My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 214 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 214 Part 1 – Some Things Just Won’t Grow No Matter How Hard You Try

After killing more than a dozen zombies in succession, Ling Mo and his group had finally reached the stairway that led to the upper floors.

However, upon reaching the stairway Ling Mo and his group noticed that there was a body was lying on the ground close to the stairway. The face of the body had been consumed with what seemed like bite marks leaving a bloody mess all over the floor. Based on the body’s appearance, Ling Mo could tell that the body had originally belonged to a zombie that was from this building.

Ling Mo frowned and decided to kneel down in order to take a closer look at the body, after examining the body he looked around and noticed a completely gnawed skeleton lying in a corner.

The skeleton had a putrid smell coming from it. Ling Mo covered his nose with his hand and kneeled down besides the skeleton, he turned his flashlight towards the bones of the skeleton and started to examine them.

Ling Mo thought to himself, “I’m pretty sure Yu Shi Ran and Half-moon weren’t the type to have such bad table manners…”

In addition, zombies that had reached a high level, would usually target eating the brain first as a priority, even if the corpse was from an ordinary zombie they still would target the brain first.

Although it was pretty rare, in the brains of an ordinary zombie, there was still the small chance that a low quality gel would appear inside. And even if the brain didn’t condense a gel inside it, the brain would still be the body part that contained the biggest amount of the virus.

As for eating meat….well that would depend on what type of meat that was being eaten.

Although an ordinary zombie’s flesh and blood also contained the virus, but it had a much lesser amount of the virus when it was compared to the brain. And the reason why zombies preferred to consume human flesh above all else was probably because the flavor of flesh to zombies was delicious.

Even so, if it was consumed only to just fill the belly of a zombie, it still shouldn’t have been this messy.

Ling Mo turned his head towards Yu Shi Ran and asked, “Were you and Half-moon the ones that ate this?”

Yu Shi Ran just stared at him and didn’t reply.

Ling Mo removed the flashlight away from the bone and sneered, “It seems to me like you guys also have a mutant beast as a neighbor. Although you turned into a zombie, only your teeth and bite had become stronger, the shape of your teeth never changed, meaning this would be impossible for you guys to make such a bite mark like this.”

Yu Shi Ran’s eyes became wide open as if she seemed to look really surprised in the fact that Ling Mo was able to figure this out.

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“What the fuck is with that look? Are you looking down on us humans?”

Ling Mo moved his hand to Yu Shi Ran’s forehead and flicked it with his fingers, she immediately shrank her head back, then frowned and stared angrily at Ling Mo.

Although Yu Shi Ran was displaying such a violent expression, Ling Mo had thought it was pretty amusing.

Sure enough, once a zombie restored their ability to reason, some traits of a certain aspect were also magnified and a bit more obvious. For example this little loli was obviously not very bright.

If she had any brains at all, she wouldn’t have been tricked so easily into selling out her partner. Half-moon was basically sold out by Yu Shi Ran without any resistance at all.

Ling Mo still didn’t understand why he seemed to feel more hotter and hotter, his nose was full of that perfume smell.

“Could it be that it’s expired? Is this smell poisonous now?” Ling Mo was depressed.

If he had known this in the beginning, he would have used a different method. He was kind of regretting using this method now, but this perfume was the only thing that could completely mask his smell.

“Fuck it, I’ll just bear with it for now…”

Ling Mo inhaled deeply, his will power was quite formidable, it wouldn’t really matter if it was just for a while longer.

But the frenzy that he was suppressing in his heart was almost about to explode out.

Expensive perfumes sure were different, especially expired perfumes…they are very lethal…

Considering that there might be a mutant beast somewhere, Ling Mo’s actions became extra careful.

Although they had hidden their aura, but mutant beasts had sensitive nose, even though they were probably more interested in human flesh and blood, it was still better to be careful.

There were only four floors in this Clothes City building, Ling Mo wasn’t really sure which one Half-moon was on.

After he had increased the strength of his abilities, he could now actually detect things with his spirit power, but it would still be pretty hard to detect things while trying to penetrate through a wall, and in order not to get the attention of his opponent, he didn’t plan on using his powers before he found Half-moon just in case he somehow gets exposed because of it.

“My dear sweet bird, why haven’t you already turned yet….”

Ling Mo looked at Ye Lian, that little pigeon was inside Yu Shi Ran’s backpack and had hung on Ye Lian’s arm.

It took Ling Mo and his group around ten minutes or so to fully search each floor until they finally reached the fourth floor.

There was practically nothing on the first three floors of this building. It appears that both the mutant beast and Half-moon were on the fourth floor. Ling Mo’s group became extra careful now.

Yu Shi Ran’s eyes finally started to show a trace of anxiety, but Ling Mo did not give her any chance to send a warning signal.

To be continued…

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