives more than anyone else, full of curved stomach intestines (implying they are always thinking about tricks), head full of calculations.

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