My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 210 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 210 Part 2 – You Have Good Teeth Girl

A horrible sharp cry was released, it made people feel as if their brains were being stabbed by a needle.

Ye Lian and the other two became stunned, and just when Yu Shi Ran was going to take this opportunity to escape, she suddenly realized that a dark shadow had appeared beside her and a flash of cold light fell down towards her.

Yu Shi Ran tried to slams into the person’s arms, but did not expect to hold onto a curtain with one hand, while stepping on the curtain making her unsteady and losing her balance, falling to the ground.

At the moment she fell to the ground, the dark shadow had slammed hard on the back of her head.


Just as Yu Shi Ran struggled to climb back up, she was hit again and slammed back down to the ground again, the back of her head where her brain was had gotten hit by Ling Mo, she finally couldn’t hold it, and she became motionless and fainted…

Zombie leaders are really strong, even after one minute of being beaten up and having blood her blood spraying everywhere, she still hadn’t died.

Ye Lian walked over towards her in plans of removing the virus hive from Yu Shi Ran, but was stopped by Ling Mo.

“Not yet, she still has a partner. That partner was the one that wanted you to be her spouse, the one called “Half-moon.”

Ling Mo mouth displayed a smirk as he smiled and said, “I honestly did not expect for her newest spouse to land right into our hands. Since we have her already we might as well lure Half-moon out as well since she also has a virus hive as well. Zombie leaders were hard to find.

Ye Lian nodded.

Although Shana and Li Ya Ling’s urge to kill was still strong, but since it was Ling Mo who asked, they didn’t do anything in the end.

But Li Ya Ling gave Yu Shi Ran a cold look and suggested, “We should break off her hands and feet incase she decides to bite you again.”

During the moment when she came in, she probably saw that Ling Mo’s little brother had met a dangerous situation and since she and Ling Mo’s little brother had a close relationship, naturally she would be extremely pissed off. (TL: For those of you people who still can’t understand who Ling Mo’s little brother is, the answer is his dick….)

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Shana immediately shook her head, “What if she dies in the process? Anyways, she doesn’t have the ability to resist anymore.

Indeed, Yu Shi Ran seems to have been seriously injured.

Ye Lian lifted her up and dragged her into the room.

Ling Mo had wanted to find some rope to tie her up, but after thinking about it more clearly, he realized that it was pointless since if she really did recover, she could easy struggle a bit and break out.

During her coma-like state, Ling Mo tried to take control of her, but what Ling Mo didn’t expect was that her spirit ball kept resisting and rejecting his control.

There could only be two very possible reasons for this. It was either his power wasn’t strong enough, or she wasn’t injured heavily enough.

Both reasons are possible, the only reason he was able to control Li Ya Ling was because she was already Ling Mo’s puppet before her evolution to zombie leader.

And even if he did successfully control Yu Shi Ran, it might cause him problems in the future when Shana also evolves due to the lack of spiritual strength. It could risk his spirit connection with Shana to suffer a loss.

After thinking about what had happened to Li Ya Ling, he thought that it was better not to take the risk.

What’s more, for a little loli to aim for his little brother, that was a major taboo.

In the end, Yu Shi Ran was thrown aside in a corner and was guarded by Ye Lian and the other two girls. When she woke up, they would be able to ask her the hiding place for Half-moon.

Even if she didn’t say anything, Half-moon would definitely come and find her.

With the three girls guarding this place, Ling Mo felt secure and went back to bed.

It was unfortunate that he couldn’t smell the usual soft and warm jade fragrance in his arms since no one was in the bed with him, thinking up to this point made Ling Mo feel a bit upset.

Just for two bottles of medicine….Was is it really worth it????

It seems that zombies couldn’t think logically even after recovering some of their rationality, if there wasn’t any pharmacies near here, she could have apparently gone further to look for some….

She spent the whole stalking them, and eventually took a risk to attack as well, but eventually ended up getting trapped in here.

But on second thought, even if she wasn’t a zombie, she would technically just be a thirteen year old girl, how could she possibly consider all these options , let alone being controlled by her zombie instincts.

“Hey little buddy, you must of been really scared…. It’s a pity there is no one to comfort you since they all left to keep an eye on that trouble maker….

Ling Mo sighed and went to sleep.

With such a strong connection with the three zombies, there’s not much he needed to worry about.

After such a short battle, he had used a lot of his spiritual power, it’s quite difficult to fight with zombie leaders…..

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