My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 217 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 217 Part 1 Taking Advantage is an Important Skill

“Oh, this is none of my business anyways, hurry and give me the dog, then you guys can go and play with each other.”

Ling Mo had wanted to say this to Half-moon….

But the violent loud noises quickly approached, and soon a figure appeared in the hallway.

A tall figure around 1.8 meters tall, with a naked upper body, and exposed muscles that looked like they were contained with massive power.

The body was completely covered with blood, the eyes were violent and wild just like a beasts!

He was holding on to a rusty bone cleaver knife. He lowered his head and looked towards the direction of Ling Mo and the others.

The most striking thing that caught everyone’s attention was the massive scar on his face starting from the top of his head to the bridge of his nose, almost dividing his face in half.

With one look at this zombie’s appearance, Ling Mo could tell that this zombie leader had a advantage in strength.

With such a sturdy body this zombie had right now, he probably also had a great body before he mutated.

“The one you guys are fucking with……is not someone you can fuck over.”

Looking at this zombie leader from far away, Ling Mo had a deep feeling of dread.

Half-moon had wanted to say something but the male zombie leader had already started to walk over.

The zombie leader was in a berserk state, constantly whacking the walls as he waved his arms, making “Bang!” sounds as he walked over.

Ling Mo even thought that the ground was shaking, this zombie had an absurd amount of strength.

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The third level mutant dog, made a low pitched roar before dashing forward.

The speed of the mutant dog is very fast, within a blink of an eye, it had already reached the zombie leader and had opened its mouth with the intentions of biting him.

The strong zombie leader dodged and slashed with its bone cleaver.

However the dog was able to dodge the slash in time and counter attacked by using its sharp claws on the zombie shoulder.

But with such strong muscles, the strange zombie didn’t seem to suffer too much damage.

On the contrary, the pain and blood stimulated him, making him more angry as he sent a heavy slap towards the dog.


After a muffled sound, the dog was slapped away and smashed on to the wall.

“That’s brutal….”

However, this strange zombie wasn’t flexible enough, this was probably it’s weakness. Although Ling Mo was surprised at the strength of the zombie, he was also currently making some plans inside his head.

The mutated dog exuded a whine, struggled for a bit but failed to get up again.

The strange zombie didn’t even bother to give it a second look and kept moving forward.

With such a zombie blocking the door, the bathroom would soon be in ruins in a few minutes.


Ling Mo immediately made a decision.

Leave the bathroom immediately, they would be in a bad position if they were stuck in such a narrow place.

As soon as they ran out of the bathroom, they naturally fell into the field of vision of this strange zombie.

After discovering Ling Mo’s group of people, it first turned it eyes towards Ye Lian and moved towards the other two until he focused his gaze towards Li Ya Ling’s body

“There”s…..There’s more.”

The voice that came out from the strange zombie sounded both dull and unclear.

However, judging from his eyes, he was obviously interested in Li Ya Ling.


The strange zombie let out a low roar from its throat and grabbed a flower pot that was placed in the hallways.The ornamental plants that had been planted here have all withered and had completely turned yellow.


The strange zombie threw the flower pot over, and it’s goal was clearly aiming at Ling Mo.


Seeing a black shadow whistling towards the top of his head, made Ling Mo’s head feel numb.

He quickly dodged to the side and luckily avoided it.

The flower pot flew right beside his head, barely missing it, crashed on the wall and broke to pieces.

Dry soil and broken pieces of the flower pot splashed everywhere, hitting Ling Mo.

Right at this moment, Half-moon lept from the windowsill and ran out past the door.

She ran past Ling Mo and the others and rushed forward to the strange zombie. The mutant dog was seriously injured and as Half-moon was it’s master, she was naturally pissed off that her dog got hurt.

The battle between the two zombie leaders broke out immediately. Half-moon’s reactions in close combat was quite agile, although the battle had just started for a few seconds, but her steel like fingers had given the strange zombie numerous wounds already.

However the strange zombie relied on it’s big body to withstand the wounds and tyrannical strength to constantly punch and chop with it’s bone knife at Half-moon.

In just a few seconds, both zombies were injured already.

Ling Mo had the opportunity to leave now, but if he did that, he would be giving up on a third level dog which would be such a pity.

Even if the dog was hurt to the point that it would be useless in the future, it still had a gel that was quite useful for Li Ya Ling.

Plus…if he could take the advantage of both zombies while they got hurt, he might actually be able to get a virus hive, this would totally be worth taking the risk!

Most importantly he could use his spirit tentacles to change the outcome of this battle.

Ling Mo stood by a corner, carefully observing the battle while at the same time released his spirit tentacles.

Zombie leaders weren’t easy to kill, Ling Mo clearly understood this fact.

So this was a once in a lifetime opportunity…..

The strange zombie quickly gained the upper hand soon. In such a narrow environment, it was hard for Half-moon to perform her best.

If she hadn’t been separated with the dog by Ling Mo previously, she would have been able to make joint attacks with the dog making their combat power much stronger.


To be continued….

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