My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 217 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 217 Part 2Taking Advantage is an Important Skill

The strange zombie kicked Half-moon so hard she flew and crashed onto the wall, making a large piece of lime fall down immediately from the ceiling.

The strange zombie immediately attacked Half-moon again with it’s knife, just as she was about to get injured severely, Ling Mo used his spirit strangulation attack on the strange zombie.

The attack was quite effective, the strange zombie immediately swayed.

However he was just too strong, and under the inertia of his attack, he still completed his slash with his bone cleaver.

Half-moon was able to avoid being hit on the her fatal spots, but one of her arms was still cut and started to bleed.

“Shit, she still got injured.”

Ling Mo immediately turned to look at Yu Shi Ran, this little loli was also in a state of serious injury, it seems that she would be completely useless in this situation.

Although one of Half-moons arms was useless, it didn’t mean that she would surrender. She kept making wild attacks towards the strange zombie.

The courtship process of zombie leaders turned out to be so bloody. This was a real eye opener for Ling Mo.

If Mr. Strange Zombie wants to snatch the spouse, he needs to satisfy Half-moon until she surrenders.

With Ling Mo’s interference, even though the strange zombie had the upper hand, it still couldn’t defeat Half-moon and instead it received numerous injuries due to Ling Mo’s interference.

Inside the magazine of the silent submachine gun there were 20 bullets left, Ling Mo looked at it and lifted the gun up.

If he used the 20 bullets properly, he could definitely do some damage to this strange zombie.

Ye Lian stepped forward and took the bow and shot one of the remaining last two arrows.

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A black shadow in a blink of an eye appeared in front of the strange zombie. He leaned his neck to the side in order to escape the attack but just when he was about to dodge it, Ling Mo used his mind disrupt attack allowing the black shadow to hit it’s target, causing a wound on the neck of the strange zombie.

Half-moon took this chance to escape from the strange zombie’s trampling and used her five steel like fingers to stab right into the strange zombie’s belly.

The strange zombie’s muscles tightened, with a smack of his hand, he knocked Half-moon far away, leaving five bloody holes in his stomach.

It seems that none of his internal organs was damaged, instead Half-moon was seriously injured.

Once again, “Shoo!” Ye Lian seized the opportunity and shot the last arrow.


The arrow immediately hit the cheek of the strange zombie. However upon entering the mouth, the arrow was bitten by the strange zombie.

While the arrow was being pulled out by the strange zombie, his vision immediately turned towards Ling Mo and the others.

He was bathed in blood, his face mixed with flesh and blood making him look like a butcher.


He made a low roar and rushed over.

The submachine gun in Ling Mo’s hands immediately played it role, but this strange zombie had obviously either seen hot weapons before or he remembered something related to it because he ducked down almost immediately after the shots were fired.

When this kind of creature decided to duck down, even Ling Mo’s spirit tentacles couldn’t stop it.

However, he wasn’t fast enough and several bullets had already hit him.


Injured once again, the strange zombie punched the ground and roared a roar that was quite painful to the eardrums.

Taking the moment when he still hadn’t gotten back up, Ye Lian and Shana both stuck to the opposite sides of the wall and rushed over to the strange zombie.

Two blades of light slammed directly at him. The strange zombie raised his hand to defend, but in the process only half his palm was left after the confrontation. The bone cleaver knife dropped to the floor.

A lot of blood sprayed out, and the pain caused the strange zombie to pounce on Shana like a mad bear at the first second he got up.

Shana’s hallucinating eyes made the strange zombie stop in its tracks, allowing the two female zombies to retreat back.

A crazy zombie leader on its last legs would definitely be even more powerful.

What Ling Mo wanted was to get the virus hive safely without any injuries, not making a desperate attempt in a life or death situation.


The walls all around were being smashed by the strange zombie’s arms while at the same time he tried to approach Ling Mo and the others.

The means of long-range strikes were basically gone, and the group immediately retreated. Ling Mo used his spirit tentacles to try and slow down the zombie’s speed in order for him to bleed as much as possible.

One chased, while one steps back, in order to decrease the costs of combat, Ling Mo was basically kiting him in hopes of draining him dry.

The group went into another hallway soon, Li Ya Ling threw Yu Shi Ran to the floor and went to another hallway that allowed her to go behind the strange zombie using another hallway that connected to this one.

She was still feeling hostile towards Yu Shi Ran, but when Ling Mo realized this, it was already too late to stop her.

Anyways, Yu Shi Ran had already lost her value of being a hostage.

As the strange zombie went passed Yu Shi Ran, she tried to resist and fight back but failed and was immediately knocked away, flying.

While both were severely damaged, Yu Shi Ran still lost during the exchange.

However, she left a deep gaping wound on the side of his waist.

Black blood gushed out.

At this point, Li Ya Ling hds already circled behind the strange zombie.

After making eye contact with Ling Mo, Ling Mo once again immediately used his spirit strangulation attack on the strange zombie.

The zombie became dazed for a second, then shook his head before issuing a low roar.

Li Ya Ling approached behind him from more than ten meters in an instant and smashed him from behind.

The snake kiss from Li Ya Ling flowed past his neck, but it wasn’t fatal.

But right at this moment, Ye Lian and Shana had also rushed out again, and the three female zombies joined forces. The arm of this strange zombie was immediately removed and ripped off.

However, it started to make crazy swings, making the three girls unable to get any closer. As he reached closer and closer to death, he started to realize that it was Ling Mo who made those invisible sneak attacks.

Higher level zombies were sensitive towards super powers, he almost died several times because of this seemingly inconspicuous human being.


The strange zombie waved his arm, forcing the three girls to back off and then rushed straight for Ling Mo

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