My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 211

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 211 – I Have my Principles


Yu Shi Ran let out a groan and then slowly opened her eyes.

Upon opening her eyes, she saw a young man’s face, “Human….brother!”

As she was saying this, she also tried to lean over and take a bite.

But just as she reached in front of Ling Mo, she felt as if she had run into an invisible wall, not only did she miss the bite, but her brain felt as if it had gotten punched, “Wenggg”, she started to feel dizzy.


Yu Shi Ran fell back down to the carpet, and Ling Mo went beside her and kneeled down while playing with a dagger in one hand.

Ling Mo smiled and said, “Little sister, big brother here will just be upfront with you and cut to the chase.”

Ye Lian and the other two were on the side, there was no way she could run while she was severely injured.

Moreover, it was already noon of the next day before she had finally woken up, seems like she bled too much, and also she had gotten hit on the back of the head twice, the damage done towards her was a lot.

You couldn’t blame Ling Mo and the other three for being so cruel since there was no way for them to hold back when they were fighting a zombie leader.

The battle last night, although it was short, it was also extremely dangerous, it was actually quite risky for Ling Mo to fight in such a narrow environment.

So when they were attacking Yu Shi Ran, they only aimed for the vitals.

The fact that she could still stay alive somehow proves how strong zombie leaders were.

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In her brain, the virus hive must have generated a huge amount of the virus to speed up her recovery.

And in the process, the pressure that zombie leaders gave out was completely released.

The pressure made Ye Lian and Shana a bit uncomfortable, only Li Ya Ling was able to seem as if it didn’t matter to her.

Obviously this was some sort of self-protection mechanism. If she were to lie down outside, she would most definitely not be eaten by the ordinary zombies.

Yu Shi Ran was stunned for a moment before showing a slight expression of curiosity.

She looked at Ling Mo with waryness, than pulled  her collar and the hem of her dress to block her white tender legs from showing.

She stared at Ling Mo and hesitated, “Then you’ll give me back the medicine and also let me go?”


Although Ling Mo thought this question of hers was a bit weird, but since she was asking for some conditions, that meant this was still negotiable.

It would be really hard to defend from a zombie leader’s sneak attack, it would be a much better choice to take the initiative and find out where the zombie leader’s location is and then implement a sneak attack instead.

Although they could also just wait for Half-moon to come and prepare for a sneak attack, but Ling Mo didn’t like the feeling of always being a target of a surprise attack.

“As long as the pigeon makes it out alive from the mutation, the possibility of him being surprised would be a lot lower.”

Ling Mo was considering things and involuntarily turned towards Ye Lian’s hands.

The pigeon hadn’t woken up yet, Ling Mo had no clue on whether it could make it or not.

“Naturally.” Seeing that Yu Shi Ran didn’t respond, Ling Mo asked her, “Then should we start now?”

Yu Shi Ran stared at Ling Mo and let go of her hands.

Her clothes already torn by Shana but was mixed with blood making it stick together, when she let go of her clothes, it immediately tore apart.

This girl was actually wearing underwear, but it was full of blood, a cut was shown right above her cleavage, but it was no longer bleeding after a night, it had almost fully healed.

Ling Mo frowned, “….What are you doing?”

Yu Shi Ran opened her arms and slowly lied on her back, looking at Ling Mo with her red white eyes and said in a chilling voice, “Come on!”

Ling Mo felt that something wasn’t right, “Why are you lying down?”

Yu Shi Ran said with a cold voice, “Didn’t you wish to mate with me?”


“PFFTTT!” Shana burst out with laughter, Ye Lian looked down at Yu Shi Ran with surprise.

Li Ya Ling eyes also flashed a hint of surprise, and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but eventually just murmured, “There isn’t enough to share…..”

Ling Mo was already shocked by the little girl’s words, but Li Ya Ling’s words made it even more surprising.

Not enough to share! What the fuck is that suppose to mean!

Wait and see, one day I will do seven at at time… definitely at least three!

Although female zombies are strong, but I, Ling Mo, am a psychic…..

But even though his heart was roaring, but he had to admit, his current body couldn’t really keep up with their pace of improvement….

Even though his stamina would increase when during sex, but Ling Mo wasn’t happy about the fact that he was always at the bottom.

So far Li Ya Ling’s improvement and Shana’s half improvement hadn’t given him any increase in stamina.

If one day Ye Lian and Shana’s desires also awaken, who knows maybe they might just swallow him whole amongst themselves.

Ling Mo pulled himself back together and teasingly looked at her, “Who taught you this? Half-moon?”

Seeing Yu Shi Ran staring at him with anger, Ling Mo knew he guessed right.

Ling Mo turned serious and said, “Do I look like a pervert to you? And do you even know what the word “mating” really means?”

Ling Mo really couldn’t push himself to cross that line, the girl was only like thirteen years old, although she was a zombie, but her body still looked human.

Yu Shi Ran widened her eyes and said, “Doesn’t it mean to hug?”

Ling Mo laughed, “AHAHAHHA…”

He knew it, that Half-moon really couldn’t find a way to have sex.

Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo and asked, “Is it….because her….battle power is too low??”

Ling Mo quickly said, “Uh…she is indeed a bit low…NO! I mean….even if she had a e cup I still wouldn’t do anything! I have my principles!”

Shana summarized with one word, “Liar.”

Li Ya Ling stuck out her chest as if she was trying to remind Ling Mo that she was the obvious best choice….

Ling Mo’s eyes turned sharp, “Okay enough, if you want to lie down, then lie down, all i just want to know is where your partner Half-moon is? She should be close by right?”

He knows that zombies wouldn’t lie, at least not at this stage.

Their mindset were more similar to beast, easier, crueler, and much more direct.

Yu Shi Ran sat up immediately all of a sudden, but it was at this moment, two flashes of blades stopped right in front of her neck.

It was Shana’s scythe and Li Ya Ling’s dagger, she had given the dagger a name called, “The snake kiss.”

Yu Shi Ran’s movements stopped, she not only had gotten blocked by Li Ya Ling and Shana, but also had gotten hit by Ling Mo’s spiritual strangulation attack.

It wouldn’t actually destroy her spirit ball, but it would still make her dizzy.

Ling Mo’s knife slid through Yu Shi Ran’s breast, it wouldn’t really hurt her, “I am asking one more time, where is she? If you don’t tell me, I will get her to come out. Don’t worry we were old friends before, we are just having a reunion.”

Yu Shi Ran shook her head, this movement gave her two cuts on her neck, seeing that she was close to sobering up again, Ling Mo used his spirit strangulation attack again.

Yu Shi Ran finally said, “At…..Clothing City.”

However Ling Mo also felt dizzy as well now, he had to make sure she that she didn’t become a retard but at the same time needed to apply some pressure on her, this was actually very consuming for him.

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