My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 215 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 215 Part 1 – Let Go of My Wife

While holding onto the sex education book, Half-moon took some time to read the contents within. After reading past the second page, Half-moon seemed to have smelled something in the bathroom, she suddenly looked up and sniffed twice.

Realizing that Half-moon would most likely take notice of them in the next few moments, Ling Mo decisively made the choice to attack. He would take the chance to attack before she was able to look towards the door. Ling Mo quickly waved towards the girls to let them know that they were attacking and quickly dashed inside with Shana and him in the lead.

Ye Lian at this time let go of Yu Shi Ran and also went inside the bathroom as well.

Li Ya Ling on the other hand, stayed outside the bathroom securing Yu Shi Ran. They still had to be careful with Yu Shi Ran since she was a zombie leader after all.

Actually, even before Ling Mo had even set foot in the bathroom, Half-moon had already noticed that Ling Mo and the girls were there.

But since Ling Mo had been preparing for this battle for so long, how could he give her any chance to be able to fight back at all.

In order to maximize the effect of his attack, he only concentrated on attacking with his spirit strangulation attack alone.

The color of Shana’s eye changed and became discolored immediately after she went inside the bathroom, a pseudo-zombie level like aura was released out from her body. At the same time, she leaped high into the air and raised the scythe that was in her hands before she slammed it down with all her strength, hoping to divide Half-moon into two.

Ye Lian dashed after them and when she was about 5 meters away from Shana, she also leaped up as well and slashed her tiger claws straight down from the sky.

The moment Half-moon was turning around to face her intruders, her eyes made contact with Shana’s discolored eyes and she immediately fell into an illusion making her space out just for a moment.

In addition, right after falling into an illusion, she was hit by Ling Mo’s spirit strangulation attack, making her feel as if her brain was being smashed by a lot of rocks.

Under the attack of these two effects, although she struggled a lot to focus, she was still able to lean to the side, but due to the shape of Shana’s scythe, the scythe managed to rip part of her clothes while also leaving a deep cut.

As Ye Lian’s tiger claws tore down from the sky, it ripped apart Half-moon’s sleeves while also leaving four claw marks on shoulder.

The blood that was contained in Half-moon’s body immediately began to ooze out covering half her body, but Ling Mo, who should have taken this chance to keep attacking her while in pursuit, suddenly found himself unable to avoid staring at a certain part of her body.

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“What the flying fuck…..”

Inside Ling Mo’s heart, he started to curse indefinitely, because it was during that 0.1 second when he became stupefied upon staring at a certain part of her body, that Half-moon was able to turn around facing towards Ling Mo, leap backwards and do a backflip towards the window, then grabbed on to the window sill and pulled herself agilely on top of it.

In this way, she could now leap out of the window and reach the ground at any given time if she wanted to, using the air conditioners that were installed on each floor as a stepping stone or she could climb down from the drainage pipes that where clung to the walls of this building.

Zombie leaders were seriously too hard to beat, even though they did still manage to hurt her, in the end, they still couldn’t kill her.

However, Ling Mo was still angry about the situation because if it wasn’t for this fucked up perfume, he could have probably dealt an even more severe wound to Half-moon.

However, this wasn’t the thing that Ling Mo put the most blame on. The thing that should of been blamed the most was the fact that Half-moon wasn’t wearing any pants. This god damn perfume….no..It shouldn’t even be considered perfume anymore, it was more like some kind of aphrodisiac.

Ling Mo didn’t know whether this was imported from abroad or whether the original owner decided to camouflage this fucked up thing in a perfume bottle.

Luckily for Ling Mo, this goddamn thing only affected men and not women.

This was actually a good thing, because if the whole group was affected by the smell, the outcome of the situation wouldn’t have been good at all.

But in the end, this perfume still really did cover the scent of his human flesh, otherwise he probably would have been found out a long time ago by Half-moon

Ling Mo immediately roared out, “DON’T RUN AWAY!”

If he ended up not killing her this time and letting her go, it would be practically impossible to find her again the next time.

Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling started to bring Yu Shi Ran inside the bathroom, but just as they grabbed her inside, a roar came out from the other side of the hallway!

Afterwards a huge dark shadow started to dash towards them through the hallway and leaped over!

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT! What the hell is that?????”

Ling Mo looked back at it and felt a chill coming from the soles of his feet.

That huge dark shadow was a fucking giant dog!

It was three time bigger than the size of a molosser, the fur seemed to be hard as steel needles, it also had a steel-like tail, paired with sharp teeth and sharp claws!

The eyes of the beast was blood-red filled with a certain wildness making it look extremely terrifying!

Even the roar that came from this beast was more intimidating than a lion.

Although the appearance of this dog would probably scare anyone, Ling Mo wasn’t a regular person. In his head he was actually admiring it and thinking, “OMG it looks so cool….”

It looked so much better when compared to any other king beast.

Moreover, it was so much stronger than king beasts!

To be continued…

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