My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 213 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 213 Part 2 – Sneaking in to Kill Enemy

After remembering the movies where the villain tied up the girl, Ling Mo covered her mouth completely with tape, then also sealed her wounds with the tape as well, then took out a bottle of perfume and sprayed her with it a couple of times.

This was used to cover up the bloody smell that came from Yu Shi Ran’s body. Obviously the smell of perfume would be found, but at least it wouldn’t alert Half-moon right away.

The smell of blood would be the first thing that they would be aware of.

Yu Shi Ran frowned, even Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian displayed their dislike for the perfume.

Shana calmly stepped back, she apparently also didn’t like the smell either.

The perfume’s smell was a bit too strong for the zombies, since they had a sharp sense of smell.

But after a few seconds, Ling Mo had started to feel a bit weird, it felt a little fuzzy and this type of feeling was hard to explain.

“What kind of perfume is this?”

Ling Mo doubtfully took the bottle closer to his eyes and looked at it. This bottle of perfume was found in a abandoned luxury car near Shana’s home.

The bottle was full of French words, you could tell that it’s a high-end product just from the packaging and label.

But…Ling Mo couldn’t understand what was written on it, only knowing that it made him feel a bit hot.

“This is obviously good stuff, probably could even also mask my human smell as well.”

Ling Mo took some time to think for a bit before spraying himself with some of the perfume onto his body and looked at the front door of Clothes City.

Above a dozen or so steps was a big black door, with half of the shutter door torn down, hanging over there diagonally.

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A light autumn breeze blew by. You could hear a “Hua la la” sound.

Dozens of dead bones were scattered on the steps, and the red carpet was dyed by the blood into a dark black.

Although it had been washed by rain, you could still imagine the terrifying things that had occured due to its pitiful condition.

The zombies that were previously by the door had also gotten lured away by Ling Mo’s bait, right now the door was wide open, giving complete access to everyone to go in or out.

If it wasn’t because of Yu Shi Ran telling them the exact location of Half-moon, Ling Mo would never had guessed that there was a zombie leader hiding in here.

“Let’s go in.”

Ling Mo had wanted to take the back door but after circling around the building once, he realized that there was no back door, and he good only take the entrance.

As soon as they entered through the door, all they saw was a complete a mess. There was scattered clothes and smashed shelves everywhere. There was even a lot of cash mixed with blood plasma making the scene look like complete chaos.

You could see bones everywhere with mannequins leaning this way and that way….

The clothes that the mannequins wore were clothes that had costed more than 10 grand before the apocalypse and had now turned into complete trash. They were either covered with blood and dust or they were ripped.

It seems that Half-moon and Yu Shi Ran hadn’t cleared out the zombies in this building because after Ling Mo carefully walked in, a zombie woman with high heels ran out from behind a clothes rack.

In the beginning, Ling Mo was scared shitless, he had thought Half-moon had already discovered them, he didn’t expect that it was just an ordinary zombie.

The things that this female zombie wore was very luxurious. A tight dress with a lot of jewelry, she even wore a diamond necklace around her neck. You could tell that everything she wore was expensive.

However, her curly hair had long been messy, in addition to the fierce expression on her face, there was no real sense of beauty.

In order not to reveal any traces of his group, Ling Mo didn’t use his super power, instead he ran towards her with excellent agility got behind her and aimed to grab the back of her neck.

Then he used a bit of his strength with both of his hands until he heard the sound, “Ka Tsa”, she didn’t move anymore after that.

After gently putting her down a middle-aged male zombie rushed out from a corner.

“Will there be a end to this….”

Ling Mo frowned and used the same method to defeat this zombie as well.

Ling Mo turned towards Yu Shi Ran and said, “Little Sister, there’s too many people in your house….”

In order for her not to release her zombie leader pressure, Ling Mo had his spirit tentacles wrapped around her spirit ball the whole time.

This so called pressure was sort of dominance between someone in a higher level looking down on a low level.

For example, Ling Mo previously was affected by Half-moon last time because his spirit was the same as a zombies.

Every time there was a change in Yu Shi Ran’s spirit ball, Ling Mo would immediately use his spirit strangulation attack on it.

After listening to what Ling Mo said, she could only stare at Ling Mo while making some noises, “Wuu….Why aren’t you sparing any of them?….Wuuu..”

“Your mouth sure is incredible in how it still isn’t sealed shut after putting so much tape, you should be careful though, the tape was made with super glue.”

After Ling Mo finished talking, he found that Yu Shi Ran had widened her eyes all of a sudden, and then anxiously started to squeak “Wuuu….Wuuu.” but fortunately for Ling Mo, he couldn’t understand any of it.

“HaHaHa…Very good… Finally you can shut up now.”

After a glimpse of silence, Ling Mo realized what was going on and suddenly showed a pleasant smile.

Ye Lian had grabbed Yu Shi Ran in case she had tried to kill Ling Mo, Li Ya Ling frowned and had kicked her ass with her knee.

To be exact, it is the middle between two butt cheeks…

Her pupils shrinks once more. She twitched again and then dared not move again.

A kick with the knee from a zombie leader, it could probably be said that her ass would most likely never feel the same way again.

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