My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 216 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 216 Part 1 – When There Are More Wolves Than There Is Meat, Fights Will Happen!


The huge mutant dog made another intimidating bark, as if warning Ling Mo not to do anything stupid.

Ling Mo started to feel a bit curious about this dog and thought to himself, “You raised this dog pretty well….”

He quietly tried to use his spirit tentacles in attempt to take control of the mutant dog, but found that the spiritual ball of the mutant dog was covered by a protective layer, blocking him which made him unable to penetrate through it.

It seems this was probably the reason why this dog could be so completely obedient towards Half-moon…

It seems that once a zombie evolved into a zombie leader, they would gain a special ability. For example, Shana who had a much stronger spirit power, gained a special ability with her eyes.

In fact, so far Ling Mo hasn’t carefully looked at how Shana’s eyes changed after she went into zombie mode.

But the moment he did look at it, he would begin to feel dizzy.

However, he vaguely felt that when Shana’s eyes became discolored, there would be an effect that caused people to see a visual illusion.

It’s like those static pictures that you used to see online that would deceive your eyes on what the picture really was, but the effect was much stronger, it would cause dizziness or even hallucinations when you looked at it.

Li Ya Ling on the other hand was a physical type zombie and her body became very soft and flexible, she could make moves that you would think was physically impossible, it was like a combination of both battling and yoga all at the same time.

In addition, she is really fast, if her opponent wasn’t at the same level as her, it would be extremely hard to dodge her attacks.

Even if the zombie was similar in strength, there was a really high chance that they would still be injured by Li Ya Ling’s attacks.

The future direction for Ye Lian’s growth was still unclear to Ling Mo, and as for Yu Shi Ran….

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If selling out your teammate was some kind of ability, then she excels in this aspect very much.

And as for Half-moon, she obviously had an ability that allowed her to tame beasts.

From Ling Mo’s spirit detection skill, he guessed that her taming skill was a kind of spiritual ability.

After being pointed out that she was a female by Ling Mo, Half-moon looked furious.

Half-moon glared at Ling Mo and roared, ““What kind of bullshit are you spreading!”

However, her gaze suddenly moved down and turned to Ling Mo’s crotch.

Due to the influence of the perfume and the fact that Half-moon wasn’t wearing any pants, Ling Mo’s little partner was in a rather embarrassing state.

While Yu Shi Ran didn’t know who Ling Mo’s little partner was but Half-moon knew, she had just read about it in the Sex Education book.

“Um, this is…..”

Half-moon’s eyes turned really red as she stared at the lump from Ling Mo’s pants.

You could tell from her eyes when she looked at Ling Mo’s little friend that she was full of desire.

That violent look on her face was giving Ling Mo a huge headache, even though he was able to suppress his impulsiveness to push her down with his willpower, but that didn’t mean he could control how his body reacted.

“Don’t look at it anymore, just understand that I have it and you just don’t, and staring at it won’t help it grow on your body.”

Ling Mo waved his hands and said, “Your wife is in my hands, let’s talk about the conditions?”

Half-moon looked at Ling Mo’s little friend for a while longer before she reluctantly pulled her gaze away and looked at Yu Shi Ran, it seems that she probably still cared for her.

As a zombie, she didn’t seem to realize that she was actually sold out by this little idiot.

This result actually made Ling Mo’s heart feel very relieved.

Generally speaking, zombies normally didn’t have any companionship, but it looks like that even though they had a monster’s mindset, they would still at least care about their “spouse”.

However, what made Ling Mo extremely angry was the fact that Half-moon still hadn’t been willing to give up on Ye Lian.

“What are the conditions?”

They hadn’t seen each other for so long, but it seems that now Half-moon was able to speak a lot more fluently.

Ling Mo said, “You still wish to look for me to get revenge right?”

Half-moon stared at Ling Mo for two seconds before saying, “Revenge?…Well..You hurt me and you also snatched my wife…If we followed the actions according to a normal human, I should really seek for revenge.”

“That’s my girlfriend!” Ling Mo once again reminded her.

“You are such an annoying prey” Half-moon pondered for a while and said, “But you caught Yu Shi Ran…”

Ling Mo directly interrupted her and said, “You still don’t understand? Right now Yu Shi Ran is in my hands, you could run away, but I can’t guarantee you that she will live if you do.

“OK I understand.” Half-moon nodded and said, “And no attacking. Right? Then what do you want me to do?”

“It’s very simple, I just want you to surrender and I also want that dog.”

Ling Mo pointed his finger to the big mutant dog.

To be continued…

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