My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 218 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 218 Part 1 – Give Me Your Thing


The way this strange zombie walked was no longer stable, the fact that he still could after being seriously injured and bleeding out was beyond Ling Mo’s imagination.

The strange zombie probably already understood that he couldn’t defeat the three zombie girls, so he swapped his target to the human.


The half cut palm slammed towards Ling Mo, Ling Mo for a second, suddenly had a feeling as if he wasn’t going to be able to block this attack.

This type of feeling was similar to people who got cold feet and couldn’t move when they saw a beast opening its mouth in attempt to eat them.

However under this circumstance, a berserk sensation suddenly erupted from within him due to him previously taking the virus drug.

He could now make a decision to retreat, avoid, and wait until the three girls arrive.

They were all approaching towards him and would reach him within two or three seconds!

However, a crazy feeling of wildness took control of him, he gritted his teeth and swung immediately with his Tang sword.

He blasted the strange zombie with his spirit strangulation attack again without care of how much power he was consuming, the strange zombie’s body tilted to the side.


Blood sprayed all over Ling Mo’s face, the Tang sword cut the zombie’s arm but the hardness in the arm gave Ling Mo’s hand a painful numb feeling.

The pain caused Ling Mo to wake up in an instant. He charged directly at the strange zombie while using his spirit tentacles to slow down it’s movements. He brought the Tang sword directly to his chest and stabbed along with the force of charging towards the zombie’s chest.

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Those tenacious muscles weren’t easy to cut. That was why Ling Mo adopted into using this method.

Even so, Ling Mo couldn’t be blamed for this since he didn’t have enough strength to cut the strange zombie in half.

After succeeding his attack, Ling Mo immediately pulled to side in order to dodge the bite from the strange zombie.

At the same time, since the blade was pulled to the side, the tip of the blade made the original wound much deeper.

From such a big wound, Ling Mo could see the zombie’s heart beating.

Ling Mo did not hesitate to pull out his dagger, just when the strange zombie decided to jump towards him again, Ling Mo stabbed right into his heart with the dagger and twisted his wrist.


Ling Mo and the zombie both fell on the ground, the dagger had stabbed right through it’s heart and had penetrated right through it’s back.

In order to avoid the zombie blood from splashing into his mouth, Ling Mo immediately closed his mouth, but the smoldering blood and faint smell of the virus almost made Ling Mo suffocate.

By now the three girls have reached Ling Mo, Li Ya Ling was at the very front and pulled the strange zombie off of Ling Mo.

Ling Mo wiped the blood off his face with his sleeves and slowly exhaled a deep long breath.

The knife handle was still stuck on the zombies chest. That handle had almost injured Ling Mo greatly.

“Fuck you, you piece of shit, that was awfully close…..”

In a battle between life or death, Ling Mo didn’t regret placing himself in this kind of situation.

Although it was extremely dangerous for Ling Mo, but this feeling of confrontation with a zombie leader was simply too refreshing!

Ye Lian had already skillfully dug up the back of the strange zombie’s head, and pulled out a pure bloody crystal like thing.

Ling Mo’s spiritual force consumption was just too big. Even with Shana helping him stand up, he still felt dizzy.

In fact, the biggest consumption was not his mind disrupt attacks but it was actually the complete concentration he had to use in order to fight in a battle between life or death.

If he was just slower for a few milliseconds, he would probably be the one lying on the floor right now.

A human’s bodily flesh couldn’t compare with such creatures that kept attacking crazily as long as they weren’t dead…

In the face of pure power, only having absolute calmness and good fighting skills can one overcome such a fight.

“Huuu….” Ling Mo endured the pain in his head and took the virus hive.

As soon as he received it into his hands, Ling Mo suddenly had a feeling.

This thing was alive…..

The vitality of the virus was originally already strong, but the situation with this hive was completely on a whole different level.

It was as if it contained an individual life, with a beating heart….this creepy feeling almost made Ling Mo throw it out.

“Smells so good…..”

Not only was the smell very strong, but even the color was different when compared to the virus gels.

Red, but it was completely transparent, with a white vein in the middle, and it was really hard now, it was no longer soft anymore.

The value of this virus hive may be bigger than a thousand virus gels!

“This was totally worth it!”

To be continued…

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