My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 212 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 212 Part 2 – Seek for Mate

Yu Shi Ran’s expression changed suddenly, she looked at Li Ya Ling and Shana, then made a cold laugh, “When a zombie evolves into a zombie leader, the would have an ability to call for another partner, the one who receives this call could only be able to respond. But once you reach the level of zombie leader and already have a spouse, you would not longer be able to make the call unless your spouse dies. This…She should know at least right? Maybe she will leave you soon someday….”

When she finished her words, she was looking at Li Ya Ling with a smile, seems that she was excited to see Ling Mo’s expression after hearing this information.

Ling Mo was shocked and looked at Li Ya Ling, “Senior sister?”

Li Ya Ling caressed her hair and said, “In fact high level advanced zombies could also make the call as well, but only towards the same level ones, this was just the courtship behavior of zombies.”

Ling Mo became distracted and his eyes turned wide open, the zombies that he was controlling also stopped as well.

Seeking for a mate?! Seek your sister!!!

Ling Mo immediately thought of shouts he previously heard during his travel at X city university, Ye Lian at the time had also gotten distracted for a while. Now it seems that it probably was a call for a mate.

But apparently zombie leaders and advanced zombies were on a totally different level, zombie leaders basically had a cheat code that gave them a 100% success rate every time.

This was not seeking for a mate, it was stealing another’s girlfriend!

Based on Yu Shi Ran’s words, the moment you evolved into a zombie leader, this type of desire would also awaken?

Fortunately, the person that this loli called for was for Half-moon!

Although she was a zombie, but she was literally only 13 or 14 years old, why the fuck would she be seeking for a mate!

On the other hand, it seems that Half-moon subconsciously thinks herself as a boy, otherwise why else would she receiving a call from a female.

Ling Mo vision turned towards Ye Lian and Shana.

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So, this meant that Ye Lian had the ability to call Advanced level zombies at the same level while Li Ya Ling had the ability to call for zombie leaders.

Even Shana would be able to also call for some zombies too once she completely evolved…..

If this ability wasn’t used as a call for mating, Ling Mo’s first reaction would be to use this ability to call all the high level zombies and set up a trap for them to kill them all.

But when this call was known to the zombies as seeking a mate, Ling Mo didn’t think this idea was a good one.

Even if it meant for a possibility of getting more virus gels or virus hives, Ling Mo didn’t want his girls to go looking for a mate!

What worried Ling Mo the most right now was the fact on whether or not they would eventually follow their instincts and try to send out a call for a mate.

Ye Lian was the first to shake her head and said, “This thought of seeking for a mate never came into my mind….I…I don’t know why either.”

Shana smiled and tilted her head, “It’s strange…this never occurred to me as well either.”

Li Ya Ling blinked her eyes and revealed a strange expression on her face and said, “I…I did it before.”

Ling Mo immediately frowned, “WHAT!”

“Well…..I made the call to you, but you didn’t seem to respond to my call….”

Li Ya Ling’s eyes flashed with a bit of color, “But obviously I thought you were my spouse, it was just that you couldn’t hear my call. It might be because we already have some sort of connection, it’s a weird feeling that I don’t know how to explain….”

“How could you possibly become a mate with a human….” Yu Shi Ran murmured.

Suddenly, something clicked in Ling Mo’s brain! The mating call for zombies was basically some sort of spiritual communication.

Zombies weren’t like other animals where they showed their body or their nests when they started to seek for a mate.

And since the three girls already had a strong spiritual connection with him, it meant that he was their only mate!

Ling Mo felt relieved immediately, it’s fine as long as they don’t go seeking for mates…..

However, since there was an instinct for mating for zombies, that would also mean that zombies could probably reproduce.

Yu Shi Ran and Half-moon were obviously an exception, and as for Ling Mo….it’s still unclear on whether or not a human and a zombie could produce a child.

Ling Mo suddenly asked out of curiosity, “Has a situation ever occurred where a zombie was simultaneously called at the same time by two other zombies?”

Ling Mo became surprised when Yu Shi Ran gave him a look that sent chills down his spine and then proceeded to make a noise, “Humph.”

“Ohh?? It seems that zombies would also become rivals when it came to fighting for the favor of a spouse.”

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