My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 214 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 214 Part 2 – Some Things Just Won’t Grow No Matter How Hard You Try

On the fourth floor, there was a large office area, as well as many one-roomed offices.

Ling Mo searched each office one by one, but out of his expectations, he heard the sound of a door opening when he reached a turn.


Ling Mo immediately waved his hands backwards in order to signal the three of them to stop, he himself hid at a corner of the wall, and peeked into the hallway with his eyes.

A office room opened, a pretty face with clear white skin came out wearing a gym suit.

It was the girl Half-moon….

After not seeing her for half a month, her hair seemed to have grown a bit longer, she at least didn’t look like a tomboy no more, instead she looked like a very pure female student.

But the one thing that remained unchanged was that her breasts were still flat…flatter than an airport runway..

Ling Mo’s first glance was towards Half-moon’s breast, he could still see the wound he had made, it seems that it had been really hard to heal.

After so long it still hasn’t healed, it was no wonder Yu Shi Ran would come up with such a stupid idea, thinking that medicine could probably cure Half-moon.

He still hadn’t found any traces of the mutant beast, Ling Mo hesitated for a while before turning his attention back towards Half-moon.

Ling Mo thought that it didn’t seem to make any sense for mutant beasts to get along with zombies, he thought probably the mutant beast was hiding somewhere in the other rooms.

Ling Mo originally thought that Half-moon was going to head downstairs, but unexpectedly she headed towards the end of the hallway instead.

Over there at the end of the hallway, was only a bathroom.

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Ling Mo immediately felt like he wanted to jump out in joy! The bathroom was perfect! It was the best place to block her retreat as well as attack her all at the same time!

“Let’s Go!” Ling Mo whispered.

Seeing that Half-moon went inside the bathroom, Ling Mo quickly followed after her.

However, in order to avoid being discovered by Half-moon, Ling Mo deliberately took Ye Lian and the two other girls with him on a different hallway route that connected to the bathroom at the end as well.

But what Ling Mo didn’t know was that just as they took the different hallway route, a very big black head appeared from inside the room that Half-moon had originally come out from.

“Why am I so excited, is it because I have never really made any sneak attacks on zombies before? Or is it the perfume …. Even though this perfume has already expired, but it still shouldn’t have this kind of effect though…”

Ling Mo could feel that his body was getting even more hotter, the wildness inside his body was getting harder and harder to suppress.

But this opportunity to launch such a perfect surprise attack was a once in lifetime chance, there was no way he was going to give up this chance.

Based on the words that Yu Shi Ran had previously said to Ling Mo, he could tell that Half-moon had regarded him as an enemy and not a friend.

Allowing a zombie leader to lurk in the shadows and give it a chance to launch a surprise attack at any time in the future was a terrifying thought.

Ling Mo wanted to get rid of this threat as quickly as possible. He didn’t want to live in fear of being attacked in the future.

Ling Mo’s heart was beating extremely fast as he slowly approached the bathroom at the end of the hallway.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down and held his Tang sword in his hand.

After giving one last look at the three girls, Ling Mo slowly stuck to the wall, and went over towards the bathroom.

This bathroom was so luxurious, as if it was a palace, the tiles were all made with gold, the space inside was really huge.

Half-moon was standing by a window in the bathroom, she seemed to be looking at what was going on outside.

However, Ling Mo had discovered that something was not right, because Half-moon had started to do something that everyone normally would have started to do in a bathroom.

She started to take off her pants…..

After taking off her pants, a white tender ass faced Ling Mo, apparently she hadn’t worn anything other than pants.

For some unknown reason, Ling Mo started to feel some heat coming from his lower abdomen.

His heart was suddenly shocked.

Weird, it didn’t make any sense. The other party was a tomboy and also his rival. There was no reason for him to get a physiological reaction from seeing her ass!

He came here to launch a surprise attack, not to peep on her!

At this time, Ling Mo finally realizes that there was something wrong with this perfume.

“FUCK, who the hell would put this type of perfume in the car! Who the hell could be so horny to have this in their car!”

Ling Mo was cursing the ancestors of the guy who used to drive that expensive car in his head, but his eyes were unable to shift away from that white ass.

You couldn’t blame Ling Mo, he did originally have a strong will power, but under the influence of the perfume and combined with such an erotic scene, it naturally would be hard to resist!

It seems that Half-moon was looking at her private part.

After carefully looking down for a while, she suddenly said to herself, “Why didn’t it grow? I read from a sex book that a male would usually grow one, but why hasn’t mine grown yet?

Having said that, she proceeded to take out a very dirty and thick book from the window sill, Ling Mo somehow saw two words from the book “Sex Education”.

Ling Mo sighed, “Why is it that although you have recovered your ability to read words, but you still haven’t recovered any common sense…. When will you realize that thing will never grow from you…”

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