My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 213 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 213 Part 1 – Sneaking in to Kill Enemy

Although Ling Mo was very curious on how the process of seeking for mates went, but judging from Yu Shi Ran’s expression, he knew she wouldn’t tell him.

The high level zombies will start seeking for mates….This indicated that zombies were able to reproduce.

Although the zombie race had a fierce elimination rate, but that also meant the pregnant zombies would also have a fierce combat power.

Ling Mo could not help but start the imagine a scene…..

He wasn’t even sure if the length of pregnancy was the same as humans, they could already be considered a different race, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was something different between them.

Ling Mo couldn’t help but glance at Li Ya Ling and thought to himself. Maybe after all of his hard work, he would soon be able to find out whether or not zombies and humans could have children.

The twenty zombies in Ling Mo’s control started to move slowly towards him in order to avoid being attracted by the other zombies around the area.

The moment they all arrived near Ling Mo, they automatically dispersed and started to spread out, keeping a certain distance from the zombies around them, but also making sure that every small section of the area had their presence.

Once they reached a certain distance Ling Mo took control of them and made them rip their own bellies with their knife-like nails.

Blood started to flow out of stomach and the zombies around it started to approach.


Taking control of 20 zombies and making them all run in different directions was a kind of challenge to test Ling Mo’s current ability.

However, Ling Mo was not like before, he could control all 20 zombies now without feeling strained.

He was like a transmitter, and after his spiritual power had increased, his “electricity” became much more powerful.

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His spirit tentacles had also gotten powerful as well, the speed at which he sent messages became much faster.

But it was still a bit difficult to achieve 100% synchronization. Even if Ling Mo became extremely concentrated, he could at most let the messages be delayed for less than a second.

Although the gap of one second or even a few milliseconds can be regarded as a basic synchronization, but for his own ability to improve, Ling Mo has always required perfection.

It was completely fine to have a second of delay when it came to fighting normal zombies, but when the fights were against higher level zombies, a few milliseconds could make a huge difference.

Moreover, this gap not only reflected on his controlling, but it also reflected on his mind disrupt and spirit strangulation, or even when he tried to control objects.

100% synchronization was Ling Mo’s goal.

20 zombies ran wildly, which naturally attracted the zombies that were around them.

To attract even more zombies, Ling Mo commanded them to rip their wounds bigger.

Two of the zombies began to resist Ling Mo’s control, due to the excessive bleeding which resulted in their awareness of death.

However, for this kind of resistance coming from ordinary zombies, Ling Mo could still reluctantly suppress it.

He would just break the connection with the zombies once they ran a bit further.

With this approach, in just two minutes, the majority of the zombies on this street were led away.

The small amount of remaining zombies were either physically impaired, too slow, or had just came from a different area.

After breaking the connection from the zombies that he had used as bait, he took control of the rest of the zombies that were left behind and made them all twist their own necks.

Except for a small amount of fresh blood on the street, there were no other traces left at all. It was as if the zombies on the street had evaporated.

Without a heavy smell of blood, it would be impossible for Half-moon to notice them.

“Who are you?”

Yu Shi Ran was completely shocked at the scene that she just saw, even she was unable to pull this off, yet this human, which she disregarded as prey, got rid of so many zombies without even using any of his hands.

Although he had only just led them somewhere else, but this was enough to show that he was still really powerful.

Is it because of this reason that her own kind would be willing to be with this human being?

Yu Shi Ran suddenly became very interested in Ling Mo, “What was so special about this human?”

Ling Mo wasn’t aware of the strange looks that this little loli was giving him, after he confirmed that there weren’t any zombies left around the streets, he wave his hands and everyone quickly approached Clothes City.

It was currently still the afternoon and it was very bright outside, however, making sneak attacks towards zombies were much better done during the daytime.

They had much better vision at night, and unfortunately Ling Mo was only able to use his zombies vision to see what was going on in the dark.

“Didn’t you say you were looking for Half-moon to talk about the old days?”

Yu Shi Ran finally realized that something was wrong with this whole idea. This little loli’s reaction was really slow…..

Ling Mo smiled at her, “I’ll bet my left nut that when you were human, you were still pretty gullible.”

Then he proceeded to take out a roll of tape from his backpack.

This tape was originally used by him to pack his things, he didn’t expect that he would find another way to use it now.

To be continued…

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