My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 216 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 216 Part 2 – When There Are More Wolves Than There Is Meat, Fights Will Happen!

If this big guy was with me, then my overall strength would soar!

Especially when it came to other zombies or mutant beasts, this would definitely be a great help!

Unlike his puppets, this mutated beast could follow them from far away and was good at hiding their presence.

Even if he encountered other survivors, he wouldn’t need to worry about exposing his abilities.

After all, zombie puppets were corpses in human form, especially those that gained a bit of intelligence in them, Ling Mo couldn’t stand to let them suffer outside.

Just like when he was controlling Li Ya Ling in the beginning, this was probably also a weakness of human nature.

Most importantly, there was a limit to his spiritual power so the number of zombies he could control was limited.

With his current mental strength, it wasn’t difficult for him to forcibly take control of a third level mutant dog which had recently just evolved into a advanced level dog.

But it would be impossible for him to forcibly take control of Yu Shi Ran and Half-moon.

He would be lucky if he only became spiritually exhausted but most likely he would probably turn into a retard if he tried to.

However, in order for him to get this giant mutant dog, he needs Half-moon to willing break the spiritual connection she has with it.

Otherwise Ling Mo would never be able to take control of it.

Even if Ling Mo forcefully removed the connection and erased everything related to Half-moon, the dog would become useless to him.

It now has some intelligence, it could understand what it’s master is saying, and it can also suppress it’s animal instincts.

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But if it were to turn retarded, not only would it’s fighting capabilities decrease, but what was the use of having a dog that was disobedient?

Unless he took complete control of it’s behavior? Ling Mo didn’t have a hobby of pretending to be a dog either.

At this time, Half-moon’s upper body was soaked with blood, but you could tell that she wasn’t bleeding as much right now. The recovery rate that zombie leaders had was insane.

Even though their wounds didn’t heal immediately, but the speed of coagulation of the blood was very fast.

As Half-moon was talking to Ling Mo, she decided to put on her pants, which made the hot feelings that Ling Mo was having, decrease.

“Surrender?” Half-moon obviously had no such concept, she frowned and said, “I raised Lucky by killing a lot of low level zombies as well as some high level zombies.”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes and asked, “That’s none of my business. Is your dog more important or your wife?”

When she heard that Ling Mo was comparing her to the dog, Yu Shi Ran suddenly struggled wildly, but was immediately stopped by Li Ya Ling with a slap to the face.

Seeing Li Ya Ling’s ruthless slap across the face and Yu Shi Ran’s body covered with wounds as well as her mouth being taped, Half-moon finally nodded after a moment of silence.

“Okay, I’ll give you Lucky, you give me my wife…..”

Just as her voice fell, a huge noise came from downstairs.

The noise came so fast and so fierce that it suddenly shocked Ling Mo!

The giant mutant dog started to send out a low roar and anxiously started to scratch the floor.

Because the claws were so sharp, it started to make loud irritating creaky noises on the tile floor and also left some deep claw marks.

Ling Mo’s eyes widened and asked, “What is going on? Is it an Earthquake?”

Half-moon’s eyes suddenly became very cold and Yu Shi Ran started to make “Wu..Wu..Wu..” sounds.


Ling Mo pulled the tape off and asked, “What are you trying to say?”

“Another, at that time… Half-moon was called for by another, he must of smelled Half-moon’s blood. He is also looking for us!”

Yu Shi Ran’s pupils started to turn even more red, as if it was about leak out blood.

“You really are a fucking genius, you didn’t even bother getting rid of your love rival?”

Ling Mo felt speechless, in this region there were three zombie leaders here!

Although he had no idea on how many zombie leaders there were in X City, but he was definitely sure that the area he was in had the most right now!

Half-moon was looking for Yu Shi Ran while Yu Shi Ran’s love rival was looking for Half-moon….

A zombie’s social life is so chaotic, it was only just suppose to be a simple mate seeking behavior, but it turned out to be so complicated!

But then Ling Mo immediately realized something, the reason why this situation happened was because there wasn’t a lot of zombie leaders in the first place.

When there are more wolves then there is meat, fights will happen!(TL: A Chinese saying for there will be fights if there isn’t enough food for everyone!)

Even though he didn’t know how strong the zombie leader downstairs was, but if it had the guts to go after Yu Shi Ran, Half-moon, and a third level mutated dog, it proved that this zombie wasn’t weak!

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