My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 210 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 210 Part 1 – You Have Good Teeth Girl

The words that Ling Mo spoke made Yu Shi Ran lost in thought.

It seems that there was something wrong with the thinking capabilities for zombies making it difficult for them to come up with solution for a logical problem, but at least she realized that it was a bad idea if she let him out of the bathroom.

So after thinking carefully for a while, she finally thought of a way.

Yu Shi Ran suddenly moved, her body was small and thin, and although she was not as flexible as Ye Lian, nor was her speed faster than Li Ya Ling, but she would definitely win in power. With one push from the heels of her feet she was immediately in front Ling Mo.

Ling Mo was surprised, he immediately used both his spirit tentacles and also his spirit strangulation attacks at the same time.

While Yu Shi Ran’s body suddenly tilted a bit, Ling Mo quickly took the chance to take a few steps back letting the kick from Yu Shi Ran hit empty air.

Since Yu Shi Ran had already taken action, Ling Mo decided to release a warning signal immediately to the girls, but he didn’t expect that the reaction of Yu Shi Ran would be so fast.

When she almost fell after missing her attack, she quickly used both of hands to hit the floor, pushing her back towards Ling Mo and opened her mouth to bite him.

It truly was a zombie’s instinct to take a bite…

However Ling Mo was actually scared shitless due to that bite, he quickly used his mind disrupt attack(TL: I’m going to just call it “mind disrupt” since there’s two ways of saying it, it could be spirit disturbance or mental disturbance but both basically mean disrupting the mind.) as well as using the Tang sword to guard in front of him.

Yu Shi Ran tries to take another bite but misses her attack, and by the time she is able to pull herself together, the Tang sword had already reached the front of her head and was about to split her head in two.


After a very slight noise, Yu Shi Ran’s two rows of teeth had actually bitten onto Ling Mo’s Tang sword, and with her tyrannical strength, she pressed forward towards Ling Mo’s little brother.

Ling Mo desperately resisted and said, “WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO!!!!”

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“First… kill you first… or…take as a hostage…” Yu Shiran said intermittently.

Ling Mo gritted his teeth and said, “Great Idea, but too bad you will never have the chance to achieve it.”

At this time, he couldn’t let go of the sword, because if he did, his little mo would be injured under the force of inertia. The only way out of this was to hold on…


The blade had started to make some unpleasant sounds, this little loli’s bite is so strong!

Ling Mo used all his strength to resist Yu Shi Ran’s bite, while at the same time, he used both his mind disrupt and spirit strangulation attacks on Yu Shi Ran’s spiritual ball of light, immobilizing her from making any more further attacks.

However Ling Mo could not free himself as well, both sides had quickly fallen into a stalemate.

Couldn’t imagine that this zombie leader would fight so desperately just to obtain these two bottles of medicine. If only she had put the same amount of effort into finding more medicine, she probably would have found some by now.

But on second thought, the way a zombie thinks was completely different from the way a human thinks.

Maybe to her, she had decided that those two bottles were hers and she needed to take back what was hers.

Zombies showed dedication towards their prey, it’s within their nature…..

Can she be painstakingly putting in so much effort for Half-moon? Or is this behavior out of emotion?

At this time, Ling Mo was finally able to send out a warning signal to the girls, and a few seconds later the door broke open with a “BANG!”

Just at the moment when the door was kicked open, Yu Shi Ran suddenly curled back and dashed forward and jumped towards the window and tried to squeeze herself out.

But Ye Lian, who was the first to come inside the room, had also jumped as well and when she landed, Yu Shi Ran was pulled back down.

Yu Shi Ran immediately turned her attention onto Ling Mo first, but he already knew that he was going to be the target and had already used his spirit tentacles to spread out into a web right in front of him.

Yu Shi Ran slammed right into the web and immediately felt dizzy. When she turned her head around, she made eye contact with Shana’s eyes.

As if she was in some sort of illusion, Yu Shi Ran became dazed and started to drool.

Could she have seen something edible? Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shana’s scythe slammed down and blade directly cut her chest.

Li Ya Ling kicked into Yu Shi Ran’s belly afterwards, she immediately slammed into the wall and made a loud “BANG” sound.

At the moment when her body smashed into the wall, Yu Shi Ran’s eyes immediately slammed wide open and she quickly jumped back up, but the wall had already been covered by a big pool of blood.


To Be Continued…..

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