My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 215 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 215 Part 2 – Let Go of My Wife

Under the same level and a one on one situation, zombies wouldn’t be able to defeat mutant beasts.

However, the number of mutant beasts is quite small, which makes up the difference between the two species.

The same concept is true for humans. The major threat now for humans were still zombies and not mutant beasts.

However the current dog in front of Ling Mo has obviously evolved several times increasing its power, although it may not have reached the zombie leader level yet, but it had definitely reached the advanced zombie level.

But it should be lower than Ye Lian, it probably had just crossed the border of becoming an advanced zombie.

But even though it was at this level, it was still very strong.

A beast’s inborn agility and flexibility paired with tyrannical strength were it’s biggest advantages.

The evolution of the mutant beasts obviously magnified this advantage by several times.

If this mutant beast was previously a trained police dog or military dog, it might have been even stronger.

The mutant giant dog stopped by the entrance of the door and a pair of blood-red eyes stared at Ling Mo while constantly sniffing and barking at the same time.

It was as if this dog knew Ling Mo or something……

Ling Mo started to think back in his memories and remembered a mutant dog he saw in the police station.

That mutant dog was already hard to defeat at that time.

Could this actually be the one that had sneaked into the weapons room and attack the survivors leaving only a head behind?

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At that time, Ling Mo had suspected that even though mutant dogs could be cruel, but they wouldn’t have done that, right now looking back in his memories, Ling Mo concluded that maybe Half-moon at that time had already started to stalk him!

Could that be considered Half-moon’s revenge?

It was no wonder Half-moon was confident in finding him after letting him run around freely, stalking and finding a target was one of things dogs were known to be good at!

This dog must also be the one that had attacked Ling Mo previously, after being so close to Ling Mo, it started to remember his smell.

Right now, it proved that Ling Mo’s prediction was correct.

“I didn’t expect that Half-moon was actually so smart….”

Ling Mo felt a chill, if he hadn’t used the smell of blood to bait Yu Shi Ran, perhaps Half-moon would have actually found him a few days later.

At that time, Ling Mo had felt that he was unfortunate enough to have provoked a zombie leader, but now he felt that he was very lucky that this had happened. The situation would have been much worse if he didn’t capture Yu Shi Ran….

At least he had already wounded Half-moon and also had a hostage in his hands!

However, the situation at this time has become a bit complicated…

The mutant giant dog that suddenly popped up was obviously in cahoots with Half-moon.

Although Ling Mo couldn’t understand how a mutant beast and a zombie could get along….

The wounded Half-moon was about to run for it, but when she saw Yu Shi Ran get pulled in, she immediately stopped.

However, she was still very vigilant and had no intentions of surrendering.

In the mind of the zombies, they probably didn’t have the concept of surrendering, but at least she could still understand the concept of saving family since Yu Shi Ran was technically her spouse still.

At this time, it became a group of people having a standoff in the bathroom, Half-moon squatting on the window sill with her naked butt while a dog blocked the bathroom door.

The atmosphere was so heavy as if a big battle was about to begin!

The mutant beasts wouldn’t be affected by the suppression aura from higher level zombies, so it didn’t look afraid.

Half-moon was staring at Yu Shi Ran with a extremely angry look.

“Ha…It looks like we do need to talk.”

If they really went head to head, Ling Mo believes he would still be able to win. But going head to head wasn’t what Ling Mo wanted.

He didn’t wish to see Ye Lian and the other girls get hurt in the process, in addition he also wasn’t allowed to get a single wound.

This was seriously the human’s biggest disadvantage, they couldn’t get hurt no matter what otherwise it would be the end for them.

Even though Ling Mo felt that he always had a bit of the virus affecting his body, but he may have not reached to the point where he was completely immune to it.

Not to mention this was a big mutant beast…..In Ling Mo’s heart he named this level the third level for the mutant beast virus.

Two types of viruses, one third level and one zombie leader level.

This wasn’t something he could risk taking.

It was the same for Half-moon, she didn’t want to lose her spouse so she had to stay there and also couldn’t allow the third level mutant beast to attack.

“What do you want to talk about!”

Half-moon was still very angry, but she held it in.

The mutant dog sent out a load roar as if it was about to jump, but Half-moon stopped it, “Don’t move Lucky.”

Ling Mo was stunned and then smiled, “Lucky?? What a nice name…”

Half-moon stared at Ling Mo angrily and then pointed at Yu Shi Ran, “Let go of my wife!” Then she proceeded to point at Ye Lian, “And give me back my first wife!”

Ling Mo could not bear it and finally yelled, “YOU ARE A FUCKING WOMAN!”

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